Humans are Living Memories - that’s Why the Past repeats and a Future does not in fact Exist: DAY 378

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Humans are Living Memories - 
that’s Why the Past repeats and a Future does not in fact Exist: 
DAY 378

So, if we have a look at the statement ‘who you are is what you will create/manifest’ – a definitive pattern within humanity is/has been the ‘repetition of the past’. Have a look in your own mind – how, day in and day out: we continue with the SAME thoughts/thinking process, the SAME behaviour patterns in relation to others, the SAME reaction patterns to relationships/humans/environments; most of them compromising our self-relationship, relationship to others and so our general life/living experience. Yet, we do not change. Have a look in your relationship to others – how many relationships have ended up in the exact same way, every time engaging in a new relationship expecting it to go differently, when in the end – it turns out exactly the same, with some differences here and there, but generally the same; yet WE do not Change. Have a look at the generation of children coming into this existence, over and over and over again – into this current World System/Money System – coming into ‘humanity’s past as what life on earth is/has become’ and what has been created, knowing of the CONSEQUENCE life on earth is creating, especially for children, for the majority of Humanity. YET –the Past-Manifest as the World System/Money System is not being Changed.

Why are we not changing the past in our Minds, repeating in our thoughts, imaginations that leads to the same behaviour/living/action, and so in turn create the exact same life experiences for ourselves? Why do we not change ourselves in thought, word and deed when it comes to relationships with others – but remain stuck in/as the past/memories that so determine the same behaviours, words and experiences that will continue keeping relationships the same? Why are we not changing the past as this World System/Money System in/as this Physical Existence that is clearly keeping the PAST in REALITY repeating itself AND worsening with every breath we take? How can we expect to, in ANY WAY, create a future, have a future – if/as we are LIVING the Past, as the Past and within the Past in and as ourselves, our Minds, our Lives and this Physical Existence as a whole?

So, we should actually rename this whole process of past, present and future to: past-past, present-past and future-past; we’re in and as our Minds existing within and as a starting point of MEMORY, from memories we create ourselves into the present ‘who we are’ and so in and as the present, as the past – create the future. Why is the past always repeating itself? Because we are the Living Past, the Living Memories in our within and without and so why the without will reflect the within: as our Minds is the past-manifest that we live-by, we will keep the World System/Money System as the past-manifest as-is and so live by it.

I would suggest investing in the Parenting: Perfecting the Human Race Series to understand how our Consciousness develop for Memory, and because we believe we are Consciousness and the Memories we define/live by: we won’t Change; and to Investigate the Equal Money System – as a Solution to creating an Actual Real Future, that is not a Past-Future – but a process where the old/Memories will go, for the New/For Life to in fact be Born from the Physical.

Time to investigate your relationship/existence as Memory – because nothing, not even you, can/will Change, as long as you exist in/as Memory as the Mind within and the World System/Money System without.

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