Feelings FEEL, that’s why the Human can’t: DAY 367

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Feelings FEEL, that’s why the Human can’t: DAY 367

So, I’m sure many may ask what the above statement means – so, let me explain: If we have a look at our “feelings”, this being the ‘positive’ but in even human consciousness there is, for most part, not a distinguishing between what Emotions and Feelings are, because they’re both used synonymously when they’re not in fact. Emotions are the negative energies/experiences – such as anger, fear, hatred, anxiety, nervousness, whereas Feelings are the positive energies/experiences – such as love, happiness, desire, lust, excitement etc.

So, here – have a look at this interesting thing: we EXPERIENCE our feelings and emotions. What does that mean? It means that: an ENERGY, an emotion or feeling will “automatically come up within us” – from where, many don’t know. (In the Quantum Mind Interview Series, we explain in Detail where exactly and how exactly emotions and feelings come from and are produced in the Mind-Being-Physical relationship) Then as the energy comes up, we EXPERIENCE it as though our ‘beingness touch the energy coming up, an in/as that tough - we experience the energy’. Same as we’d touch a tree/petal – in the touch, we “experience” what it “feels” like – but, this is PHYSICAL, REAL sensations. Yet, even within that touch, within that experience – it’s not REAL, in that, that touch and the experience we get from it to describe what it feels like: is an interpretation. We are not the tree-bark we touch, we are not the petal we touch, so we do not in fact know the REAL experience of/as the bark itself/the petal itself. So the same with ENERGY, with emotions and feelings – you do not know what ENERGY in itself is in fact like, what it really in fact is – because who you are is not the Energy in fact, you’re just experiencing the TOUCH thereof as the INTERPRETATION.

So, the question then here: is it really in fact US, our beingness that FEEL??? How can it be, if it is an interpretation, a touch that creates/produce an experience when/as an ENERGY comes up in the Mind and the Body? Here, what you have to understand is the MInd-Being-Body relationship we exist as. Consciousness is producing the ENERGY from the Body, and with your Beingness trapped in the Mind and the Body – you are only the receiver of ENERGY, interpreting energy, experiencing energy. Thus, it’s not YOU experiencing/feeling in fact, feelings and emotions are ENERGIES as REACTIONS to physical reality produced by Consciousness/Mind.

This is why Humans don’t in fact FEEL, cannot FEEL and cannot thus even conceive the REALITY of feeling and experiencing what is REAL in and as the PHYSICAL BODY and this Physical Existence. This is why it’s so easy to ‘not CARE’ about the endless amounts of animals, plants, earth, humans that are REALLY suffering in and this REAL PHYSICAL EXISTENCE – because everyone is trapped in Consciousness in the ILLUSION of feeling, of experience as an interpretative relationship to an ENERGY produced by consciousness at the sacrifice of the physical body. As we have asked before, if we were actually physical AWARE of REAL FEELING, REAL EXPERIENCE of our bodies, of what other humans are physically enduring – Would we accept and allow this world/humanity to continue existing as-is? Would we then not stand up and not accept/allow such a way of life/living at the hands of the current World System/Money System?

So, it’s time to wake up and realise –you have NEVER in fact really FELT, really EXPERIENCED before, but have been existing in an illusion of emotions and feelings produced by a System in/as the Mind/Consciousness – time to walk the process from Consciousness to/as Self/Physical equal and one Awareness and learn what it means to really Care, to really take Responsibility – to be REAL and not just an Illusion interpreting an Illusion as energy of/as emotions and feelings.

Get Real. Be Physical.

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