If “No Man is an Island”, why do Humans live in a World of their own In the Mind?: DAY 368

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If “No Man is an Island”, why do Humans live in a World of their own In the Mind?: DAY 368

The Humans Fight for Survival and the Physical’s Plight for Revival

So, as this Physical Existence is here in this very moment – there is still opportunity for Revival  / Revitalization / Restoration, for this Physical Existence to reach an Equilibrium where it can assist and support the Human Race. This Physical Existence can Revive itself without the need/requirement of the Human Race – who knows what Potential in Nature/the Environment/Animal Kingdom will exist with the Human Race no more Continuing its current relationship to what is here.

I would suggest listening to the Animal Life Review interview series to, with the Animals coming through the Portal – investigate the Question: “How did this relationship of Survival/Survival of the Fittest emerge within Nature/the Human – did the Human impose it onto/towards this Physical Existence, or did the Physical Existence impose it onto/towards the Human, or was it something that –as with the preprogramming of Consciousness, Preprogrammed into/as the Human/the Physical? If so – for what purpose/reason does Survival exist? Why does REVIVAL, revitalization not exist as an emergence/existence of LIFE itself that express through the physical, nature, the environment, animals and HUMANS? Why is it so difficult to conceive an existence of equality and oneness, of equilibrium, of ‘give as you would like to receive? Who/what exactly is stopping us from considering, implementing such a way of life/living within/as ourselves, in/as this World/Reality?”

It is often said “with Great Power, comes Great Responsibility”. It is often said “Man has dominion over the earth, animals, the environment and nature”. So, if man has Dominion / Power over/of this physical existence – does that then not define our Responsibility as well? The advancement of Technology / the evolution of the Power of the Machine – does that then not define our Responsibility as Well? The Power/Technology and then the Power/Responsibility we have towards ourselves, our fellow man and this Physical Existence as a whole. Who/what is then to Blame for the abuse/misuse of Power? Both in the context of Responsibility and Technology if the majority of Humanity is abdicating that Responsibility to a select few, or shall we say to One Force – which is MONEY?

We fight for our Individual Survival, because we’re all existent on an I-Land – a Me-Land in the mInd; where we have made our Mind-Reality our piece of land, our home and do not even in that small space as the Mind we’re responsible for take responsibility. In this separation of/as our Mind-Land / Island, we have abdicated responsibility to/as the earth/land/matter to/as MONEY, now the World System/Money System. We’re not unified with the System and with Money in equality and oneness and Individual and Collective Responsibility – we now are existent in ‘divide and conquer’ separation, in an island, mind-land of our own, driven to competition, survival, fighting to live – and who’s done this? Who’s doing this? WE are, the MAJORITY! In and from our Self-Relationship and so Relationship with all.

So, time to extend your Responsibility – take responsibility for your own Mind, get off the Island/Mind-land and come IN-land, INTO and as the Land, the Earth, the Physical and stand and stand up for equal and one individual and collective Responsibility as proposed by/through the Equal Money System. We still have time to Revive, Revitalise ourselves in our Physical Bodies and this Physical Existence.

Be the Solution, Live the Solution, Stand with the Solution – Desteni and Equal Money.

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