Self Honesty cannot exist if we Hide from ourselves in the Secrets of our Minds: DAY 381

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Self Honesty cannot exist if we Hide from ourselves in the Secrets of our Minds: DAY 381

We have this tendency to ‘want to, in the Secrets of our Mind - protect reactions’ we have in moments towards ourselves/others and/or something. Like, for example – something simple: you really experience yourself to be ‘upset’ about something that happened, and then a person would ask you “are you alright” and then we put a smile on our faces and then we say “yes, I’m fine!”. Obviously, in most cases, both know that you’re not fine – but, that “yes, I am fine!” and the way you said it is more like “go away, don’t ask me / don’t probe / question”. And/or where you meet someone and for some seemingly ‘unexplained reason’ you are, in your Mind, reactive towards them, like you just don’t like something about them and you ‘keep it to yourself in the Secrets of the Mind’, yet will within/around them behave as though you are ‘expected to’ for the benefit of others as act as though you like them/are okay with them.

Now, the Point I want to show here is that: in both such situations – we believe we’re ‘hiding things from others in the Secrets of our Mind’, but the fact is that we’re in fact not being Self Honesty with OURSELVES. Have a look at MANY situations/moments/relationships in just ONE DAY – where you have reactions/experiences/self talk/thoughts in the Secret of your Mind, but in the without you will then express/behave/be ‘what is expected of you’. So, within this essentially is how we’ve dealt with, for example, relationships and reactions: keep everything on the inside, while on the outside put up an entire façade. I mean, one have to then within this understand that it doesn’t take much for our Minds to just eventually go bonkers with the extent of stuff we keep hidden/secret/suppressed while/as maintaining a lie on the outside, as EVERYTHING in the Mind that you participate in – STAYS there, it accumulates, it layers, it stores as Memories in/as various dimensions of Consciousness. Commonsensically, the stuff you participate in the Mind, manifest and create – CAME FROM SOMEWHERE WITHIN AND AS YOU, and so therefore – it’s going to GO SOMEWHERE WITHIN AND AS YOU once you’re done participating in and as it.

So, time to understand what SELF HONESTY is and take responsibility for your mind, the Secrets in the Mind, your reactions, self talk, imagination – realising that: what you participate in the Mind, stays in the Mind and will accumulate/layer/build; which will make life a lot more difficult for oneself as the Mind will just get MORE and MORE busy and preoccupied and one is then taken farther and farther away from here, the moment, SELF even, because you’re so  busy with OTHER things in the Mind, you never introspect, reflect, investigate or develop any form of relationship/intimacy/understanding with SELF.
So, to learn/understand/realise more about yourself – why things/reactions/experiences come up in your Mind in relation to for example others, that you don’t suppress them and/or become compromising/deceptive in/as your living/participation within this world/reality: investigate Desteni and the Desteni I Process – to UNDERSTAND YOU IN/AS THE MIND, and see, realise and understand the extent to which you, yourself are in fact responsible for how you React in the Mind and not in fact others.

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