The Real Bank we’re Indebted to – is this Physical Existence: DAY 384

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The Real Bank we’re Indebted to – is this Physical Existence: DAY 384

If we look at the System-Banks – they have resources in the form of Money that comes in various forms. If we look at the Physical-Bank – it has resources in the form of actual living manifestations/beings that provides us the opportunity to actually live in this Physical Real World.

The System-Banks are unconditional and conditional. Unconditional within the statement “we have all the money you need”, conditional within the statement “but, we will only give it to you on these/such terms and conditions”. This Physical Existence/the Physical Bank is unconditional as well as conditional. Unconditional – in that, the Earth, this Physical Existence provides all the resources through its very existence/expression and also the land from which we can produce such Resources. And, is conditional within the fact that: if we do not Replenish it within the principle of “give as you would like to receive” there’s going to be consequence as we’re facing RIGHT NOW within this physical existence with regards to the extent of extinction, abuse, destruction we’re facing here.

System-Banks can speak-direct through humans, and accordingly implement consequence if/as one do not return the “debt” that one had accumulated as the resources that one had taken in the form of Money – such as Prison. Now, with the Physical-Bank, the only way that it can ‘communicate’, because humans are lost in consciousness and so do not even realise that one is able to speak to/as what is here, what is real, what is PHYSICAL but choose to participate in illusionary conversations with their own dimensional creations/voices as thoughts/imaginations in the mind – so, the only way the Physical Bank can communicate consequence, is through actually PHYSICALLY SHOWING consequence, as the current state/condition of this earth’s environment, atmosphere, extinction of plant/animal/organism species and less and less of the Earth becoming habitable.

So, we’ve created an Illusionary Bank as the System-Bank, with an illusionary representation of life and survival as MONEY. Each human being in the Mind caught in possession of Money Consciousness – where Money is the force/entity possessing human’s minds, that this REAL BANK that we’re indebted to and IN FACT dependent on for SURVIVAL and LIVING as this physical existence: we’re completely blinded to. Just as in the Mind/Consciousness – human beings are caught/possessed in the illusion that energy/positive and negative equals “life/life experience”, when…if you’d invest in the EQAFE interviews and investigate Desteni, you’ll see/realise/understand that even the energies you participate in, is created through resourcing it from the Physical Body.

So, the extent to which we are indebted to this Physical Existence is MASSIVE – our consciousness resource its existence from our own bodies, what we eat, our clothes, shoes, homes, toiletries, water – EVERYTHING, in/as our basic necessities externally comes from this Physical Existence and YET: there is NO respect, consideration and regard for this LIVING ORGANISM as this physical existence and our OWN PHYSICAL BODIES in any way whatsoever. So…one can imagine, the System-Banks we’re indebted to – is NOT going to save us from the debt we’re accumulating in this Physical Existence with not applying the One Simple Principle of “give as you would like to receive”, but instead just TAKING and TAKING and TAKING.

So, we suggest investigating the Equal Money System – established in the principle of “give as you would like to receive” as a change from the current System-Bank that is perpetuating consequence/blinding from/of the real bank as this Physical Existence we’re in fact indebted to; that will align our lives/living to consider/regard/respect that which is REAL, that in fact REALLY give/gift us life: the Physical/this Physical Existence as a whole. Thus, making our lives/living an INVESTMENT in/as life-itself, rather than destroying it through and as our current relationship / consequential relationship as DEBT.

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