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Redefining Faith, Belief and Believe (Part Two): DAY 286

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Redefining Faith, Belief and Believe (Part Two): DAY 286

BELIEF (continued):

The Solution: So, to redefine one’s relationship to BELIEF - one have to look at what one created a relationship of belief towards, and superiorized within one’s Mind. Superiorized, meaning – “made to be more than self and/or more than what it/they is in fact ‘promising/doing/manifesting in Physical Reality in relationship to life on earth’ and there’s NO physical evidence of that which one have faith in as the/a Belief is actually materializing/manifesting in/as this Physical Existence. In this essentially, to see/realise/understand how – Faith and Belief, is more / has come to more exist as a Preoccupation in the Mind, with no actual Self-Participation/Responsibility in/as it AT ALL within this Real Physical Existence. 
Then – from Identifying what it is, exactly, that one had place as a Belief in the Mind within/as a relationship of Blind Faith, with the Faith as trust Blinding self from seeing the Belief’s relationship/non-existence in/as this Real Physical Reality: to see what part of self, self had separated responsibility into/as. Cause, you’ll only create a belief out of something/someone, if you yourself believe that you cannot do it/manage it/direct it. Then, from there – see how it can be changed, how can you take that Responsibility within/as the principle of/as what’s best for all/Equality and Oneness. So, we use belief practically; bring it back to personal Self Responsibility.
Example being – we’ve created a Faith in the Belief as the Money System to manage Survival within this Physical Existence…not Happening. So, we look at how we abdicated this Responsibility into a System, and we all take Self-Responsibility to stand together for a World System that in fact stand for the people, as the people in/as the Principle of/as What’s Best for All – as proposed by/through the Equal Money System. The Education System – abdicating responsibility to the current Education System to ‘Educate’ children, creating a belief out of it, cause it’s not Happening in this Physical Existence. Here, one can also reference the Equal Money System – how we’d approach Education, incorporating LIFE/LIVING Skills for children, and all have equal and one access to/as Education within this Physical Existence.
Same with our Mind Relationship – we’ve created a Faith/trust in our Minds/Consciousness as a belief that ‘it knows best’ to control/determine our lives/living, which is obviously not showing to be so in/as regards to Human Nature/Living Responsibility in this physical existence. Thus, one take/become Living Self-Responsibility – which is the process that we’re currently within/as Desteni. And so one take responsibility for oneself/one’s mind and so Living to align into and as what’s best for all, and so in every breath know who you are, how/what you live in Self Awareness and really be the Directive Principle of/as one’s Life/Living; and become a Living Trust, have a Self-Evidenced Faith in who/how what Self is in every Moment of Breath.

The Self-Reward: The Reward with changing/transforming Belief into and as establishing one’s relationship to/towards what/who one created a Belief towards and so abdicated Responsibility, instead of taking Self-Responsibility – is that: one will see, realise and understand the Consequences we accepted and allowed individually/collectively with placing Faith/misplacing Faith as trust into and as Beliefs as Systems/People we believe to do ‘what’s best for all’ – when the Evidence in the Physical proves the Contrary. And thus, why/how such relationships in our Minds to which we abdicated Self-Responsibility - is just a belief, cause it’s not in fact happening/manifesting in Reality.
And so we give/Gift ourselves the ability/responsibility to in fact change what’s Here, in fields like money, education for example – as is also Proposed by the Equal Money System, where individuals stand up and stand together as a Living Trust into/as actual materialization of Solutions in this Real World, that is not just subject to faith and belief as now existent in the Minds of humanity that’s bring forth no, real, visible, change – only more Consequence.
Thus, one utilize Belief practically – what had one created as Belief in the Mind, and how can one Take Responsibility for self, one’s world / life on earth – individually and collectively. Cause surely, it must become more and more evident by now, that: Beliefs aren't Saving Humanity…we have to Save ourselves.


The Problem: Believing is the Personality that develop in relationship to Faith and Belief – where we create a real energy entity/presence as we truly BELIEVE this faith/belief to be ‘right’/real/absolute and it is this ‘Believing energy/experience/personality’ in our Minds, that cause one to not see PHYSICAL EVIDENCE of/as the Belief into/as which one have Faith/Trust, is not in fact Manifesting in/as this Physical Existence for real.
So, Believe – if you have a look at the experience of it, it’s like this absolute possession of I AM SO RIGHT, THIS IS SO RIGHT, THIS MUST BE REAL, THIS IS REAL – standing in an absolute conviction of/as one’s Faith in/as the relationship to the Belief, completely in this Possession not seeing that the physical evidence is showing to the contrary of what one ‘Believe in’ as one’s Belief, within and as ‘Blind Faith’.
Thus, Believe/Believing is like, the Evolution of the relationship between Faith/trust and the Belief in the Mind – that one grow, energetically, through energy-experience in the Mind, the more and more one ‘trust’ as an energy-reactive experience the Belief in/as one’s Mind/Imagination. Then this Mind-Energy experience relationship of Faith/trust and the Belief itself evolve and one REALLY BELIEVE in/as one’s Faith/Belief in the Mind; the Believing Personality Possession. Not seeing one’s own Lie as Illusion in the Mind, when compared to what is in fact really happening in/as this Real Physical Existence.
So the question then, how do one change/transform Believing into/as Practical, Physical Living?

The Solution: To make Believe/Believing real, we have to become the visible, Living force within this physical existence for human beings to really be able to see a prospect of a future for humanity/themselves. This will create a constructive believing in/as human nature to change and there in fact being a future for humanity. Thus, believing will not be something only existent in the Mind, human beings will have physical evidence of change and so, something “Real” to believe in, and then constructively utilizing that Believing into developing a Self Faith, a Living Trust to in fact be able to change, with other human beings Proving this Process of Self-Change.
So replacing current Mind-believing to real physical believing/achieving of change: Individually and Collectively. Thus, for Believing to materialize/manifest in this Real World – one have to become the Living Example of Self-Change – walking the Evidence of this Self-Change in one’s process of Writing, Walking the Courses, Investing in Interviews; accumulating internal and external resources for Self/Life/Living Education; to we can materialize/manifest change in/as this physical existence for ourselves and so for all.

The Self-Reward:
Here, we will encapsulate Faith, Belief and Believe – that, with Self Standing as Living Example, for others to ‘believe in’, from the perspective of recognizing themselves in you as a Living Example, can assist/support others as you and guide them through the same process of Establishing/Living Self Faith as a Living Trust in being/becoming the directive-principle of their minds, their lives and so expand into/as life on earth as a whole. This will all ensure that we stop our preoccupations in the energies and imaginations as Illusions of the Mind and get into and as Real, Physical Living Responsibility in this Physical Existence. ‘Time is of the essence’ as consequence is not ‘waiting’, and consequence is accumulating in our Minds, Lives and this Existence cause we’re not taking Responsibility for it All – but abdicating it. So, time is HERE, as Breath, making a Decision to Change and then walking it.

Thus, with Desteni, Equal Money, Desteni I Process, EQAFE – we establish our Living into and as Responsibility, for our Minds, our Lives and this Physical Existence as a whole, no more accepting/allowing ourselves to exist in Blind Faith, imprisoned into the Illusion of Imagination of Beliefs and possessed by Personality Systems of Believing, but bringing ourselves back down to Earth, the Physical – because, as long as we abdicate Responsibility to imaginations within our OWN MINDS, we’re not only imprisoning ourselves – but ALL Life, as ourselves.

Time to take/Live Responsibility. Join us.

For further assistance/support regarding how to establish Self’s Living in/as Living Trust and Taking Responsibility – suggest visiting Desteni I Process LITE, a Free Course and/or Desteni I Process PRO

Featured Art Work by Matti Freeman




Redefining Faith, Belief and Believe: DAY 285

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Redefining Faith, Belief and Believe: DAY 285
Who are the real creators of this reality?

In this post, we’re for a moment going to have a Look at Redefining the Words Faith, Belief and Believe into and as Practical Living Words – that can bring forth actual real change for self, self’s living and so actually contribute to change within and as Life on Earth.

We’re going to walk this Redefinition Process within the Context of Identifying the Problem, Establishing the Solution and the Reaping of the Reward in/as one’s Practical Living Participation AS such words. With seeing, realising and understand that: As Desteni – we have Faith, Belief and we do Believe; but in such a Way that we are Living Examples of/as Such words as Follows:


The Problem: The problem with the word Faith is that it’s been defined according to, primarily, what/who one believe in in Separation from Self. So, every mind has beliefs that they have Faith in. Faith being this ‘trust’ that whatever they believe in as their ‘Belief’, will come to fruition. Primarily – Faith in a Belief Breeds ‘Hope’. ‘Believing’ itself is a ‘Hope’ and so more Trust is placed in HOPE than Real Self-Responsibility in/as Living Action. The consequence of Faith in its relationship to Belief/a Belief – is No Action. Because the Consciousness of the Human will have their Faith in Belief, creating Hope as Non-Action – with Belief as knowledge and information that’s materialized into an entity/force in the Mind/Mind’s Imagination, connecting that with a relationship of Faith that is a form of Trust. So, this means that – human beings have Trust misplaced into Belief, within the Mind’s Imagination enslaved to Hope; and even gone as far as making Faith/Mind Trust aligned with a Belief – so creating a Belief out of Faith itself.

The Solution: The Solution is a Faith in/as Self that is Certain, that is Real, that is VISIBLE. Where it is not based on a trust/faith that you have in a belief/something/someone in the Mind that has proven NO substantial, real living solutions to life/living on earth; but this Faith/Trust is something you laboured in/as your Practical Living Change, and can provide the Evidence of this Labour in writing, and in Living.
Thus, the Solution as Redefinition of Faith – is a Living Trust in yourself, in who you are, what you stand for and what you stand as; that is physically evidenced in your constant, continuous relationship with yourself, others and existence as a whole. And So, Faith/Living Trust becomes a Presence as who you are.
In this, Faith becomes REAL, Faith becomes VISIBLE and is not just existent as an energy-experience one conjure up in the Mind to/towards a Belief one Imagined in the Mind – doing this, is easy. Actually establish Self Faith as a Living Trust, based on what you yourself have walked/worked for, is something that stand/remain as and with Self. And then assisting/supporting others to do the same; so we can start having Faith in ourselves, and then LIVING that Faith as a Living Trust/Certainty – to start take responsibility for ourselves, our Minds and our lives – individually and together.

The Self-Reward: You reap the rewards of your Self-Living/Labour in establishing this Faith as Living Trust in/as who you are, what you stand for/as and actually bring forth, through Living Action, change in this world/reality. A Practical measure for Faith redefined is that, you have the Trust in you as you walk and prepare yourself in this process, that: who you are within what/how you live will come to fruition and that nothing will/can change unless you put the living effort to do so – writing, communication, expanding, courses etc. – becoming an expert in Living; and so eventually it will not only be self that benefit, but also those that walk with you as a Living Example of LIFE/Living Faith as Living Trust in/as Self. And we come together and stand together to get ourselves / life on earth sorted out, for ourselves and all as ourselves.


The Problem: The problem with the word Belief is that it’s existent in relationship to Faith/Trust into/as something/someone in the Mind that one had made superior. Mostly, Belief is in fact abused for those that do not want to/do not see themselves as capable of doing something/changing something, and so instead create an alternate version/representation of self into/as something/someone else one believe to be more capable of doing it. So, in our MINDS – we create this relationship, envision something/someone else; instead of investigating/introspecting ourselves and developing the skills/means/resources to take Self-Responsibility/Responsibility within certain areas/fields of life/living in/as this Physical Existence.
Like, we created Belief into/as Money – giving money/World Systems the responsibility to manage survival/ ‘life on earth’ and Really believing/having Faith/trust in the fact that it’s doing so...However when having a look at the Reality of money managing survival for humanity/this physical existence; this is not happening – most are dying/being driven to Extinction.
Created a belief in God – to manage consequence of individual human beings’ lives on earth and/or reward for human being’s lives on earth; however this is not happening – on earth/the hereafter and it never has; with the Elite still comfy in their chairs while continuing life-abuse to all living beings on earth in the Name of Money. And, to find out what REALLY happened after Death – suggest listening to the Journeys into the Afterlife Series, which will explain how ‘rewards after Death’ was just a Belief in the Minds of Human Consciousness.
Created a belief in the Education System – to in fact Educate Children, however when one do research on the Education Systems of this world – the “education” children is receiving is appalling/non-existent with no guarantee of a Future in this World.
Thus, Belief as it exist now – is something one shift responsibility into/as within one’s Mind, programmed/brainwashed to believe that it’s doing what it’s supposed to do and then one have Faith/trust into/as that belief in one’s Own Mind – when Reality Evidence, proves the contrary: where that/such responsibility one created to/towards something/someone in one’s Mind is non-existent and so remains a Belief, instead of an Actuality, being Physically Evidenced. So, essentially beliefs exist into/towards all of that, we abdicated Self-Responsibility to/towards – internally and externally.

We’ll continue with BELIEF: The Solution and Self-Reward and BELIEVE: The Problem, The Solution and The Self-Reward in the Next Post…

Featured Art Work by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

LIFE Regulation (Part Two): DAY 284

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LIFE Regulation (Part Two): DAY 284

Here, we’re continuing with the Process of having a look at the Morality Scale of Good and Bad – with the Morality Scale itself, existing as ‘Money Consciousness’ and the Consciousness of Human Beings utilizing this Morality Scale of Money Consciousness to determine ‘what’s Good and what’s Bad’; as what Life Regulation – as essentially Survival Management - is/has become as ‘life on earth’ for Humanity as a whole. In and from this post, we’re continuing with having a look at the VARIOUS dimensions/definitions regarding what’s determined as ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ as each human being Personalized this Morality Scale of/as Money Consciousness according to which their Survival is based.
Then from here, furthermore having a look at the Morality Scale Personalized according to the Individual’s Consciousness based-on the Generational knowledge and information passed-onto their Minds regarding ‘what’s Good and what’s Bad’ as ‘life Education’…which again is simply ‘Survival Management’ on a personal level.
From here – we will then continue having a look at LIFE Regulation, how the relationships of Life will be Regulated within and as the Principle of/as What’s Best for All, as Equality and Oneness Here.

We’re continuing here with having a look at the Balancing Scale in/as the Mind-Physical relationship, with utilizing Spirituality as the most definitive example for the extent of separation we accept/allow in our relationship to the Physical, creating essentially a Good / Positive vs. Bad/Negative within/between the Mind and the Physical:

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand – within and through investigating Interdimensional-Physical Physics, how Human Beings as their Mind-Physical relationship, exist As this Morality Scale, where: On the one hand of the Scale – we have “what’s Physical” as Physical Mass, which is our physical bodies, AND how we live and behave in this Physical Body within our relationships/interactions in/as this Physical Existence. Then, on the other hand of the scale we have “what’s Mind” as Energy Mass. Now, what has not been seen, realised and understood within Human Consciousness as of yet, is that: for the Energy in itself to exist / accumulate ‘Mass’ as our Consciousness as the Energy we ‘experience’ for example, it resource it from/of our Beingness substance and Physical Body substance. So, the ‘Balancing Scale’ of our relationship between the Mind and the Physical, eventually throughout Life manifest so where the Mind/Consciousness accumulate more Mass and the physical body eventually deteriorate into nothingness – as every time/moment one participated in/as the Mind/Consciousness, a percentage of one’s Beingness/Physical Body was resourced to Substantiate the Energy of/as the Mind/Consciousness. So, in the beginning of our lives the Scale is where the Physical Body exist of more Mass / weigh More in our relationship to it, until we’re conditioned into Consciousness and eventually the Mind outweigh the Physical with regards to the extent to which we separate ourselves from the Physical Body as the Mind. To understand this with regards to the Morality Scale of ‘what’s Good and what’s Bad’ – is that: for most Spirituality / New Age human beings, Consciousness is seen as ‘what’s Good’ / ‘Real’ and the Physical Body is seen as ‘Illusion/Unreal’ – essentially tipping the Scale of the Mind/Consciousness as Energy-Mass being ‘what’s Good’ and the Physical Body, this Physical Existence as what is ‘Bad’. Where, ENERGY is used to develop a relationship with the self/the physical body, not realising that: for that very Energy to exist, it’s resourced from the Physical. So, essentially – the equation is in fact in Reverse: it’s the Energy/Consciousness that’s “Bad” and the Physical that’s in fact “Good” that is in fact the resource being Sacrificed for the Mind/Consciousness.
In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how this Scale-relationship Show the Separation between Mind and Body with our Beingness the very Scale that ‘Balance’ the relationship between Mind and Physical; without seeing, realising and understanding that we’ve always supposed to have been PHYSICAL, and not Energy/Consciousness that resource its existence from/of the Physical Body.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand How – what’s been termed to be Good, and what’s been termed to be Bad – is, in fact, all in Reverse. Such as Love and Light termed to be Good, but here again we return to the Scale, where on the one Hand exist the Individual’s Mind/Consciousness that is weighing Energy-Mass of “Good” – BUT, on the other hand when looking at/observing their physical living participation/behaviour/acceptance/allowance through their Physical Body in this Physical Existence as ‘life on earth’: it is in fact Bad/Consequential – as nothing is done to solve the consequence of/as the Money System’s relationship to Humanity; they’re continuing substantiating their “Good Minds”, while leading a Physically Bad Life/Living Example in their relationship to/as the World System/Money System.
In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to consider then the Question ‘What is GOOD’, if none of it is being Lived in/through the Physical, in this Physical Existence – in especially taking on this World System/Money System that is managing the Survival of Humanity at the interest/greed of a select few and at the expense/sacrifice of/as the Many, including humans, animals, the earth, nature and the environment? Why is Good only existent in the confines of the Individual’s Mind, but do not come through into/as the WHOLE as this Physical Existence? Does GOOD then exist, if it only exist in the Minds of those that energize it through thoughts, reactions, internal conversations, visions, imagery? What we know for a fact is that BAD/Evil exist, when simply having a look at the Nature of humanity, life on earth and how we treat this Physical Existence. Again, we come here to the question – why with Morality existent, as what’s Good and what’s Bad, is the Morality Principle not guiding the Minds and Behaviours of human beings? Is the fault/problem/consequence existent within Morality itself as the Definition of what’s Good and what’s Bad? Or the Human? Or is it the parents, the environment, the education – essentially everything that’s determined by MONEY? Even Religions/Spiritualities that have ‘Moral Codes’ – or most institutions that have ‘Moral Codes’, have frequent consequences where human beings rebelled against Morality; thus the question is: if Morality as what’s Good and Bad cannot and in fact does not Manage Human’s Minds and Behaviours…what/who is then?

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand – how many human beings place so much Trust into and as ‘Morality-itself’ to guide the Human’s Minds/Behaviour within their living/participation in Life on Earth, essentially creating the idea/belief/perception that Morality-itself as living/survival principles will determine ‘who/how/what’ the Human Being is/will become. But, it’s being evidenced that, there’s FAR MORE that’s determining who the human being is and how/what the Human Being Live than MORALITY and what’s good and what’s bad. Have a look at how the Human will change in the face of Money – with most Spiritualists in their Energy-mass and Body-mass relationship Scale, what would happen to their Love and Light they are energizing in their Money-Protected worlds/realities when they have to Physically Survive and real, physical survival bring them back to what’s Real in/as this Physical Existence? So, for most Part – Morality, what’s good and bad in the Human’s Mind and Behaviour is as much determined by their external environment and access to Money, as well as what they were educated regarding what’s Good and what’s Bad. But, even within this – there’s so little understood of Human Consciousness, that there are multi-dimensional factors with regards to whether a being will manage their Survival in their Minds and in their Worlds according to what’s Good and what’s Bad. And HERE – we get to more Dimensions regarding SURVIVAL, where you have an Internal and External Survival Management System that simultaneously attempt/try to Balance the Morality Scale between what’s Good and what’s Bad…essentially existing in Two Worlds, the Mind and the Physical and then trying to use ONE Morality Scale of Good/Bad to manage two completely/entirely different Realities.

We’ll continue with this in the Next Post with the Internal and External Realities and the One Morality Scale of Good and Bad we use to try and manage Survival in Both, and the consequences this Split has manifested in/as Human Nature/Living in this Physical Existence…