Seeing others in the Secrets of the Mind, doesn’t Define them – it EXPOSES oneself: DAY 369

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Seeing others in the Secrets of the Mind, doesn’t Define them – it EXPOSES oneself: DAY 369

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It’s interesting when we look at other people, EVERYTHING else comes up in our Minds – except the reality of who/how/what the Person in fact is. Meaning, if one really have a look at how conditioned our Minds have become – for most part, we look at other human beings either through Fashion, Physique, Education and most importantly: MONEY.

These are the eyes of Consumers – Fashion, based on what they wear, Physique based on what their body looks like, Education based-on knowledge and information they have and what is within/behind this all is MONEY. To be able to have the fashion, physique and education that so many judge in relationship to themselves and others – one need MONEY. So, what has conditioned the way you SEE people and WHAT you focus on when you look at people? MONEY.
Then, obviously, there’s the Evolution of these eyes of ours – from looking through the eyes of Money, we look through the eyes of Energy; based on the “vibes” or negative/positive ‘auras/experiences’ that individuals ‘experience’ / ‘pick up’ from other Human Beings.

Does ONLY some interpretation of energy, or ONLY fashion, physique and education in relation to MONEY define the TOTALITY of a human being? No, it doesn’t. We selectively SEE based on who we are in and as our own Minds. Seeing/Looking at other people from within your Mind, does not define them – it exposes you, what you exist as/accept/allow.

So, the question within this all is: what happened to communication, to relationships? We’re more and more becoming separated, isolated into our Minds in relation to relationships, that we barely even know our closest friends/family members with the extent to which our Minds JUDGE based on a select few things of other human beings, where the Judgment / Interpretation takes precedence to such an extent, that humans don’t even REALISE they’re not getting to know people for real, who they are in the totality of their history, their mind, their way of thinking/behaviour – no one truly knows each others Minds, let alone their own; which contribute to the unpredictability of human behaviour/action that is becoming more and more prominent in the news of today – how seemingly suddenly, unexpectedly a human being can change.

Time to realise how the Money System / Energy System of the World/Consciousness has possessed your Mind, to the extent that you don’t even know your own Mind, let alone another –and so don’t know yourself, let alone another. If we want to restore our self-relationship / relationship with others – we have to look at and investigate what/who exactly is possessing our minds, and for a moment SEE for yourself how what you focus on in others – are in fact EXPOSING you, what you’re accepting/allowing and existing as within yourself / your own Mind. You’re always in other human beings, looking into/as the mirror of yourself. Time to stop blaming others for who you are and take responsibility for who you are and change.

In this process of getting to know one’s own Mind, looking beyond the limitations of religion, spirituality, fashion, physique, education and money – one may actually find the extent to which one had missed oneself, missed life; and start changing one’s self-relationship to self-responsibility and living, instead of one’s self being chained/belonging to the World/Consciousness systems within and without: human beings may have an chance/opportunity to prioritizing your lives more effectively to changing our relationships with each other, this physical existence and start sorting it out, rather than contributing to its demise.

Stop blaming others, take self responsibility – and OPEN YOUR EYES into/as yourself and this existence, there is more to yourself and what needs to be done here, than judging others through your own limitations.

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