Suicide Paranoia – 2: How/Why Thought is (and creates) Paranoia DAY 388

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Suicide Paranoia – 2: How/Why Thought is (and creates) Paranoia DAY 388

This Process of how Thought creates Paranoia and how Thought itself is Paranoia – we are going to walk and explain through using the Example of Suicide and so why/how Suicide is Paranoia. The ingredients in Consciousness for the creation of Paranoia is Energy (emotions and feelings, positive and negative), Memories and how this evolve into Thought Processes / ‘Voices in the Head’ and in so-doing – creating a Paranormal Reality in the mind with our own demons haunting our own Mind; with now having a look at the relationship to Suicide.

How Consciousness defines itself into Thoughts, thoughts such as for example “I don’t want to live anymore”, “I can’t go on”, “This life is fucked” / “I am fucked”, “I want to die”, “I should never have been born in the first place”, “Everyone else will be better off without me”, “No-one will even notice I’m gone” and then into Imaginations where you Imagine ways of killing yourself / ending your life – thus, Consciousness defines itself into and as such thoughts and imaginations from ENERGY. It all starts with an energy-movement/experience of an emotion that we then entertain/participate within. The more we access that emotion/energy experience, with the ‘accessing being’ the more ATTENTION we give it, so – the more we access/the more we give attention to the energy - the more ‘force’ we give as we substantiate the energy within/as our consciousness. And it’s fascinating what it looks like, interdimensionally-physically – the creation of such suicidal thoughts/imaginations – it all starts with an ENERGY MOVEMENT, and then one’s awareness gives that energy-movement attention, and one then use the mind’s platform through, for example, inner self-talk / backchat to start “defining / WORDING” that energy the MORE you give it attention. Then, it’s like that energy moves from within the mind and the body into and as WORDS in Consciousness “giving life to Words as the Words give definition to the ENERGY” and from the words, comes the associations of images, pictures and scenes in the Mind/Consciousness that will then come to manifest Imaginations.

And so emerge the creation of one’s own Paranormal Reality in the Mind. See, it was the same process essentially as when a being would die, what remains is this “force / entity”, just like the initial energy-movement / reactions as emotion that comes up within you. As the entity/being/force move into the afterlife, just as the energy-movement moves up into the Mind/Consciousness platform – the entity/being/force will start ‘looking/searching for themselves/for self-definition’, just as the energy-movement one gives attention to – one is in the process of, in the mind, looking/searching for its self-definition through and as words. Then, the entity/being/force finds a dimensional-plane in the afterlife where they feel they belong and then start attaching words/definition/experience to themselves. Just like the energy-movement will then, with one’s awareness start ‘finding its dimension, its experience’ in your Consciousness as you start giving it words, defining it and then becomes your ‘defined thoughts’ – as ‘actual energy beings in your mind / ghosts’ that YOU YOURSELF created in and as your own Mind/Consciousness. Just as the being/entity/force in the afterlife created/defined THEMSELVES through energy and words.

The ‘problem’ within this all being, though that: Humans don’t understand the mechanics of consciousness in its evolution/creation process through energy and words and how humans in fact create/program their own Thoughts/thinking processes through such means. Mainly because you don’t even REMEMBER HOW you did it in the first place, so then, for example, feeling Suicidal is believed to be ‘happening TO YOU’, not realising you created the condition in your own Mind and so, if you created/programmed it – you can re-program it/stop it/changing, with understanding the mechanics of thought, energy and consciousness.

So, why/how THOUGHT is Paranoia is because: THOUGHT is an evolutionary construct of Consciousness. Meaning: THOUGHT is something one creates in CONSCIOUSNESS in a relationship between your beingness-awareness and Consciousness-Energy. Your beingness/awareness, through giving an energy ATTENTION, is then used by/through your Consciousness to through that attention, substantiate the energy more, make the energy more powerful, the more you give it attention, the more you feed it, which gives Consciousness the power to start evolving that energy into THOUGHTS, into IMAGINATION – hell, eventually into an entire PERSONALITY system. And so, your consciousness can create a Paranoia in relation to an ENERGY, one or few ENERGY experiences that you just didn’t in your awareness understood, because you did not understand energy experiences / emotions. And so, Consciousness-itself took Authority / Directive Principle of/as the Energy Experiences/Emotions and created it into and as THOUGHTS/ Imaginations/self talk in the MIND. Using Energy and creating PARANORMAL realities in the mind, instead of Self in self’s awareness UNDERSTANDING ENERGY and how to practically DIRECT IT, to not create paranormal realities in the MIND, but learn what it means to live in/as this REAL WORLD/Reality.

Therefore, as long as one THINK: one is separate from physical reality and lost in the paranormal reality of Consciousness, of which one is then at the behest of Consciousness/the Control of Consciousness. Therefore, one must learn to LIVE in this physical world, BREATH by BREATH – stopping the Paranoia of the Paranormal that drives us into and as states of being/experience, all the while missing LIFE, missing ourselves, RIGHT HERE.

We’ll continue more in the next post

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