GUESS WHAT!?!? The Fall of Man was the moment when…: DAY 375

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GUESS WHAT!?!? The Fall of Man was the moment when…: DAY 375

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So, the Fall of Man was the moment when a picture became more Beautiful than Reality. Now, this particular statement actually, has multiple dimensions to it and directly links to the previous interview I did regarding Imagination and Visualization. I mean, we should have existed in Physical simplicity – Image, as what you see with/through your Physical Eyes right infront of you AS reality exist and Visual, the process through which you See with your Physical Eyes right infront of you.

What we’ve done is taken reality and man – have we travelled into alternate dimensions with it – CHANGING reality into and as presentations that in NO WAY reflect/represent the Reality of what humans, the environment, nature, the animal kingdom, the earth and existence in fact looks like and is in fact going through/experiencing. Why humans can’t handle images, REAL images of WAR, STARVATION, FAMINE, POVERTY, animal abuse, environmental destruction – that reflect/represent the majority of what’s happening to beings/living manifestations in/as this world/reality is that: everyone is looking at beautiful ILLUSIONS in the Mind/Consciousness. Isn’t that SUCH an amazing reality, the Mind – can just close your eyes, the real image/visual stimulation of REALITY and IMAGINE/Visualize and draw and create beautiful Illusions in the Mind and make yourself believe that just because the Images/Pictures in the MIND is okay, and your emotional/feelings reactions to it is okay, that I’m okay and therefore everything/everyone in this world is okay/alright. You don’t see THEM, nooooooooooooooo – the Illusion is showing all’s beautiful, I believe my Illusion more than REALITY.

Didn’t Jesus/God say “you shall not make unto yourself any graven image”? Look at Physical Reality, in fact representing GOD, the Body decides with the breaths you take whether you’re going to live/die, this physical existence provides ‘unconditionally’ – that reflects/represents aspects of ‘God’, and yet – even the Religious individuals place graven images before their own Physical Bodies with regards to how they create an ‘graven image’ an imagination of their own Bodies that they use to compare, creating all sorts of personality disorders/relationships with oneself/the body. And so most of humanity do this, with regards to how we alternate/change/misconstrue this real physical world/reality into and as all sorts of colours/graphics etc. – ‘graven images’ that is then imprinted in the Mind to deliberately not see/face what is here, but invert it all to FEEL better for a moment. And these graven images is then transformed into ‘gods / deities’ – because the IMAGES holds more importance/power over/of you than you seeing this actual, real Physical Reality, what is in fact REALLY HERE.

So, why the Fall of Man – we have Failed to take responsibility for what is/has been given to us unconditionally, our bodies and this physical existence, and so now it’s all going to ruin. And boy, is man falling – just look at the news with regards to the escalating mental states of humans, where one small thing can just cause the mind to short-circuit and BOOM, consequence. Where human beings care more about the images they see in their mind and what they FEEL about it, than a child in this world starving, than babies coming into this world with no food, no home, no parents, where animals are inhumanely being handled – no one sees, hears or listens to this, because NOOOOOO, IT MAKES ME FEEL sooooooo bad, I don’t like this FEELING. WTF – you’re saying what you FEEL about it is more than doing something about it?

The Fall of Man from Reality into the Mind/Consciousness – no different to Lucifer isn’t it? Fallen Angel from Heaven. This Physical Existence could have been Heaven and there is still time/potential to become heaven on earth – investigate the Equal Money System as a Solution to life on earth, and Desteni – where you free yourself from the devils/demons of the Mind, the spawn of the Lucifer/Devil you’ve become, that is creating this HELL we have on earth, because of what you’re accepting and allowing through, for example this One Simple Thing – regarding your FEELINGS and images in the Mind, as more than what needs to be practically done here on Earth to solve what we’re facing.

We’re all, individually and collectively creating what is here now, so why not commit/stand/change to create heaven on Earth?

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