Positive Energy as a Free Ride to Illusion from the Debt we face in Reality: DAY 383

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Positive Energy as a Free Ride to Illusion from the Debt we face in Reality: DAY 383

If we have a look at our Relationship to Consequence – consequence being for example, the things in our Minds, especially the Secret Mind, we participate in that is overall negative/bad/evil such as deceptive/nasty/spiteful/vengeful/hating thought, backchat, imaginations etc. Then, also consequence in our words/deeds without – the things we say/do in absolutely irresponsibility with no regard/awareness/consideration of how it affects another human beings’ existence. Consequence in our living without with regards to what we accept/allow as life on earth to continue existing-as within this current World System/Money System and its horrific madness/mayhem and hell it is perpetuating within humanity, this physical existence, animals, the environment and nature.

So, with this – we are living in absolute unawareness to the ‘debt as consequence’ we are accumulating in our mind-physical relationship, with the consequence the mind create in the body, our relationship to others, the consequence we’re accumulating for ourselves in our responsibility for what we accept/allow to do in thought, word and deed and how it affect/influence ourselves and others, and the consequence we’re accumulating in this physical existence with doing NOTHING to practically change life one earth that we are continuing to just accept and allow without change. Thus, consequence is DEBT accumulating, we ‘owe Responsibility’ in the sense that – we’re NOT taking responsibility for what we DO and who we are within it, we just ignore/deny/resist/suppress it. Not realising that the DEBT, the Consequence is not going anywhere – it’s busy accumulating internally and externally, this one can hear in the Future of Consciousness Series as well as just investigating/educating yourself with regards to the REALITY of how this World System/Money System currently functions.

Then, what do human beings do in their own Minds? Take an ‘apparent Free Ride’ into the Illusion of Consciousness, especially through focusing on ‘Positive Things/Experiences/Energies’ and believe that that absolves them from the inevitable debt/consequence we’re going to have to face as ourselves, within and without  and this one can hear for oneself in the Death Research and Life Review Interview Series. When, what is OBVIOUS, is that – Nothing in this existence is in fact “Free”. Consumerism create the Illusion of apparent ‘Free Stuff’ – but, to produce/create/manifest such ‘Free Stuff’ was at the cost, expense and sacrifice of human’s life/living conditions, earth resources, animals, insects, the environments- if you ‘follow the money’ / the process of creation of what is apparently ‘Free’ – you’ll see there was a price.

So, those taking such ‘Free Rides’ into Consciousness Illusion through Positive Energy/Good Feelings – are actually perpetuating Debt/Consequence in this Physical Existence, as well as themselves – cause all it does is Postpone the Inevitable: having to pay / as take responsibility for the Debt WE created/participated in ourselves/others and this existence as a whole. It’s really silly to believe that just because Consciousness create the illusion of ‘freedom’ through ENERGY that you’re apparently FREE, when the human do not even Realise how ENERGY is resourced through the sacrifice/compromise of the Physical Body/Substance – also paying a price for the very ILLUSION you become/participate in.

So, suggest Understanding your own Mind and Consciousness Energy – especially positive energy, to see/realise/understand the extent of consequence and abdicating of responsibility you are directly participating in, and so directly responsible for how life on earth is as the Moment: get out of the Illusion of Consciousness, and face Responsibility in/as REALITY, the REAL WORLD – it’s the only way we in this change ourselves, and so change what life on earth is/has become.

For more information on how Consciousness Energy is produced at the sacrifice of the Physical, suggest investing in the Quantum Mind Series on EQAFE, as well as the Kryon Series on EQAFE – where he in detail explains how the Creators of Human Consciousness deliberately created Positive/Love Energy for/as the Enslavement of Man that only separate one from/of Responsibility in/as what is REAL, and keep one trapped in ILLUSION.

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