Self MASTery: Self/Awareness as the MAST of the Self-Physical relationSHIP: DAY 364

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Self MASTery: Self/Awareness as the MAST of the Self-Physical relationSHIP: DAY 364

Mastering the Self creates a split personality - as the Self and the one that Masters ‘the Self’

Here we’re having a look at the approach to Self Mastery as it now exist, and why we say that “Self Mastery” can create a split personality. If one approach Self Mastery within the starting point of ‘Mastering the Self’ – then, commonsensically, you need to split yourself because you then have a ‘self’ and then you have a part of you that is in the process of ‘mastering that Self’. For a ‘master’ to exist, a ‘slave must exist’ as a Master-Slave relationship. So, in this split of having a ‘self that has to be mastered’ and another self that is mastering that self that has to be mastered – the Self mastering the other Self becomes the “Master” and the other Self the Slave that must abide by the laws, rules and regulations of becoming ‘mastered’. So, one can for the rest of one’s life exist in a Master-Slave relationship in your own Mind.

Therefore, with regards to Self Mastery – ensure that one tend to, with awareness, the relationship to words and their definition, to within and as the process of Self Change – not create separation and split-personalities. Thus, for example within Desteni – we have a look at Self-Mastery as follows:

Not in the context of “Mastering the Self” / “Mastering a Self” – that would be strange, wanting to ‘Master your SELF’ / ‘have Mastery over/of the Self’. So, Self Change is a process within which ‘the self is changing’, self is changing, self is the ONE changing. Here does not exist separation/split-personality creation. Thus, I would say that ‘Self Mastery’ comes from the fact that we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to be slaves to our own Minds, our own Consciousness such as thoughts and emotions, being controlled by them and now with Self Mastery, we attempt/try to become the ‘Master’ of our own selves/minds. When this is not in fact what the relationship should be like, because then Self Mastery is more a REACTION to the fact that we have been outmastered by our own Minds/Consciousness and changing self with such a Starting Point, would always then keep in memory, that initial relationship and so we create a competition with our own Minds – “who’s going to be the master of me / my mind / self ‘- consciousness or me”.

A proposed redefinition to consider is looking at the word MASTER / mastering – MAST, being the mast of a ship, thus, redefining Mastering to you, to self being the mast, the directive principle, the AWARENESS within oneself within and as thought, word and deed – CHANGING the relationship from consciousness being the master/centralized Control, to self standing as the Mast, the Direction, the Awareness in/as one’s Living in thought, word and deed – centralizing one’s Awareness in/as oneself and the body. This is then actual CHANGE and does not create a polarity of/as competition between two masters – having two masters in the Mind….not a good Idea. Thus, it’s to be the MAST, the DIRECTION, the Directive principle of/as ‘Who I am’ in/as thought, word and deed as AWARENESS. To be/become this – is and will be a Process, because Consciousness has always been the MAST, the direction, the Control of/as the Ship, the relationSHIP with and as ourselves and the physical body. And so will be a process of changing the relationSHIP from mind controls to Self Directive Principle – not creating a polarity of ‘who’s the master’, but in fact establishing a STAND of whether Self’s Awareness is going to be the One that stand in/as the Physical Body, or the Mind Pirate taking over the Ship, the relationships between SELF and the PHYSICAL.

We suggest investigating Desteni, the Desteni I process – where we’re in the process of establishing ourselves, our AWARENESS as the Mast of the Ship of the relationSHIP between Self and the Physical, to no more be controlled by the Pirate / Pirates of Consciousness on our way to the Treasure that is LIFE, that Consciousness for too long have Suppressed.

We will in the next interview-post have a look at this analogy of the Captain of the Ship as the relationSHIP between/as Self and the Physical – with seeing, realising and Understanding that the process is changing/transforming self as Consciousness, into and as Self as Awareness.

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