Believing you can Open the Mind creates the Illusion that you’re in Control of the Mind: DAY 370

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Believing you can Open the Mind creates the Illusion that you’re in Control of the Mind: 
DAY 370

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‘Open your Mind’ / ‘Be open-minded’ is words one often hear. However, how can you ‘open your mind / be open-minded’ when/as the very Mind itself is entombed/enclosed within and as the Physical Body? Now, many may interpret this as the ‘Body’ constricting the Mind – but, it’s actually in reverse. We, as our beingness is trapped/enclosed/entombed in the Mind – Zombies that have never awoken to our real, true Awareness as our Beingness. Here, we return again to the Mind-Being-Body trinity we consist of/exist as and can be heard in the Reptilian and Atlanteans Interviews on EQAFE how we came to exist in/as such a Trinity.

What do I mean with the Mind being entombed/enclosed in/as the Physical Body – is the extent to which the Mind is separate from physical reality, how we do not have an equal and one relationship with our own physicals, let alone even another human being – how much we believe what comes up in our Minds about just looking at / seeing another human being, than actually get to know them/understand them/spend time with as I explained in the previous interview-post. How often have we IMAGINED things, and then when reality comes – it’s NOTHING like what we imagined, but yet, we believe our Imagination MORE, trust it MORE than walking real-time physical information.
So, if anything – the Process should be in Reverse: we should close/shut down the Mind Factory and open ourselves/our beingness into and as Physical Equality and Oneness. One should invest some time, commonsense and self honesty in the processes we walk in relation to the Mind-Physical relationship to understand how Consciousness, to produce energy such as emotions and feelings – use/abuse our Physical Bodies and the dependency of the Mind on the Body to exist/survive.

In this as well, how can we truly in fact be ‘Open Minded’ / ‘Have an Open Mind’ – when human beings aren’t even aware of the Preprogramming through memories and energies that exist within you/the Body in and as the Quantum Mind and the Quantum Physical that is now being walked/explained in the Quantum Mind and Parenting interview series – how much of what is in the Unconscious, Quantum Mind and Quantum Physical determine what you think, how you feel, how you react, come to decisions/choices – create Imaginations; we explain IN DETAIL how all of that exist/where it comes from and how in EQAFE series. So, with all of that existing, and humans not even being aware of it – how can Open Mindedness be claimed? When you’re not even in control of your own Mind, your own Thoughts, Reactions, Behavioural Patterns and Imagination?

Your Mind is not a System that can be ‘Opened’ – it is a Closed System, existing of multiple dimensions, layers, networks and relationships you have Preprogrammed from Infancy into and as the Personalities and Behaviours you are Now. The Concept of ‘open mindedness’ merely exist to present the Illusion for humans that they have some form of Control in the Mind to ‘open’ it, for example – when you don’t in fact.
So, to understand the MIND for real, to understand where thoughts, emotions, feelings, imagination/fantasies REALLY come from, how such an interdimensional constructs can exist in Physical Reality – investigate Desteni, invest in EQAFE; to see,, realise and understand you can Investigate your Mind, Introspect it and within and through that Process, open yourself within and as it to what is/always has been REAL that has been MISSED as the Physical.

Awaken yourself from the Tomb of the Mind with Desteni, and into and as Real Life/Living in and as Physical Equality and Oneness.

You Decide – either be a Consciousness Zombie or a Self Aware Living Being

I mean, it cannot be more obvious with all these ZOMBIE movies coming out and everyone being attracted to it – as they say “birds of a feather flock together”….

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