GUESS WHAT!?!? – Each Human being has…: DAY 374

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GUESS WHAT!?!? – Each Human being has…: DAY 374

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Each Human being has…ALREADY TRAVELED TO SPACE!!! What do I mean with this? If you have a look at your relationship between the Mind and the Body, you’re constantly and continuously existing in and as “the space of the Mind” – “up there”, away / separate from the Physical Body ‘beneath you’. Often, you TRAVEL into that Space, even into and as ‘alternate realities / existences’, so here is even evidence of ‘parallel universes’ that is RIGHT HERE in and as our very own Minds as we can create alternate/different ‘life scenarios / relationships’ through our Imaginations/Fantasies.

In this Space as our Mind Space into and as which we often, if not ALL of the time travel into and as – it’s like our Eyes, our I, our SELF is looking inwards and upwards ALL of the time by what our Space in the Mind produce/create through all the thoughts, feelings, emotions, imaginations/fantasies, projections, internal conversations – and, Oh my God, there’s even evidence of ALIENS in our minds that can talk to us, UFO’s that fly in the mind as the things that can come up in our Minds that we often do not know/cannot understand where they came from, why we thought them, how we could sometimes imagine the things that we do etc.
So, as we look inwards and upwards into and as our Mind Space within, we do the same within our Existential Space without: so many Humans looking into and upwards the Sky/Space/Existence – and it’s interesting, because we’re like: standing STARING UP INTO THE SKY, as we STARE INTO OUR MINDS – the spaces within and without, while the ACTUAL, REAL Reality/Existence is falling apart, into and as a downwards spiral of self-destruction.

What’s evident is that: THE UNIVERSE IS ALRIGHT, it’s up there, it’s stable, it’s doing its thing. Your Mind however, now that’s a different story altogether, because the OBSSESSION with Space, Aliens and UFO’s is predominantly related to our own Consciousness/Mind Obsession with our Mind’s Space/Aliens and UFO’s – both the internal and external obsession with Space doing one interesting thing: having us be mesmerized by “out there and up there”, rather than down here and RIGHT HERE as this Physical Existence and what we individually and collectively need to do to change life on earth from what we’re currently accepting and allowing it to be/become.

So, to all Space Travellers of the Mind – that has become exceptionally SPACED-OUT, time to come back down to Reality; because whatever is occupying you in your Mind/Consciousness now, is not going to help you face the imminent physical/reality consequences that we are individually and collectively facing within Humanity, and even within your own Personal Life. Staring up into the Mind Space is not going to solve your problems, neither as travelling into the Existential Space is going to solve Humanity’s problem, who we are in thought, words and deed is what will change ourselves and so the potential for humanity/life on Earth. There is still POTENTIAL – investigate the Equal Money System, and investigate Desteni – to assist/support yourself out of your Spaced-out Mode of Mind/Consciousness to get back into/as REALITY so that we can sort out what’s HERE.

Because, if this Reality/Humanity Falls into the Abyss of our own HELL we’re creating – whatever you did up there in the space of your Mind / the Existential Space will mean NOTHING.

Prioritize yourself/your Life.

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