Who (or What) determines/defines Life? - Part Two: DAY 358

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Who (or What) determines/defines Life? - Part Two: DAY 358

“In Money we Trust” - continued

Hi everyone. In this interview we are continuing with the statement ‘In God as Mind We Trust’ and we’re specifically continuing with the dimension of life and death.

In the previous interview posts, we had a look at the abdication of responsibility and power that we have given to money, God / gods and/or the systems through which they function/exist in the minds of men as religions, spiritualties, beliefs and movements etc. Within this, how we have placed that power, that responsibility of life and death in and as the hands of God/Money – meaning, how we have accepted and allowed that to determine life and death. Essentially, we have taken our life and death in our hands and served it to money itself or to God itself, and how we’ve done exactly the same in relationship to our minds or our consciousness: taken our life and our death in our hands, that is in fact really existent or is suppose to have been existent in our hands, and given it to money, God, and the mind.

Here, in the previous interview post, we asked you to have a look at how you have defined life – “what is life?”, and within that identifying your experience in relationship to life. The main point that was to be realized is how much of our relationship to our lives, to life itself and our experience within and as it: originate from within our minds. It is thoughts that we have about it, it is backchats or internal conversations that we have about it and the energetic experiences (emotional and feeling reactions) that gets activated in relation to the thoughts/backchats about ‘life’ that comes up in our Minds.

So, here we have to have a look at a simplified definition of the mind or consciousness, being that which you think as the thoughts that you have, for example. Let’s take life and in the context of your personal world more, where you had a look at how it is that you experience your life and you find for example, thoughts or internal conversations coming up of: “I don’t really enjoy my life, I am okay with it, but it’s not really what I would’ve wanted for myself” - Words like that, which come up in your mind as thoughts/internal conversations that are constructs/parts of the entire Mind/Consciousness System. Or in the mornings when you wake up and the thought comes up of: “Oh dear god, just help me get through this day”, those types of things are how you are communicating with and as yourself through your mind or consciousness in the form or structure of thoughts, of internal conversations. So within this, what is fascinating that you’ll see, realize and understand - and this is what we are showing within the Desteni Process, is that: one can change one’s relationship with oneself through the mind or consciousness. Meaning: here we get into the difference between how we have abdicated our responsibility and power in our relationship to life, to our mind or consciousness instead of being the decisive, directive principle of ourselves in relationship to life.

So, here we are going to have a look at the process thus to be walked to essentially take back your life, into yourself, into a starting point of a decision of you being the creator of you, your life, your living. Now within this, as I have explained in the previous interview, with one walking one’s internal process in relationship to life and one’s experiences within it, it’s not going to mean that your external world and reality is going to change. There you are working with physical reality and as we’ve said: our physical reality, our personal worlds is not really in fact so personal, because everything single human, every single part of our lives in physical reality is interconnected to the greater world system, the greater money system. Therefore, what we are saying is that in relation to your physical life, your experiences within it, you can start assisting and supporting yourself to change in relationship to it, meaning like for example, those waking up in the mornings of: “ Oh dear god, just get me through this day” or “I really don’t want to wake up, I really don’t want to see this day through, it’s just going to be the same shit, it’s just going to be the same thing, I just don’t feel like dealing with those people”, and then the fear comes in of: “I have to, there is not going to be money, I have to get my money to survive”, and then your whole life play outs in front of you and that then motivates you to get up or wake up. Now within this we are saying that: you don’t have to essentially make your physical life experience more difficult than it already is. Meaning: we tend to exist in such relationships toward our lives, where most of us for example are in this world system, this money system where we do have an income, where we have a roof over our head, where we have clothes on our backs and food to eat - and so within this, we are calling on those people that are in this world system, this money system to start getting out of that mind or consciousness definition of life, and really get into the reality of what is going on. Essentially, not accepting and allowing yourself to be a victim, powerless or helpless to your life or living conditions and your experiences within it. Meaning, for example that: when you get up in the morning or when you’re waking up, and those thoughts start coming, those internal conversations and experiences, wait for a moment instead just look at the bigger picture of it and realize that: “this is my physical life at the moment, physically I can not right now at this very moment change it, that’s reality, but what I do have the power to change is who I am in relationship to it.”

So, in relation to physical life and living conditions, we suggest investigating the Equal Money System, waking up in the mornings with realizing that: “Okay, this is my life, I have to breathe, walk through it, moment by moment, breath by breath and within that know that I am standing and standing up for a global solution that will change these/such physical life and living conditions.” It’s quite fascinating how much of our minds are busied with things that we cannot, at this very moment, change – so, this is also an important point that you’ve have to look at in terms of your physical life and living conditions in how much of your time in your mind, your consciousness is spent on reacting to what is physically here, what is physically manifested. Looking at that relationship in terms of going: But, why are we reacting to things we cannot change right now, it’s pointless, it’s useless, it’s making your life more difficult than what it needs to be. It’s like standing in front of a wall and reacting to it. That’s not going to change the wall in itself. So therefore, what we propose is the following: To really have change in our physical life and living conditions is going to take physical/real action within reality, through a real physical reality process, which is what we are walking with the Equal Money System.
Now, with the Desteni I Process for example, here we are looking at directing, dealing with, facing and changing the things that we do in every moment of breath, that we have the power and ability, to direct, to change, to transform, to stand up from.

So, within our relationship to life for example: in having a look at this relationship we can see, how one is abdicating one’s experience of ‘who you are’ in relationship to your physical world and reality, abdicating that to your mind or consciousness. Because, you’re more reactive to yourself in relationship to your life and living conditions, than getting into that realisation of, “Okay, physical life and living conditions is going to take a reality space-time process, so I let go of being reactive toward it and I commit to walk a real practical reality solution”. Therefore, our life belongs more to the REACTIONS we have about it in our Minds – than actively Living to/as a betterment of it, for ourselves and so for all that will be long-term, life-long – such as proposed by/through the Equal Money System.
Then, while/as walking the process of long-term solutions - getting to the points that you can change, that you can direct, that you can stand up from - having a look at the things that preoccupy your mind or your consciousness that is affecting your relationship with you, your body, other human beings. For example, we suggest having a walk through in writing, writing forgiveness and commitments – identifying what personality or character you have created in relation to life or living and your physical world and conditions, to let that personality or character go. Because, as long as we are focused in our Minds in a character/personality possession in relationship to that which we cannot change RIGHT NOW – we can’t then focus on/get to the things we in fact can change in every moment of breath. And thus to from there more focus in your mind, in your consciousness on things that you can direct, change and transform. Which, is like for example; reactive patterns or behaviour patterns, or relationship issues, or past experiences, or memories that are still haunting you, like skeletons in the closet. How to transform and change your relationship with yourself, your body, other human beings, to be more effective, supportive, and assisting. Dealing with the small things in your reality and world first, while you are walking the big things and the Equal Money System, I mean that’s taking your life in your own hands: That is creating and establishing you as the decisive/directive principle of ‘who I am’ within me and the practical, physical walking of my life experience within this physical reality.

Understand that, in a way, it is also difficult, because there is like this movement within you, you kind of don’t want to accept the reality of your life and living conditions, it’s like you want to react to it all the time. And what you’ll realise more is that: You are within yourself, actually hiding suppressions/denials/fears/responsibilities in your MIND within and behind your relationship to physical life and living conditions. This is what the mind does; it diverts your attention to things that you can’t change immediately, like your physical life and living conditions and then you kind of leave the things suppressed, that you actually really can do something about within yourself. So, therefore by moving yourself through the personality or character that you have created in relation to life and your life and living conditions, releasing the thought patterns and internal conversations, reactions and behaviours etc. - you can within that get to the real things that you do have the power and ability to change in/as every moment of breath. So, walking through that will essentially give you access to that power and that ability to take your life in your own hands. You can see through that life / living personality/character that you have created in your mind or consciousness, that is essentially the personality or character, through which you have abdicated your power and ability to take responsibility, directive principle for your life, your living, your ‘who you are’.
(Please Note – when we say one cannot change one’s life/living conditions NOW, the definition of life/living conditions we mean with the extent to which our lives have become dependent on MONEY and the GREATER world-system/money system. One do in the small, in one’s personal world, have the ability to change one’s life/living conditions in terms of looking for jobs/professions that will stabilize you financially and so survive in this world/reality – such relationships one can change in terms of ensuring one’s living in this world/reality. So, please to note – the definition of ‘life/living conditions’ primarily pertains to the relationship of money/survival to the greater world/money system, to change that primary relationship to money/survival – we have to change the greater world system/money system, which is what will take a ‘space and time process’.)
This process that we have walked thus far, only looking at the definition of life in relation to this physical reality, not yet getting to THE life of equality and oneness as of yet, I will continue with that in interviews to come. This is only in relation to just stabilizing yourself within you, in your physical world or physical environment. We have a tendency of creating a personality or character in our mind to things that we cannot change immediately in physical reality. Because, such points tend to be diversions for us to suppress things that we don’t really want to see or look at or come to terms with, within ourselves, like - who we are in relation to relationships, who we are in relation to our memories, reactions patterns, thoughts - things that time loop in our minds like merry-go-rounds over and over and over again, patterns that just stay the same, that dictate our nature, our who we are.
The process of taking your life, you, in your own hands - this is what we are assisting and supporting with showing in Desteni, the Desteni I Process and the Equal Money System that I would suggest investigating. In really seeing here for yourself, in how we are giving our life definition, meaning, living and experience - and abdicating it to money, to God and mind. The solution within all of this as taking back that power, ability, responsibility is represented by Equal Money and Desteni or the Desteni I Process.
So, this process will essentially assist and support the majority or those that slowly but surely start standing up and realising this point: In how we can’t expect anything to change if we don’t take that responsibility and living action to really in fact change it, within ourselves and in physical reality.

Alright, so we will go to here for this post and in the next post we will look at ‘death’ - how we have abdicated our responsibility and relationship of death to Money, God and Mind. And within this, how our definition of life and death had come to belong to separate entities - So, therefore: controlling us in these definitions of life and death, instead of us living who we are in every moment of breath and having the relationship/point of death, hovering over our heads. I mean it is another example of something that you cannot change, which is death, it is a reality inevitability and yet = we constantly and continuously occupy our minds with something we cannot change.

Alright, so some more interesting points to come.

Thank you very much

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