Imagination is so Powerful, it makes you Believe Reality is an Illusion: DAY 373

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Imagination is so Powerful, it makes you Believe Reality is an Illusion: DAY 373

One often Hear of the ‘Power of Imagination / Visualization’, when it’s fascinating how many human beings emphasize a relationship to Visualizing / Imagining in the MIND, when it’s clear not even PHYSICAL REALITY that you see with the PHYSICAL EYES is being SEEN, being Physically Experienced. Let me explain:

It is clear that Human Beings do everything/anything possible to NOT See/become aware of/experience Physical Reality, the condition of nature, the environment, the earth, the majority of humanity and the pain, suffering, consequence and harm that is being done unto it all/us all - with such consequence primarily, interestingly enough due to and because of the Accepted and Allowed World System/Money System. Because, if we would ALL really SEE, really Physically, equally as one, EXPERIENCE what is going through the minds and bodies and physical constitution of everything/everyone in/as this Existence: how much of it would we be able to take before we stand up, before we say NO MORE, before we do everything/anything possible for a SOLUTION for ALL? Or, have we always actually SEEN, have we always actually in moments physically considered other humans, animals, nature, earth, environment’s life/living conditions, but simply immediately decided to give up/give in – and instead IMAGINE/VISUALIZE in the illusion of the Mind/Consciousness a better world/reality – separated ourselves into it to such an extent that we made ourselves believe that Imagination/Visualization is MORE REAL than physical reality, not considering that what creates this Physical Existence as-is was through HUMAN ACTION/LIVING and NOT through imagination/visualization?

So, it’s time for humans to start getting back to Reality, out of the ILLUSION of imagination and visualization and see, realise and understand that that is NOT going to change the REALITY of the physical, and is no different to prayer/positive thinking – all using IMAGINATION, the apparent ‘power of imagination’, which is an illusionary power as it gives the individual the idea that they’re apparently some ‘god’ in the MIND, what of your responsibility in/as this REAL WORLD that you’re accepting and allowing and doing nothing about to change?

While the majority is visualizing/imagining in the Mind – the Minority is taking over/directing this Physical Existence through action, through labour, through DOING in REALITY. Time to get out of the REAL ILLUSION as the Mind, and came face to face with REALITY and the consequences we’ve been turning a BLIND eye to/as the BLINDS we’ve put over our physical eyes to not through the Windows of the Eyes look out into/as the REAL WORLD. So, come out, come out wherever you are – hide and seek is child’s play, like we’re playing this game with life itself/consequence itself/reality itself, hiding in our Minds waiting for reality to ‘seek us out’ when you really don’t know who/what it is in fact that you’re playing this game with, when it comes to postponed consequence that is rising like a Beast within this physical existence.

Reality is what is real, one can even Reference the Life Review interviews through the Portal to understand this, and the regret/shame they faced with what they had missed of themselves/this existence with thinking/believing that Imagination was Real and Reality an Illusion.

So, Imagination is so POWERFUL, it powers ILLUSION – but will not and cannot stand in/as the Might of the Physical and Physical Consequence, because Life is determined by behaviour, living and ACTION as the doing of who you are in Every Moment of Breath, so – how many breaths do one miss in/as during the sessions of Imagination/Visualization as Physical Consequence continue accumulating. Time to open your EYES to the World/Reality again – we’ve got some work to do.

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