In the Grip of Consciousness, we Lose our Grip and so Lose Touch with REALITY: DAY 372

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In the Grip of Consciousness, we Lose our Grip and so Lose Touch with REALITY: DAY 372

What we’re showing with Desteni is that: what we think and what we feel – is not determined by our own Awareness, but by/through an entity/force within ourselves as Consciousness. Consciousness being the ‘awareness’ of Mind Energy and Mind Energy being, for example what you experience as emotions and feelings. I mean, isn’t it strange that emotions and feelings cannot be seen by humans, cannot be physically dissected YET, it is trusted even more than what is here / what is happening within and as this Physical Existence? How separate we are from what is real, from what is Physical – that we do not have a care in the world with regards to what is happening, through this accepted and allowed World/Money System to the rest of humanity/this physical existence; but can in a quantum moment simply whisk them away as a thought in a Mind and not THINK about them/it not FEEL anything, but for a moment’s energy as emotions/feelings; and that apparently constitutes oneself being a ‘Good Person’. What about actually standing/standing up in sorting out this World System/Money System as we are proposing through/as the Equal Money System.

Yet, it’s fascinating that we, through Desteni and Equal Money - actually doing something/moving/standing in coming up with a Solution to humanity/this Physical Existence, are being attacked – primarily because people want to live in the Illusion of Consciousness, where it’s seemingly easy to just suppress reality through/as a Thought in the Mind and justify having a ‘feeling/experience’ to/towards the problems/strife’s in this world/reality as ‘being enough’. It’s fascinating how such an existent-relationship to Reality is primarily created through/by Money – where individuals live in this protected worlds in the mind and in their environment and the rest of existence they can in their Minds just change into a thought and regulate, to either suppress/deny/ignore and/or for a moment ‘feel /experience’ something, but do NOTHING practical/real/contributory for/as a Global solution to humanity/this physical existence.

 So, those who attack us – essentially rather want to remain in their Illusionary reality of consciousness, protected/created by Money, where the rest of the world/humanity’s problems can just be turned into thoughts and accordingly suppressed/denied/ignored. Thus, what we represent as actually standing/standing up and changing our relationship to ourselves and so our responsibility to this existence: they FEAR, gripped in/as/by fear of losing their illusion/protected worlds and actually facing/seeing the real world and what is/has to be done to take responsibility for it and change it. In this FEAR, they will spread lies, misinformation, claiming things like “we’re a Cult” etc. – and then other beings’ fears in their Minds get activated OH MY GOD THEY’RE A CULT, NONE of them actually having done ANY research/reading/listening/watching in the TOTAL context of what we stand as and what we stand for, and so in/as FEAR they lose touch with reality, the reality of what we represent, stand for and stand as, as a Solution to/as Humanity/this Physical existence as what life on earth is/has become.

So, this world/reality is soon going to even catch up to those with Money, where reality/life consequence will be in each one’s mind and life, and you won’t anymore be able to change/transform reality to a thought/reaction in the mind to do with as you please, as you will be in/as manifested consequence – undeniable, not being able to run away/escape/hide what we have accepted and allowed to create/manifest individually and collectively.

So, investigate Desteni and Equal Money, and when we say Investigate – we mean, actually read, watch – contextually, the information/material and videos available, not what others do and read some parts and completely take it out of context to instil fear in others mind and justify their own to remain in the Illusion of consciousness and not investigate reality.

In this, to thus step beyond fear – ‘cause, fear only postpone consequence, postpone the inevitable, one cannot with the problems we face in this existence, and so also in the mind just continue whisking it away with thoughts and feelings, time to face the reality of self and this world and get in touch, take a grip, get to grips with the reality of self/this world so that we can sort it out. Because, even though you may in fear/consciousness lose touch with reality – it doesn’t lost touch with you, it remembers and the consequence is accumulating in REALITY.

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