Life and Death - Part Two: DAY 360

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“In Money we Trust” - continued

Hi everyone.
In this interview post, we are continuing expanding on our relationship to death within/towards Money, God and Mind.

So, it’s quite interesting that: with death being the primary thing in our minds and within that - how our lives are being held by money, god and mind – that within this relationship is the statement: “You create and manifest who you are” or “who and what you are, is what you will create and manifest.”
Now, within this we have lots of religions, spiritualties and movements that pretty much focus on death and the ‘hereafter’. Within those relationships is created a trust that: “When or if I align and dedicate myself within this religion, spirituality or movement, that I trust that - in the hereafter and in the afterlife, I will go to a ‘good place’.” Here comes in the relationship of trust and death, specifically within the context of religions, spiritualties and movements. And so we essentially dedicate our lives and our living to establish a ‘trust’ in our relationship to death and dying within the context of the ‘hereafter’ or ‘afterlife’ - and so again, our entire lives is in direct alignment to: death. Does any focus within such a life or living exist in the responsibility of ‘who I am in thought, word and deed’, or any responsibility existent within life on earth for all? NO! Because everyone is too busy living their lives for death. Death itself has our life in its hands – so I suppose we can kind of say: money, god, mind AND death is what we have given our Life to, abdicated our Life-force to/as. How within this relationship - all religions, spiritualties, movements, is geared towards death; the ‘afterlife’, the ‘hereafter’ – none of them focused on our individual and collective responsibility within this physical existence in terms of actually changing life on earth within the context of how it has to be done in really getting into the world system, the money system and changing it – from an actual, real, physical-reality perspective. So, within this again, the focus and attention is more on the ‘hereafter’, the ‘afterlife’ or within the mind itself, in terms of how mind-energy (positive energy) is the solution to humanity or prayer or dedicating your life or living to a spirituality, movement or religion – but, none of it is about actual real, physical, practical living – actual real getting into the world system and money system and directing, sorting out and changing the actual system that define, that govern, that control life on earth.

So, here we have the principle of ‘who and what you are, is what you will create and manifest’: We have become ‘death’ in our minds and so therefore, it doesn’t take a far step from that to kind of have an outflow of religions, spiritualties or movements that focus on death, the ‘hereafter’ or ‘afterlife’. And so, our attention is completely diverted to death or the ‘hereafter’ / ‘afterlife’ – living life FOR DEATH, instead of focusing our LIVING in/on our own physical bodies in this real physical existence. It’s quite interesting this process of really shifting your attention and focus from your mind or consciousness into this actual, real physical reality and living HERE, being HERE. Many that are walking process find how quickly one wander into the mind or consciousness, into thinking, into imagining, into alternate realities and how difficult/challenging it is to just breathe with/as Awareness, be Here and function and participate in your world and reality without going into alternate realities in the mind or consciousness.
So, within this process, you’re constantly and continuously practicing moving yourself into: physical reality, the HERE – because we have throughout our lives separated ourselves into the mind or consciousness away from what is real, what is here, what is really in fact representative of life, which is our physical bodies. This is something one can then also consider having a look at in your relationship to death: why has there not within human consciousness or this physical existence, came through the solution we’re for example presenting as the Equal Money System, the external and internal change that we’re presenting with the Desteni I Process and the extent to which we’ll have to change – individually, collectively and on a global system-level, to change life on earth and living itself? It’s like solutions that have come through have always only focused on ‘parts’, like only focused on ‘thought’ or only focused on ‘energy’ or only focused on like charities for example, but never the actual greater system, the entire mind or consciousness, the entire global system. This is because we have not taken the extent of responsibility that we should have, meaning - we tend to focus our responsibilities only on ‘the little things’ like ‘the thinking’ or ‘energies’ or ‘people that have problems’, but we’ve never gone farther in terms of seeing, but: “How or where did those consequences come from in the first place?” This is what Desteni and through the Equal Money System, is showing: how all the little consequences are coming from this big massive consequence as the entire global system externally and your entire mind or consciousness system internally. Where, changing only ‘the little parts’ is not going to help if you don’t get to ‘the root’ of the problem, which is then entire global system, externally and your mind or consciousness internally. And I’ve also walked this process in my previous posts within the blog, explaining how and the extent to which we have to change to change life on earth.

So – here, we are essentially aligning our focus, attention and directive principle to life, to living and as I’ve explained in the previous interview-post: the more one focus on gifting yourself, your life back to you through taking responsibility for it, in writing, self-for-GIFT-ness, commitments and corrective application - you really align yourself more and more into physical reality, into taking responsibility for what is here. Within this as well, just another point in relationship to death, which I mentioned in the previous interview-post in relation to fear of death: not fearing death is not something like: “I’m not afraid of death! I am living it up!” – And then you go and deliberately put yourself into dangerous situations where your life is essentially in the hands of ‘fate’. I mean, that doesn’t prove that you don’t fear death; that is simply using and abusing death, if you will, as a way for your ego to be superiorized by deliberately putting yourself in harms way, taking risks unnecessarily. That's kind of: taking your life and dangling it in front of death and saying "nah, nah, nah-nah, nah I am not afraid of you" - that's really stupid and irresponsible. Because, again, with your life and living, in every moment of breath, we don't know when our time is or how it's going to happen. So, deliberately tempting that fate is egotistical and therefore: to consider within facing fear of death, not go into the egotistical superiorized polarity and go 'out there' and put yourself in harm’s way.
Walking your process in relation to fear of death is actually quite the opposite, where it's simply just that, fear is released within you/the Mind and you focus on your life, living and your expressing in every moment of breath. And again, obviously from a physical reality perspective, we exist in a consequential world and reality, really extremely consequential, so: you always live in reality with caution, with the common sense of this world and reality being, at the moment, pretty fucked up and so are people's minds as well. Therefore, for the most part – we’re literally living in a physical reality that we cannot trust at all. It's primarily because we have given all of our trust to money/god/mind and death. So therefore, when you live in this world or reality don't be stupid or egotistical, consider your movements, your living, your participation without absolute caution while you are walking your process of giving your life back to you within yourself. So, initially your process is a very internal process as one will see in the 7 Year Journeys To Life (JTL) Process and it will be internal until we get this physical reality sorted out through the Equal Money System that will make life on earth trustworthy.

For this existence to become trustworthy, we ourselves have to establish our own self-trust within ourselves and our living so that we know who the fuck we are in every moment of breath in thought, word and deed - that you are in absolute self-awareness. To be able to trust another, another has to stand equal to and one with that, they trust themselves, that they know - they're absolutely aware of who they are in thought, word and deed. And within this, is what the Equal Money System will present: an existence of co-existence, working together, living together - a security of having a life and living from birth to death. Here we get into the correction of the word trust in itself, but again, it has to start within us, as ourselves.
This is why the process that Desteni presents is how everyone will walk the same, either here or in the hereafter - in the hereafter they've also walked self-forgiveness, commitments, corrective applications and actual change. So that we know that each one have walked this process, equally as one and they have proven that they have walked this process through the writing, the forgiveness, the commitments and the application. And within that process we trust ourselves as we'll be able to trust each other and this is why, if you really investigate Desteni and the process that we're walking: I mean change is an extensive process and it's quite frightening how many are deluded into believing that mere energy, or prayer, or sayings, or mantras, or beliefs are going to change what we're facing in this existence.

I would, for yourself, have a look at, if you haven't yet investigated Desteni, I would just for myself, just to test, do some writing, forgiveness and commitments on a point that you're finding difficult to change. Like, for example - you find that you tend to be reactive, very quickly and easily, to your brother or sister, or parents. Do some writing, forgiveness and commitments and into the corrective applications, see what you realize with regards to 'why' you tend to react, 'what' it is that is triggering it etc. And in your forgiveness and commitments, for example, you realize that: you're reacting to your parents, because you find that every time they speak to you a thought came up of "they do not understand me" or "they're not listening to me". This one thought caused you to react to them and now you're practicing a process of just stopping that thought, because it's not that they weren't listening to you or hearing you, it was actually just that thought coming up in your mind that was creating that experience within yourself. Simply stopping and changing a thought that comes up in your mind 'it's quite a process', it's not as 'easy' as it sounds. So, one can imagine just taking the process of changing that one thought, where you placed commitments for yourself of: "I commit myself to, when and as the thought come up, stop - breathe - communicate, and when I am speaking with my parents, just asking if they're hearing and understanding". And so you then get into a moment or situation with your parents and that thought comes up again of, “they are not listening to me” / “they're not hearing”, and you apply: breathing out - you let the thought go, and you ask them, for example, to re-explain what it is that you explained to them, just to check that they are in fact understanding or listening. And you find that you have to practice it a couple of times, and your parents would, for example, communicate to you what it is that you communicated to them and they actually 'did' understand, they 'did' hear you, it was you that did not hear 'them' because you were the whole time in a thought in your mind. It was all in fact in the reverse: you didn’t want to hear or listen to them. So, a whole miscommunication happened, just from that one thought and changing that one thought would be reoccurring, because it became a habitual pattern in your mind within yourself, so imagine the process it takes to change one thought, never mind what else there is to face in the mind or consciousness - but it does get easier, the more dedicated you become, the more directive principle you get in relationship to your mind.

But: I want to use that example to show you, the process that’s involved with changing something like that, and now people say that this existence, this world, this reality is 'just' going to change by energy or prayer, or sayings, or things magically appearing or disappearing - its Not! For most of humanity, we have to wait; because many are still wanting to believe that things are going to magically change and here we get back to the hope and trust in money/god/mind.
It's quite fascinating how money is becoming more and more fucked up in this world and this reality, so much so that it can't be trusted. How this physical existence is becoming more and more questionable, in terms of whether god really, in fact, exists with things getting so worse. How the mind is becoming more and more unpredictable…so, it's quite interesting, wouldn't you say, that: the very things that trust and hope had been placed into, in relation to our lives to define our lives for - us is becoming more and more questionable.
Aren't we, on some level, showing ourselves that our trust is misplaced? That we've placed our Trust in things that are separate from us instead of ourselves developing a 'living trust' within ourselves and within that the responsibility of 'taking responsibility' for ourselves, our minds, our lives within and without?

We'll continue more within the next interview, thank-you very much!

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