Words, Sound and Energy programs Water, our Physical Bodies – and so Ourselves: DAY 363

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Words, Sound and Energy programs Water, our Physical Bodies – and so Ourselves: DAY 363

Water is programmable through Words/Sound – we’re Programming our Bodies through Words/Sound

There’s research done regarding the effects of words, sound and energy on Water and so also our Physical Bodies – how our Consciousness/Mind that consist of/exist as words, sound and energy affect/influence the Physical Body.

However, the extent/true impact of this is not fully comprehended – I mean, why with the research, such as Emoto, done – do Human Consciousness still not change? Meaning, the ‘solution’ is presented to speak in ‘positivity’ / ‘prayer’ to ‘correct’ the pollution of ‘negative’ words, sounds and energy that is inflicted into and as the Physical Body/Water. However – what is not seen, realised and understood is the Consciousness-dynamic between the Positive and Negative Energy: for Positive energy to exist, Negative energy must exist. Therefore, ‘correcting pollution’ in the water/body as the ‘negative’ through the ‘positive’ – is not a SOLUTION to the actual negative/pollution, but is in fact more of a ‘band-aid’ / ‘a bridge’ / ‘a temporary relieve’ from the negative polarity. This is then a relationship to positive and negative energy that has to be MANAGED for the rest of your life, in the mind.

Additionally within this, what is not understood is WHERE positive and negative energy from Consciousness IN THE BODY ITSELF in fact come from. How positive energy is in fact an accumulation of negative energy, with negative energy created from the friction/conflict relationship between consciousness and the physical body – all of which we have explained in detail in our blog, as well as the Quantum Mind Series.
SO, the question is why does the water/body itself then “respond” positively to things like “positive energy, sound and words”? This is because the mind/consciousness is PLATFORMED is integrated/infused on a QUANTUM PHYSICAL level in the physical body – so therefore, it’s in fact the BODY AS THE MIND responding/reacting to the ENERGY you are accessing/becoming. Consciousness WANTS positive energy – this fuels its existence, and so what is in fact SEEN in how the water/body react is not in fact THE REAL PHYSICAL RESPONSE, it’s the mind’s response on a quantum physical level in the BODY.

Do we really KNOW the BODY’S pure natural physical expression? NO! Cause we’re interfering with the Mind/Consciousness as ENERGY as positive and negative emotions and feelings that are changing the natural state of/as the true, real physical expression.

To find out more about Consciousness, ENERGY and the Physical Body and why and how Positive Energy is not the Solution to our Minds, our Lives and the problems/negative we face – investigate Desteni, to see, realise and understand one do not need Emotions/Feelings to exist, to express, to ‘feel’ – that is and has always been the Illusion of “experience” to keep us separate from the actual, natural, real PHYSICAL and our true beingness EXPRESSION. Purifying the WORDS we speak from ENERGY of positive and negative, for Words to exist as Pure SOUND, Pure EXPRESSION to assist and support us back to and as the origin of Life, of Reality of what is Real as the Physical.

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