We’re Alone in our Minds, but we’re Not Alone in this Physical Existence: DAY 385

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We’re Alone in our Minds, but we’re Not Alone in this Physical Existence: DAY 385

The question we’re looking at in this interview is: Why does our Aloneness in the Mind – take precedence over our Togetherness in this Physical Existence as Humanity, co-existing? How did us human beings get to a point where EACH ONE of us, give more authority to the voices in the head/conversations we have in our own Minds – than developing actual real communication with other human beings? How did we get to a point where we, in our Minds, IMAGINE life/living MORE than actually walking a physical practical process to make life/living possible for ALL in this Physical Existence? Why do we listen more to ourselves in and as our own Thoughts, that coming together/standing together voicing ourselves and listening/hearing within a starting point of establishing solutions/life experiences/living conditions that would be best for all? Why do we live on this Earth, this Physical Existence as though we are Alone, when looking physically at it all – we’re all existing on this One Plant in/as Oneness – yet, not EQUALITY? Why do we not realise that we are perpetuating separation through emphasizing the ‘Aloneness in the Mind’, making it MORE than the fact that we are actually all TOGETHER HERE – but instead hold onto the self-interest in the Aloneness of the Mind, than considering a change of/as equality and oneness, what’s best for all, togetherness / co-existence? Why are we making what goes on in the Mind MORE IMPORTANT than finding a solution for all, and so ourselves HERE in and as this physical existence? Because, it’s really bizarre that we would continue ‘holding onto’ the aloneness, separation and self interest in the Mind – giving credence to whatever comes  up in thought, imagination, reactions backchat – when such things only last for but a MOMENT, and we can’t even remember what went on the mind from the previous day to the next? But, what continues is what is real, is what is physical, is what is HERE? Why do we give such value to things that goes on the Mind, when it won’t even be here with us from the previous day to the next, and in this process miss that which should be held in utmost regard as invaluable as without it, we won’t be able to exist – which is this Physical Existence?

There’s much, much more we can consider here -with the relationship between Aloneness in Consciousness and the Togetherness in this Physical Existence, obviously catapulting individuals into Self-Interest – instead of What’s Best for All in this Physical Existence. I mean, seriously – having a look at things this way, it’s strange that we in our Minds/Consciousness can in any way believe we have any Authority when it comes to our current relationship with this Physical Existence, which is proving with how the planet is changing with the extent of consequences we have enforced into it and onto it.

If we continue like this, were leading ourselves into/through our own Gates of Hell that we’re creating with consequence accumulating, manifesting HELL on Earth – just because of one simple change the Human seems to be unable to do: a Shift from Aloneness/Self Interest, to Togetherness and What is Best for All.

Time to consider an Authority of Equality and Oneness, working WITH ourselves, each other and this Physical Existence, I mean – we’re even in our Minds working ‘against ourselves’ with the split-personalities we evolved into/as and what we can do to ourselves and others in our own Minds. This is why, process starts with SELF – learning to work with, live with, consider solutions that is best for self and so for all, because: how can we expect ourselves to co-exist, if we cannot even do that with ourselves in our own Minds?

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