Words define and create us – that’s Why words are more Powerful than us: DAY 361

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Words define and create us – that’s Why words are more Powerful than us: DAY 361 

We have abdicated our power and responsibility of creation to Words. Words define us in that – we connect ‘who we are’ to the definition of words and so become/live it, and the moment we become/live the definition of words – we become the creation of words. Thus, words define and so create us. In this, words have more power than our own awareness – because we do not even consider changing the meaning/definition of words to serve our relationship to ourselves and our living. We sentence ourselves by the very sentences we speak in our relationship to enslaving/chaining who we are as our definition and what we are as our living/creation to/as words. For example: we speak sentences / words in our Minds such as “I’m a failure” / “I’m not good enough” / “I’ll never make it” / “It’s too late to change” / “I don’t care” – not realising that the words we speak, reflect our definition and creation that comes from words themselves and who/how/what we are AS them. Thus, ALL that we’ll be, experience, speak and live is the DEFINITION and the creation of that definition of/as Words – and so LIMITING ourselves in what we are in thought, word and deed through accepting and allowing words to DEFINE and CREATE us, instead of us deciding, in fact, who we are in our Living/Expressing in every moment of Breath.

So, therefore –if we are the spoken and the living word in our definition and creation of words: to Change, would mean “to change WHO I AM as the words that define and creates me in thought word and deed”.

Investigate Desteni and the Desteni I Process – where we walk the process of taking back our power and responsibility of creation, to be and become the definition and creation of Words that stands in the principle of equality and oneness as What’s Best for All to change ourselves, for the betterment of ourselves and so for All.

You Decide – are you going to accept and allow words to have power/control over you? Or are you going to make the decision to be/become the directive principle of who you are in/as words and their Living?

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