Suppressing Reactions protects Consciousness and Compromises Self: DAY 382

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Suppressing Reactions protects Consciousness and Compromises Self – DAY 382

If one have a look at ‘suppressing reactions’, this happens when you for example react to another’s words/statements – I’m sure that most that have had relationships/partners have done this often, where the partner will say something to which one actually react, but will simply continue with the ‘smile and nod approach’. We predominantly also actually learn this within the parent-child relationship, where - as children, we don’t develop effective communication skills (with ourselves and others) and when we vocally/through behaviour react to parents, we’re often reprimanded and so create a fear of the consequence of reaction externally and rather suppress it/internalize it: one of the advents of the creation of Backchat/Self-Talk/Imagination.

Within this process, it’s quite fascinating because: instead of us as children already understanding our mental/emotional/feeling body development/evolution and so how/why we REACT to others’ words/behaviours – we ‘act out’ in words/behaviours, then those words/behaviours is suppressed by the parents in some way or another and so we internalize that suppression and never again within/throughout our lives INVESTIGATE / introspect / understand our own minds/reactions, but predominantly just internalize and suppress. Within this, we create the Split between Two Worlds – our internal self and external self, when it comes to reactions and the suppressions thereof. For most part, if you look at how little we really are “real” on the outside and the extent to which we SUPPRESS reactions/experiences/mental happenings in the Mind/Consciousness – we evolve more in ways to suppress/internalize things and put up a façade on the outside.

Within this, what evolves is everything that we suppress/internalize- because, it most certainly doesn’t ‘go anywhere’, it stays, it accumulates, it layers and this is how one’s nastiness/spitefulness/revenge as internalized/suppressed reactions can escalate in the Mind, to the point where one day you can imagine something towards someone because of a reaction you had with them that you internalized/suppress and be absolutely shocked at what you can come up with in your Mind – when, all the while, it escalated/progressed over time.

Now, we’re not saying that you must REACT – LOL, no – by no means, this is not the Solution. We’re saying it is to UNDERSTAND, investigate/introspect your own reactions that you suppress/internalize to sort it out, direct it, change within and as it. Because, the consequence of such internalizing/suppressions of reactions is that, as I’ve mentioned, they escalate and evolve and can morph into a personality that can in a moment possess you and lead you to words/actions in reality that you will regret. So, to ensure you don’t create your OWN mind possessions, we suggest investigating Desteni, the Desteni I Process – where you’re walked through a process to Understand your Mind, reactions, suppressions – that only Evolve consciousness, and NOT in a good way with the extent to which your imagination/fantasizing can take you.

Thus, stop compromising self, your inner and outer world through suppression/internalizing/hiding – investigate, introspect and understand and so change so that your life isn’t controlled by reactions/suppression and imagination, but that you can in every moment of breath stand in stability and responsibility and DIRECT a moment in commonsense, rather than reaction / consequence.

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