Talking ourselves into inner-conflict within our own Minds DAY 410

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Talking ourselves into inner-conflict within our own Minds DAY 410

We recently again opened up a few points in relation to Conflict, more specifically walking the ‘Conflict Character’. Now, to understand what I mean with ‘Character’ – to reference the blog-links HERE where we walked a ‘Character of the Mind/Consciousness’ in detail, and also explaining its components / what constitute its existence which we refer to as a ‘Character’s Dimensions’, which are specific Thoughts, Fears, Backchats, Imaginations, Reactions, Physical Behaviours. Within this, how a Character (and one can through this process outlined in the Blog – establish, for yourself, how many different Characters / Personalities you in fact access / live out / embody in relation to, especially for example people – where we exist in more of a “Reactive Relationship” to others within ourselves. In this process of identifying Characters of the Mind – one learn WHAT it is that in fact triggers reactions/inner conflict within oneself in relation to others, and will be astounded with the extent to which we react to ‘little things in others’, that in fact activate memories/past issues within ourselves and that our reactions weren’t really “personal towards the PERSON”, but what of them represented things in us – WE REACT to within ourselves.

So, there’s a lot that one can discover/learn about oneself through understanding the mind, being able to distinguish, for example, the dimensions of a character as thoughts, backchats, fears, imagination, reactions, physical behaviours and through this process, see the CONSEQUENCE we create in OUR OWN MIND and in relationship to others and how to CHANGE ourselves in moments and so change the moment IN REALITY, where things can go A LOT differently if we’d remain stable and direct moments/conversations/interactions to solutions, instead of reactions and mind games.
So, within the Conflict Character that we had walked – when we were walking/discussing in chats with a couple of other individuals, the starting point for most that opened up as to WHY we deliberately go into conflict with another, you know like REALLY react is the fear/reaction of “if I don’t win this argument/fight – they’re going to take something from me/may already have taken something from me – my point of view/my want and so therefore, I have to fight it out to win it/get it back”. Within this, we walked the Backchat Dimension – Backchat being the ‘voices in the head’ / ‘self talk’ that comes up in the Mind WHILE you’re ‘fighting’ with an individual in reality / having an argument / ‘heated argument’. Now, what’s interesting about the conversations we have in our Minds during the conflict/argument/fight – is that it always only seem to benefit how WE feel, how WE see the situation…more, in essence, how we WANT to see the other person, their words and behaviour and how we in fact add fuel to our OWN FIRE in our OWN MINDS. But, while/as we self-talk/backchat – it all seems to right, like “it is in fact so”, when it is only in fact so in the realm of our own Minds.

For example – one backchat towards the other person “they’re not hearing me” / “they’re too stupid to understand” / “they will never get it” / “shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” we shout in our Minds – not seeing, realising and understanding that: we’re in that process not defining THEM, but ‘recreating them in our own Minds and so the situation as well by how we speak to them/about them in the Secrets of our Minds”. And, one will find that – whatever backchat/internal conversations go on in the Mind, only FUEL one’s OWN reactions even more – we create our ‘own enemy in our own Minds’ and so we’re in fact creating an internal-battle that we then exert externally. So, obviously within this – how would the situation/moment/conversation then change with stopping participation in the thoughts, the backchats, the reactions and how it change ourselves and our behaviour? This is what we walk when taking-on Characters – understanding how we’re creating the conflict in our own Minds, with what we accept and allow to go in there during arguments/conflicts, and how with walking through a Character, learning how to change self in a moment to not go into emotional/mind possession: one in such moments learn how to remain stable, speak in a stable voice and direct the situation/point to a solution. Instead of ‘fighting an experience in YOUR OWN MIND’ you learn how to direct a moment in Reality within and as stability and into and as Solutions.

Suggest investigating Desteni, the Desteni I Process LITE especially where one learn to identify/understand the dimensions of Consciousness, our relationship to it and how one can in fact Change self within and as Conflict – internally and externally with understanding one’s own Mind.

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