Suicide Paranoia – 1: What is Paranoia? DAY 387

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Suicide Paranoia – 1: What is Paranoia? DAY 387

(To understand that this is going to be a Series of Interviews – as we walk this process through step-by-step, to ensure to not accept/allow opinions, judgments, perceptions, ideas to influence one from the get-go, but to walk-with, interview by interview as we explain how the Suicide Paranoia is created in the Mind and how to assist and support oneself to set oneself free from such mind-relationships; into and as Practical Physical Living in and as this World/Reality)

So, let’s first establish the definition/premise for ‘Paranoia’ – because the context of Paranoia we’re going to have a look at here is within/as Consciousness/the Mind in its relationship to THOUGHT. I suggest for context for this interview and interviews to come, to Read Creation’s Journey to Life Blogs - introducing/outlining the context for/as Paranoia in relation to Consciousness: DAY 395, DAY 396, DAY 397, DAY 398, DAY 399, DAY 400

If we have a look at thoughts, the process of thinking in our Minds – our minds are equal to a ‘ghost/interdimensional realm’ like the afterlife. Thoughts are like ghosts floating in the Mind, they have a dimensional/interdimensional substance to them – they are not physical, touchable, tangible / dissectible as one’s relationship to the Physical Body/this Physical Existence. Thus, our Minds and the thoughts/thinking/imagination processes, even self-talk/internal conversations we have - are equal to a ‘Paranormal Reality/Existence’.

Therefore, our Mind/Consciousness is a Paranormal Realm in and as which we create our own Paranormal realities – such as ghosts, from memories that ‘haunt us’, demons from self-talk/imagination that are bad/evil/negative, angels as entities/positive feelings in our minds that make us ‘feel good/positive’, possessions from thoughts/imaginations/images that possess our minds/ourselves that cause us to lose touch with reality. In this Paranormal Realm of the Mind/Consciousness, just as in the REAL interdimensional/dimension existence before the Portal Opened – one can create ALL SORTS of realities, beings, entities, environments with a snap of a finger – taking oneself into and as alternate realities of the Paranormal within and as one’s Consciousness.

Therefore, even in relationship to our Mind/Consciousness we’re looking at a study of Parapsychology – and how we within and as the Paranormal of the Psyche/Consciousness of/as the Mind: create Paranoia. Paranoia specified within/as/through the Word “ParaNOI(se)” – the Noise as sounds, words, sentences, constructs we participate within, in the PARAnormal reality/realm of/as the psyche/Consciousness of/as the Mind.
So, how does Paranoia, as the ParaNoise within the Paranormal of the Mind/Consciousness relate to Suicide and so Why is Suicide Paranoia.

In and from this Interview we’re going to walk a Process of Understanding why Suicide is Paranoia, how we program it/THINK it into existence through thoughts/voices and energy experiences as ghosts/demons that ‘haunt’ our own Minds in and as the Paranormal Reality we create with the Overwhelming Paranoise and so get into the Parapsychology – Paranormal Psyche of/as Consciousness/the Mind. 

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