Thoughts are Self-Aware – that’s why they can Talk to us: DAY 366

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Thoughts are Self-Aware – that’s why they can Talk to us: DAY 366

Here we’re continuing with the statement in the previous interview “Thoughts think for us” and expanding on this with having a look at this interview’s statements “Thoughts are Self-Aware – that’s why they Talk us”.

So, let’s first expand on “Thoughts think for us” more: if/as we simply automatically accept and allow the thoughts we do in our Minds, are we in/as self awareness really the one’s thinking the thoughts – or, with them coming up so automatically, are they then not in fact ‘thinking for us’, ‘on our behalf’; because we’re not taking responsibility for them, investigating them, understanding who we are in/as them, what their effects/consequence are on our self-relationship, lives and relationship with others – they’re just ‘there’ and we just leave them as-is and continue participating in them, believing them. So, they think for us – in the sense of controlling/dictating who/what/how we are in our Minds – thus, they THINK FOR US, on our behalf cause we’re sure as hell not the directive principle in our own Minds with things just so automatically coming up without introspection.

Which then bring us to the next statement “Thoughts are self-aware – that’s why they talk to us” – have a look at how ‘thoughts talk’, how a thought can come up in the Mind of “Oh, that person likes me”, but then another voice in the head emerge “No, it’s can’t be, maybe I’m reading the signals wrong”, and then another voice comes up “but, I’m sure I saw them move/say this/that” and then a thoughts comes up of seeing the two of you together, but then you shake it away and say to yourself “oh, no it can’t be – it’ll be impossible”. SO the question here is who/what is talking to who/what? So, this whole process started with a Thought ‘talking to you’, or it can start with an IMAGE just coming up in your mind out of nowhere – showing you in relationship with another person, and then just from that IMAGE, you would go into a conversation with yourself in your own Mind. This is how Consciousness “communicate” – through a thought, an IMAGE, an imagination that can just “pop up” and there send you wandering into the Mind. Consciousness is/has been the entity initiating conversation/reactions in and as your own Mind and we’ve always just simply ‘fell for it’, ‘following it all blindly’ wandering in our Minds in separation from ourselves, our here, the physical body. And so, if/as you simply observe your Mind for a day – how many things just ‘pop up’ as the Mind through thoughts/backchat/imagination/images’ ‘talk to you’ and then you ‘talk back’ and then initiate a conversation in your mind – busying yourself “Up there” – and so separating you from being here, in reality, in the physical.

Thus, we suggest investigating Desteni, the Desteni I Process – to understand the difference between Mind, Self and the Physical – and how to be/become Self-Aware, and actually communicate with the ‘real you’ through writing, self forgiveness process to in fact understand what it really in fact is that is ‘talking to you’ through your own Mind and in fact existing as a distraction/diversion from the real you as you’re being preoccupied / kept busy in the Mind/Consciousness and so do not take responsibility for your life/living in and as this Real World.

Time to get back to Earth, to Reality.

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