Money: Existing as Illusion within - is easier than seeing the Reality of Chaos without: DAY 371

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Money: Existing as Illusion within - is easier than seeing the Reality of Chaos without: DAY 371

In the new Soul of Money interviews, available on EQAFE (Freeing your Mind from Money and Power Play with Money) – we’re walking the process of Deconstructing ‘Money Consciousness’, with seeing, realising and understanding the extent to which Money defines and controls who we are, and so our choices/decisions – blinding us from the reality of ourselves and so life on earth; thus essentially more realising the extent to which Money POSSESS our minds, reactions and behaviours and how to assist and support oneself to set oneself free from money Internally, to see, realise and understand how we can set humanity/this physical existence externally, free from Money as we now exist in relationship to/as it.

Within/during the interview, an interesting point opened up – where they were walking / explaining what Exactly goes on in our minds when a point of attraction to/as a particular garment/clothing manifests within our Minds within the starting point of DESIRE, and then purchasing that garment/clothing creating the illusion of a form of ‘empowerment’ through ownership/possession. However, afterwards, returning home to the REALITY of our relationship to Money as, essentially debt and disempowerment – with the experience that Money on an subconscious/unconscious level create/manifest, where every time we look at debt/what we owe/the amount of money we do have, it creates a reaction of Disempowerment.

So, they were explaining how we create this illusion of empowerment with being able to buy something within a starting point of desire, and in that Desire/Illusion of empowerment through possession/ownership – we do not take into account the REALITY of our relationship to MONEY and then we return to REALITY, go back to the polarity of disempowerment through debt, through what we OWE and then cycle back into OWNING and believing we’re enriching ourselves/empowering ourselves in a moment and so we cycle over and over and over again.

So, with looking at the relationship to money in this context – it’s like Humanity was DELIBERATELY disempowered, restricted and limited in relationship to money, so that it creates that ‘empty void’ as DESIRE to want to fulfil it – money creates an experience of LACK, and so with that very relationship between Money creating the LACK in the first place, we’re trying to create FULFILMENT through that very same manifestation as MONEY – thus, going through the cycles of lack and fulfilment, disempowerment and empowerment, caught in time-loops/cycles with and as our relationship to Money. Not seeing BEYOND the hold/possession that Money has within our Minds. As another point they mentioned, which was interesting is that: Humans tend to only see what’s directly in front of them. Like, our thoughts in our  conscious mind – humans don’t go into it, investigate it, source it, how was it created, where does it come from, what’s its origin, what’s its substance, how does it materialize – so the same with clothes for example, the history, process, relationships, networking, sweat, labour, resourcing etc. – none of it is investigated, It’s like the clothes in the store just magically materialized there, like the thoughts in your mind just magically materialized there, NOTHING is ever questioned/investigated and so humans in their internal and external reality, exist in this PROTECTED WORLD and not seeing beyond the evil / consequence really involved with thoughts existing in the mind  /clothes manifesting in stores.

So, in the SOM interview series – they’re taking you internally and externally into the depths of self/existence to see/realise/understand what’s REALLY going on in our minds and in this world in relationship to Money within and the Money Consciousness without.

Time to get out of your Comfort Zones and Illusionary Protected Worlds in the Mind within and your Personal World without and start really seeing how the Mind works and this World Works to understand the extent of control/possession and brainwashing you’ve always in fact exist as and existed within. In this then, to finally realise how we ourselves, individually and together will in fact be/become the Solution to life on earth, if humans would only DARE start introspecting/investigating and SEEING beyond what one directly look into as the Conscious Mind within and Money in your world without.

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