Love Conquers ALL…that is Real/Physical in the battle between Reality and Illusion DAY 407

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Love Conquers ALL…that is Real/Physical in the battle between Reality and Illusion DAY 407

One often hear the statement “Love conquers all” / “Our Love will conquer all” – when this is quite fascinating with Looking at Humanity’s relationship to “Love” – no matter whether it’s just a feeling/experience in the mind to a special someone/something/people and/or whether it’s a Spirituality/Religion: one thing is Certain – Love has definitely “conquered all this Real, all that is Physical” and won the battle between Illusion and Reality where, at the moment, Illusion in the Mind/Consciousness has the ‘upper hand’ – especially when it comes to Love and its positive feeling/experience and/or Religion/Spirituality around its existence.

If we have a look at the slow, but sure and certain decline of Human Consciousness, the Physical Body, this Physical Existence – humanity, the earth, nature, the environment, animal kingdom, extinction, abuse, suffering, pain and violence escalating with every breath we take, and the more physical consequence escalate…the more people turn their backs on Reality/the Real World Solutions and stare into and as the ‘Love and Light’ / ‘Positive Energy Experiences’ Paranoia/Illusions of Consciousness. It’s like Love/Light/Positive Energy is the mythological “Siren” – luring our Awareness into Illusion, while Reality within us and around us completely fall apart and when we ‘wake up’ from the ‘Spell’  we realise, when it’s too late, the Consequence we created/left behind in/as Reality while we were caught in our own Mind Possessions/Paranoia/Illusions.

Therefore, it is clear that there is NO relationship between ‘Love’ and ANY change in human consciousness/human nature/this physical existence and all and everything within and as it on a GLOBAL scale, on the contrary – with doing REALITY-research, everything’s getting worse…much worse. So, Love, at the moment – is, in fact, Conquering ALL, the statement simply hasn’t been understood within the context it in fact exists in the relationship between Illusion as Mind as Energy and Reality as this Physical Existence. Because Love is contributing more to CONSEQUENCE in this physical existence, because no one is taking Responsibility/Changing themselves to the scale we in fact require to, to get this reality/life on earth sorted out/directed, but instead – listen to the calls of the “Love/Light/Positive Energy” Sirens in the Mind – completely deluded from/of Reality, what’s Real and what needs to be done to get life on earth changed for ourselves, for all and for those to come.

We suggest Investigating Desteni – to understand what “Love” in fact is as an Energy Produced by Consciousness, existing only to distract Self from self and reality, and Investigating the Equal Money System – as the process, the REAL REALITY process of assisting/supporting/directing/changing what Life on Earth is/has become into and as a Real Living Solution for all, and so for self.

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