Emotions are Emoticons – one click/trigger and they post/activate: DAY 362

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Emotions are Emoticons – one click/trigger and they post/activate: DAY 362

If you have a look at Emoticons, representing emotions and feelings as positive and negative experience, which one with one click can activate and post to express how you experience yourself – our mind emotions and feelings, positive and negative experiences work exactly the same way.

The difference though, is that – with Emoticons – we’re the one “clicking” and deciding to express ourselves through emoticons in a specific way. With Emotions or Feelings in the Mind, the question is: who/what is the one ‘clicking’, the one ‘deciding’ to experience / express ourselves within a particular emotion and/or feeling, in a positive or negative experience?

Many here would say “it’s ME”, I’m experiencing MYSELF – but, the question to consider is: did you actually DECIDE to become emotional or having a ‘feeling’…or did it just come up and overwhelm you in a moment, not being able to explain where it comes from, how it was created, what triggered it, who/what flipped the switch or clicked the click for you to suddenly, unexpectedly one moment be stable and the next, be overwhelmed with emotions and feelings?

Thus, we would suggest investigating Desteni, the Desteni I Process –as we show you how our Minds are like a programmed-platform, with preprogrammed emotional and feeling reactions/responses, our own personal ‘emoticon database’ – and why/how it is that we are not in control of our own reactions, and what it in fact is that is doing the clicking/triggering FOR us in our Minds/Consciousness. With Desteni / the Desteni I Process – we show you exactly how the emoticon-database of consciousness operate/function, how the clicking/triggering happens, where emotions and feelings come from, how are they created/produced and how to within this become the aware decisive presence in your mind and body without accepting and allowing emotions and feelings to automatically overwhelm/possess or take you over.

It’s a decision – either remain a slave to an pre-existent, pre-programmed emoticon-database in the mind of which you have no control/directive principle, OR learn what it means to set yourself free from emotions and feelings and what it would mean to LIVE and to EXPRESS that is not defined according to positive and negative energetic control.

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