What goes on in the Mind, Stays in the Mind…REALLY?!?: DAY 379

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What goes on in the Mind, Stays in the Mind…REALLY?!?: DAY 379

In a recent Death Research Interview, a woman was explaining her process/realisations within and during her Death experience and she opened up an Interesting Point with regards to explaining the Trinity-Relationship within and as which Human-Beings exist as the Mind-Beingness and Physical Body. One can learn more of this Trinity-Relationship and how it was created in the Reptilian, Atlantean, Kryon Interview Series and one can also Understand more of its Design in the Death Research Interview Series with regards to what Beings realise of/as the Reality of their existence within/between the Mind-Beingness and Physical Body.

So, in this Interview she explained a fascinating thing: Essentially showing WHAT it is that creates/manifest the Ability for, for example, something like ‘Imagination’ to in fact have an Physical Effect on the Physical Body – and how one, seemingly innocent imagination, has consequence within our Minds into and as the Depths of/as the Physical Body. For example, we believe that whatever we create in the Mind – whether it be a thought, or whether we have a conversation in the Mind, or Imagine, or Fantasize – that, whatever we participate in, in a moment, in our Minds “just goes away” – like, it’s just there ‘for that moment’, when in reality, in the ‘quantum mechanics’ of the consciousness-physical relationship: this is not in fact so.

Whatever we think, imagine, speak or experience in our Minds – is a moment we create in/as the dimensionality/interdimensionality of our Consciousness, it is produced from and of a relationship between our consciousness and the physical body, from a SUBSTANCE within our Quantum Physical Existence. So, for example – as you create a Fantasy in the Mind, that creation process is dimensional, as well as physical. Dimensional, from the perspective that it’s not ‘real’ but actually created in a dimension within the Consciousness, and then physical, from the physical of how substance from the physical body is used to animate that fantasy into its dimensional existence within the Mind for us to ‘experience/see’.
Now, whatever you then fantasize actually resonates/ripples its design/format/structure into and as the physical body, the substance of the physical body and forms a Memory in and as the Physical Body. That memory STAYS there in the body, as a ‘live creation’ – and affects your Mind, in many ways, as that fantasy now as a memory in the physical body can connect to other memories, personalities, emotional/feeling bodies to the extent where ONE FANTASY, can for example determine what you FEEL and for example so determine your choices/decisions and experiences in relationships/sex without you even Realising it.

Now imagine how much you have Fantasized/Imagined within/throughout your Life and you have no idea how those creations, as memories now in the physical, are affecting your thoughts, your experiences and so influencing your choices/decisions within your Life Experience.

I would REALLY suggest investing in the Interviews walked in EQAFE, as within and as the Series’ we explain in DETAIL our existence as Consciousness, the effects/influences Imaginations, Thoughts, Internal Conversations, Reactions has on our self definition, living and experience in/as ourselves, our bodies and our lives and come to see, realise and understand that we’re not ‘all that meets the I’, the I of Consciousness as what one is only aware of in the Conscious/Subconscious Mind of/as your existence. But there is MUCH, much more determine who you are in every Moment of Breath than what you ‘THINK’.

So, what goes on in the Mind does not in fact stay in the Mind – it manifest in the Physical and actually define and control you in/as multi-dimensional ways within and as your Mind/Consciousness and Physical relationship/existence.

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