The Mind’s afterlife and the Voices of Memories that Haunts it: DAY 386

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The Mind’s afterlife and the Voices of Memories that Haunts it: DAY 386

In one of the recent Death Research Interviews, where a woman was walking her process and experience of Death – that one can hear in the Interviews referenced in the Description Box, she had a moment where her Mind-Beingness and Physical Body trinity relationship separated and she could, as her beingness-awareness, SEE her Mind and her Body with her being completely alone in her own Mind and Body. In that Aloneness she was ‘calling out’ to something or someone “Hello! Anybody else in here / around here”! lol – so, the Point here was fascinating that she realised is: throughout her life – all that ever existed within her was herself, her beingness, her Mind and the Body. NOTHING and no-one else occupied the Physical, but the physical itself, her Mind/Consciousness System and her Beingness; and how she essentially only became aware of her original self/beingness within/upon Death when the Mind-Beingness-Physical Trinity relationship Separated.

Really Fascinating Interviews the Death Research Interviews – in and through them one learn a lot about our actual existence as this Trinity and the extent to which Consciousness is dependent on the Physical Body for its existence and how beings See the Memories of their Lives in the Mind/Consciousness fade as the physical body is in the process of Death. Showing why/how next to nothing of the ‘self’ you were on Earth remains after death, as all or most of the memories was stored in a consciousness-physical relationship, and when the physical ends, consciousness ends and so the memories ends and do not come with you after-death. 

The point specifically here though is an Important realisation of the fact that: you are really ALONE in your own Mind, your own Body. Whatever is concocted in the Mind/Consciousness – especially those ‘voices in the head’ that speaks, and that can even speak in a different tonality/sound/persona: all coming from MEMORIES within you, from ENERGY within you that have used the Mind/Consciousness platform to personify itself as a projection that you interpret as a ‘being/someone else speaking in you’ because you don’t yet understand the Mind/Consciousness, cannot see into it/look into it. Though the Portal – we see interdimensionally-physically and so explain in detail how the Mind/Consciousness in fact exist, how voices in the head are created from MEMORIES – this specifically explained in the Quantum Mind Interview Series.

Many don’t want to admit/see/realise that the ONLY ONE in your own mind-body relationship is YOU – cause, I mean, it’s convenient to just say that whatever comes up in your mind that surprises/shocks you or that you react to is apparently ‘something/someone’ else / something/someone’s fault/responsibility – and so, we abdicate responsibility to things even in our own Minds that self in fact created/programmed oneself. Interestingly enough, we do this in our greater world/reality as well – people only ‘tend to’ what is right in front of them in their personal worlds that they have a particular relationship to/that defines them, the rest of the world they react to/that shock/surprise them – OH NO! That’s someone else’s responsibility to take care of. And now, we have a humanity where ALL are in such a state/condition of definition/abdication of Responsibility and this whole world is going to HELL.

So, start extending your responsibility in your own Mind – UNDERSTAND what’s going on in there and that ALL of it only in fact exist as it exist by your acceptance and allowance, that no one else is in there ‘behind the scenes’ – ONLY YOU. That ‘someone/something else’ you believe is in your mind / influencing your mind is simply just programming/memories from your Quantum Physical, Unconscious and Subconscious – that which you don’t have awareness-access to, cause you haven’t yet explored those dimensions of your Mind. THEN start realising we’re not going to change this World/Reality if we don’t extend our responsibility to/as changing this Entire Physical Existence as a whole.

So – investigate Desteni, the Desteni I Process – to Understand ALL dimensions of your mind/consciousness, how you programmed/created yourself, in fact, and how to stop/change/stand/master Consciousness and live in/as Awareness in Physical Reality. Then, with the extending of Responsibility in this Physical Existence – investigate the Equal Money System. You are the only Solution to yourself, your Mind –and so we, individually and collectively, are the only Solution to life on earth.

In this process, returning from the AFTER-life as the Mind, to the HERE-life in and as the Physical Body and this Existence, letting the ghosts of your own Mind as Memories to rest, to finally find/establish Self-Peace, in and as every Living Breath as you finally learn what it means to in fact Live within and as this Process from Consciousness to Awareness, from Preprogramming to being/becoming the Living Word in/as this Real Physical Existence.

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