When memories get lost in the busyness of the Mind – we Create Forgetfulness: DAY 376

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When memories get lost in the busyness of the Mind – we Create Forgetfulness: DAY 376

In the recent Future of Consciousness Interview Series, they’re explaining Dimensional Shifts. Dimensional Shifts being, when for example in Reality you are doing something, like putting something down while at the same time in that moment you’re not really completely “there” with your body, with yourself, with the moment in REALITY but are already projecting in your Mind to ‘somewhere/something else and/or busy thinking about all sorts of other things’ – this constitute a ‘Dimensional Shift’, shifting from REALITY into the MIND whilst actually being busy within/as REALITY. In this, the REALITY-moment, which we in fact did – like, putting something down is that shifted/moved into and as the unconscious/quantum physical memory, and what we were doing in our MINDS, we will also not remember/recall in that moment, because our MIND is so busy ALL of the Time that one cannot recall where you were within/as it within/throughout the day. And so, what happens is – that moment in a way, becomes ‘lost / non-existent’ – because humans exist in the conscious/subconscious mind, and cannot access unconscious/quantum physical memories and so therefore: one does not REMEMBER, one ‘forget’. But, it isn’t that one FORGET, the reality of it is: YOU were in fact LOST in that moment – in the dimensional shift – preoccupied in the MIND and not in PHYSICAL REALITY, split between two worlds.

So, suggest having a listen to the Future of Consciousness Interviews, now walking this particular tendency that is going to escalate more and more and more in Humans, and predominantly, how such dimensional shifts can happen in moments that can create MASSIVE consequence – like, driving in a car, and then suddenly not being able to recall the road/path you’ve driven, not locking/closing doors which can lead to consequence, leaving things of importance around and losing it – all because of such Dimensional Automated Shifts into Consciousness from Reality of which Humans aren’t the Directive Principle – simply showing here the extent to which Consciousness determine/control who you are.

So, in the interviews – they guide you through examples, and what to do to ensure you stabilize yourself in REALITY, in the HERE with what you do/live/move, because it’d odd though isn’t it – that we can do something in reality, in a moment…and yet not Remember it? Where were we? Where are we? Are we really, in fact HERE?

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