Being able to Stop Thoughts – proves that both ‘who I am’ and Thought itself is Illusion: DAY 377

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Being able to Stop Thoughts – proves that both ‘who I am’ and Thought itself is Illusion: 
DAY 377

So, many claim “I am Thought” / “Thoughts are me” / “I Think, therefore I Am” – by implication stating that ‘who I am’ is Thought, as Thought is ‘who I am’. Now, this is in fact so with regards to how we have defined ‘who we are’ by/as/through the Thoughts we think.

But, what is not seen, realised and understood is that: the very Thoughts that comes up in your Mind – actually comes from memories within your Quantum Physical – to understand what the Quantum Physical is and how memories form in the Physical Body that will eventually determine your thinking: we suggest Listening to the Parenting: Perfecting the Human Race Interview Series that is now explaining this process in detail. Thus, Thoughts, what you think and HOW you think – meaning, what is the CONTENT of the Thoughts, what is the general EXPERIENCE within and as them; ALL of your thinking processes is activated from/of memories in your quantum physical, quantum mind and unconscious mind – activating from external reality stimuli, and then process itself into and as Thinking. SO, it’s not in fact SELF that is THINKING – it’s, shall we say, more like MEMORIES talking, MEMORIES that ECHOING. This is what thought is: The ECHO of Memories.

So, what is SELF then? This one can practise/apply for oneself: after listening to this Interview, and one find oneself in the Mind within/throughout the day – THINKING, more looking at thoughts like, for example “I don’t want to do this” / “I’m not going to do this now” / “Man, I don’t feel like this day” / “This day is awful” – have a look more at sentences as thoughts you speak to yourself in the Mind and then, in that moment – take a Breath, in breath and out breath and decide ‘who I am’ in the moment. Like, if the thought comes up of “Man, I don’t feel like this day” – immediately in the moment say “No, I don’t accept/allow this- I will not accept/allow such a THOUGHT coming up in my Mind to determine who I am or experience myself. I decide to stabilize myself and walk in every moment, I determine who I am, not a THOUGHT TELLING ME who I am”. In such a moment, you can change yourself relationship to you and the day – by making a simple decision of/as WHO I AM. Thus, the SELF is that of you that is Aware of the Thoughts, that can See them, Hear them, Feel them AND…CHANGE you in relationship to them. Such a thought that we walked in the example, would be a PATTERN from memories SPEAKING TO YOU IN THE MIND and you just keep on accepting it and believing it, instead of changing you in relationship to it.

TO understand more about the Self, Thought and Mind/Consciousness relationship – suggest investigating Desteni, the Desteni I Process – where you’re shown the Difference between Self Awareness and Consciousness, and how humans are existing in/as thought and in relationship to it, without Realising what THOUGHT in fact is, what determines your Thinking, how Thought is created, where it comes from – why you always BELIEVE it, without ever Changing.
So, this then coming to the Point of why/how – Stopping Thoughts/Thinking in a moment shows that Self as well as the Thought is an Illusion, because: have a look – you can’t ‘stop/change the Physical Body’, it’s manifested, real and physical. Yet, you can Stop/Change you in/as a THOUGHT. If Thoughts can be stopped, it shows Illusion – cause, one moment they’re there, and then the next, simply by a decision you make –they stop! And if/as you believed yourself to be that thought you just stopped, then you as that thought, as that part of you defined in/as the thought is also /was also just illusion.

So, join Desteni – to Understand the Process from Consciousness to Awareness, how to Birth Life from the PHYSICAL, become REAL from/of the Illusion of Consciousness we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to be/become/define ourselves as.

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