Thoughts think for us - who’s the Captain steering our Self-Body-Living RelationSHIP?: DAY 365

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Thoughts think for us - who’s the Captain steering our Self-Body-Living RelationSHIP?: 
DAY 365

Here we’re looking at a Play of Words – we should have had fun playing with words, creating with words in and as the starting point of Life, but now we’re stuck in a Play, a Theatre of our Minds of which we’re not the Director.

Obviously the question here is: “How do our thoughts Think FOR us?” – the question(s) we have to ask ourselves is: “Are we DECIDING to think the thoughts that we do, or…do they just “come up”, “appear” with a nice energy-experience attached to them?”
Thoughts, for example would be preparing to do a task, and all of a sudden a flash of an image/memory comes up, with an energy, of experiencing yourself to be “inadequate” for the task, and then a backchat comes up of “I can’t do this”. Did you really in self-awareness in that moment, decide to construct that thought, decide to feel what you did – or, was it just there, immediately, almost naturally? Why not question such thoughts, such feelings, such backchats? Why do we simply naturally, automatically believe them – without question, without considering a CHANGE? Why not consider, but: “Hey, this is what I’m thinking, this is what I’m feeling – so, why not change who I am within me in relationship to my physical living?”

See, the Awareness that has to develop in Human Consciousness is WHAT your thoughts are, WHAT your feelings/emotions are and WHERE exactly they come from, WHY we function through thoughts, feelings and emotions as things that come up in our minds that we see and experience…but never change. This is what we’re showing within Desteni –we’re not the Captain of our Self-Body-Living RelationsSHIP as how our existent-equation should have been, instead we’re existing in a MIND-Body-SOUL RelationSHIP with humans believing they are the MIND, that ‘that’s ALL that you are’ and humans believing they have a SOUL, when all the while it was a preprogrammed SYSTEM determining your life/living. So, MIND / Consciousness has replaced our SELF / Awareness and SOUL has replaced our LIVING – and thus why we so automatically, without question BELIEVE and listen to our thoughts/feelings and do not question them, because from the SOUL system, they primarily dictated our ‘who we are’ and so ‘our lives/living’. We’ve never realised that our Beingness has been held hostage by the Pirate of Consciousness/Mind and our treasure as Living/Life has been imprisoned by/through the Soul/Soul System that has dictated/determined our life/living experiences.

Therefore, the relationship should have been SELF-BODY-LIVING, but now it’s Mind-Body-Soul – Self-Body-Living, would have been us in/as Self Awareness, with and as the BODY actually LIVING in and as this Real World, but now with the Mind replacing the Self – we’re existing in separation from ‘the self’ and the body and so this Real Reality, and with Soul replacing our Living in/as this Real World, we’ve always in our consciousness been oriented to exist / live for the hereafter/afterlife – and now we’re faced with MASSIVE reality consequence in and as this real physical existence because of it.

So, it’s time to correct the relationship from Mind-Body-Soul to Self-Body-LIVING – which is the process we’re walking at Desteni from Consciousness to Awareness, from preprogramming to Living. To actually live and take responsibility for what is Here, to become the Captain of the relationSHIP as how it should have been within/between Self-Body-Living and discover the Treasure of Life/Living.

We’ll continue more with this in Interviews to come

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