Life and Death: DAY 359

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Life and Death: DAY 359

“In Money we Trust” - continued

Hi everyone.

In this interview post we’re having a look at our relationship to death. We had a look at our relationship to Life and how we have abdicated our responsibility and power to/towards Money, God and Mind, when it comes to Life and Who we are within and as it. And, it’s interesting, because one can essentially have a look at the points of Life and Death and see it as, like two (2) forces that are in your left and your right hand - Life in the left and Death in the right. Now, what we’ve done is we’ve taken these forces as Life and Death, and we’ve essentially, literally handed it out and gave it to Money, God and Mind - with us being attached to that with ropes/strings. What is managing, controlling, directing and determining our Life and Death and our Relationship to it - are these three (3) Main points in our Existence: Money, God and Mind.

Now, within this we’re going to have a look at Death and how it is that Money, God and Mind holds our relationship to Death. So, for most part - it’s quite interesting when we have a look at our relationship to Death (and we’ve mentioned this as well in previous posts) – that: Death is an Unknown – it is something that we mentally and physically do not have any control over whatsoever. You don’t know when you’re going to die or how you’re going to die. Within this, it does make it frightening, but the question is also: Why? I mean, why do we exist in fear of the unknown, of that which we do not have any knowledge and information about? I mentioned this recently as well, that it’s interesting that: our relationship to death should have been that we utilize every single breath, every single moment, every single second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year (I mean that’s a bit extending too far in the future, because we don’t know what’s going to happen in the next day, week, month, year) - and so, our relationship to death should more have been that we Live absolutely, to our utmost fullest potential in every moment, in every breath; making the most out of ourselves and our lives. This sounds all great and fine, but if we have a look at most of humanity within this physical existence: there is no way that every human being can live in such a way. Why? Because: we have the primary relationship to our life, here on earth in this physical existence being toward Money.

So, in relationship to Money, most are in their relationship to Death existing in absolute Fear, because they cannot live, because in every moment, every breath there is a thought in the mind of whether they are going to make it in the next moment, the next breath. This/such relationships to ‘life/living’ exist, because of all us, collectively, have given our Life/Lives to Money that is consequentially in control of all’s lives. And so, within that relationship - the relationship to death is a condition that is created because of the relationship to Money. I mean, we’re all existing in absolute Fear of Survival, with Fear of Survival being Fear of Death. So, everything and everyone is living in Fear of Death, because our Life had been abdicated to Money. Therefore, we can argue that do we then have Life. Because, we have literally given it to Money and in that relationship have we then not died in a way? So, in that Death, that dying of giving our Life to Money we are always, kind of, in that state of Mind – wondering when the moment is going to come when that relationship to money is going to be severed, because it’s attached to a string and Money has our Life. Therefore, it has the control, the power and the responsibility to sever that rope / tie / string and we have essentially no say in it. And so - we always exist in fear, survival and death.

So, in this relationship we have to also consider the point with regards to Life and Death in terms of Giving our Life to Money, for Money to control, determine and define our Lives for us. The question remains, whether our natural Life-Essence - in fact exist within us, because it’s like our Life-Force that we had, for example, in our left hand and it was/has been given to Money. It’s like Money literally took it into itself and so Life started being defined through Money itself. That purity of our Life, of our Life-Essence is literally no more existent, because through Money we've defined our minds, our selves, our lives, our living and that ever-haunting presence of Death, Survival and Fear within it, remaining in the background of our minds.
So, this comes to question: Do we then fear death or is it that death is such a presence within our minds, because we don’t have life. We’re not Living Life, we’re not Expressing Life. Life is not who we are and so we’ve polarized our existence completely for Death to exist in our inner-relationship to our minds, and Life then to exist also in relationship to our Minds. So, it’s like Life and Death is this polarity that is in our Minds: Life being defined according to Money from an external perspective and then Death existing because we do not have our initial pure Life-Essence within ourselves. And, then we fear Death, because we’re not living life and we can’t live life because Money has it, essentially.

So, in relation to this dynamic between Life and Death – we suggest having a look at the following: There is no way that, from a physical perspective, we are at this stage going to change our relationship to Money in relation to the GREATER World-System/Money System. That’s more going to be a Long-Term Process, which we’re already walking in the Equal Money System. However, one can at the moment within one’s mind sort out one’s relationship to the words Life and Death. And, more specifically, what is really great about the Writing, the Self-forgiveness and Commitment Process, that we’re walking – I mean, I myself as well within Writing, I really enjoy it. It is like a moment (Especially the self-forgiveness as well) that you are walking a process of really giving your Life back to You. Life being that ability to commonsensically reason, to be self-honest, to see direct, to be the directive principle of who you are in every moment of breath, to understand what it means to Express You, to Live You. It’s like, every blog, or every post (this is more specifically in relation to the seven (7) Year journey to Life process) it’s like every post, and the insights, realizations and understanding that come from that, is like a little part of the Life that you are giving back to yourself.
So, it is like - we have abdicated our life, our living, our ‘who we are’ to money, to mind, to God, to... I mean, all sorts of things and in the writing, self-forgiveness, commitments and corrective application process, it is like: using the example of the strings / rope - it is like you are taking hold of a rope, or a string with which you have separated your life force, your ‘who you are’, your expression, your living - and with every post that you're walking, writing, self-forgiveness, commitments and corrective application, it's like you're taking that string and pulling your life-force back into and as yourself.
Obviously, because we have, throughout our lives, just abdicated our responsibility to life, to living, to who we are: redefining what it means to live, what it means to express, what it means to direct, to take responsibility – is/is going to be a bit of a process. Many that have walked process understand how difficult it is to really live you and essentially take control of your mind, your Self, your life, your living. But, within this, is what I personally have experienced within myself, and so this is essentially the process - and it's quite fascinating, because I just start doing that more and more and more (writing, forgiveness, commitment and applications): It's like this burden of death and the fear thereof just starts moving away more and more and more, because you are actually now starting to live, to direct, to express in substantiating you with yourself more and more and more and more. Your focus and attention then goes more to living and who-you-are in every moment of breath within that living, within that expression – and so the point of death just slowly, but surely start disappearing. I mean, yes, it's still existent within you, because it is part of your existence in this physical existence, but it is not a point or relationship of fear that haunts your mind.
So within this, we invite you to consider this relationship between life and death within you and how it primarily exist in the mind, where death takes over because we're not really living. Within Desteni, the Desteni I Process and also the products available on EQAFE, we assist and support with understanding what it means to live and - it may, for example, sound easy with me speaking about it or putting it in this illustration, but it is quite tough, because we have never done it before, we have never really in fact lived.

So this is how one essentially look at death and our responsibility in relationship to it. To consider that: that fear of death exists, because we're really not in fact alive, not in fact living. And it's fascinating as well, when we have a look at the point of death - it's in religions, in spiritualities, in movements and everyone is kind of living for the hereafter and the afterlife, while our life on earth within this physical existence is accumulating consequence.
Here again, I reference what we had walked in previous posts, in previous interview posts with the cycle of reincarnation and karma within that: where the real life in fact is, is within and as this physical existence. I mean, one can listen to the Life Review and Death Research series available on EQAFE, regarding how beings realize the extent of what they've missed, the life that they have missed - that they have always been here within this physical existence and missed it, due to the separation into the mind or consciousness. Living for the afterlife - come on, it can't be more specific, even in the word itself: ‘AFTER-life’ - it is after you have had the opportunity for life and living within this physical existence as a whole.

So, for most part, the relationship to death is being held in our minds, because we're constantly and continuously thinking about death, imagining it, fearing it, reacting to it and in that we're keeping our relationship to death alive in the mind. One can even have a look at walking through a death personality or character that there's actually a personality created in relationship to death, with specific thought patterns, reaction patterns and imaginations or fantasies, behavioural patterns and how you physically respond when you look at death or think about it.
So, within this, one want to essentially have a look at death in terms of writing, self-forgiveness, commitments and corrective application, because you're never going to be able to allow yourself to really in fact understand what it means to live and express you as ‘who-you-are’ if you have death hovering within your mind or within your life. And within this, that: even though we cannot yet at this very moment change our physical life circumstances and conditions (but yet we are walking a process to and towards it within the Equal Money System) - one can still assist and support oneself in those moments, in those breaths as one is walking this world/reality - That is the moment that you have to decide to live, instead of being controlled by fear in your relationship to money, God and mind.

So therefore, the primary point in this interview post is to have a look at making that decision for yourself in taking your life back, taking your life in your own hands - and that life being ‘who you are’ in every moment of breath; assisting and supporting yourself to live the decision, to make the choice to live and within that to stand by that decision, that choice to make that living possible within this physical existence.
Remember: we can't really change our personal worlds in relation to money if we do not change the greater world system or money system. That to me is a real benevolence, in terms of making that decision to live and making this physical existence liveable for all within a coexistence, a working together in equality and oneness. I mean, we must really take our focus out of our minds and get ourselves grounded into our physical body, ourselves, our living and this physical existence as a whole. This separation into the mind as consciousness is what has created the consequence we face within reality today, because we spent so much time in illusion that we've never really gotten into the reality of life on earth for ourselves and so for all.

Alright, so here we had a look at the dimensions in relation to life and death, and again in death - we exist in that relationship of hope as, we hope that things will work out and be okay. Hoping how we'll die in a certain way or certain time - and that again just fuels hope in a relationship to death, and then we're in a constant state of hope of death, instead of a Here as living and present in the now in every moment of breath.

Alright, thank you very much, we'll continue more in the next interview.

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