I let my Emotions get the Best of me: Part 2 – DAY 412

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I let my Emotions get the Best of me: Part 2 – DAY 412

 Featured Artwork by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

So, now – we can also open up another Dimension within this point, which is: if, in the moment of accepting and allowing one’s emotions to ‘get the best of self’ – it would mean that in that moment, the ‘worst of self or an aspect/part of/as the worst of self was exposed / revealed’.

Now, the question is – with there existing a ‘worst and a best of self’, why is it, that for most part – only the worst seem to manifest / be lived-out within Humanity? Even in our own Minds – if we have a look at how much more of what goes on in the Mind expose the ‘worst of ourselves’, and obviously with us KNOWING our own selves/minds and what goes on in there – why do we continue accepting and allowing the worst, the bad, the ugly to continue existing within and as us? Why, in such moments where “our emotions get the best of us, and in so doing expose the worst of us” – do we not investigate WHY and HOW such ‘worst’ of us exist? And WHY and HOW in that moment did the “best” of us not stand / the “best of the moment/how to approach the moment / direct the moment” not come through? How often does the “worst of us” in fact manifest in the secrets of our Minds in relationship to others/moments in our day-to-day living participation? Within this – if one track one’s own Mind and see the extent to which the “worst” comes through, this kind of trumps the whole ideology of “good always wins” / “conquers evil” if/as in moments of living and mostly in our own Minds – the “worst / the evil” seems to win.

Within this, many may argue that “the good can’t exist without the bad, the bad can’t exist without the good”, but with doing research with Desteni, EQAFE and the material/interviews we have walked, we explain in detail how such polarity of the emotional/feeling reactions as Consciousness Energy works, how BOTH energies are resourced from/of the physical body – how they’re dimensional/interdimensional substances/experienced created from a mind-being-physical trinity relationship into and as which human civilization was preprogrammed. That, one can exist, one can EXPRESS and LIVE – without emotions/feelings, where we walk a process to show you how to transform such energy into LIVING EXPRESSION in and as the Physical, within this also showing the consequence such emotions/feelings create in our Minds and Physicals, how it creates Veils that blind us from in fact seeing reality / making informed decisions and how one reaction/possession, that take over and control one’s decision/action can determine the rest of your life.
So, with Desteni – we show you how to see through the VEIL, ‘beyond the veil’ of Energy – becoming an individual that have access into and as your own paranormal realm/reality as your own Mind, to see how much ‘more’ in fact exist within and as self beyond what we get ourselves caught up in / possessed by as Emotions/Feelings. Within this as well, assisting and supporting self to INVESTIGATE and introspect the “worst of self”, when/as emotions/feelings as reactions as the ‘worst of ourselves that come through in the Mind/our behaviour possess us, to see/realise/understand that one can in fact CHANGE and step BEYOND the polarity of ‘good and bad’, the see-saw and ups and downs of consciousness into and as Living Stability and what that in fact means.

Join us.

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