Suicide Paranoia – 6: The Creation Process of Suicide Paranoia (Thought Dimension) DAY 392

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Suicide Paranoia – 6: The Creation Process of Suicide Paranoia (Thought Dimension) DAY 392

For context from previous posts:
In the next post we will explain how the energy evolves into thoughts and imagination, and how we then enter into a vicious cycle in our own Minds, here the energy creates itself into thoughts/imagination and then we participate in the energy, thoughts and imagination – empowering/substantiating the energy/reaction/experience even more, validating the paranoia and creating the paranoia – in so doing, losing more and more touch with ourselves, reality, the physical and life. And so will within this continue with how to assist/support self from/of the Paranoia of/as Suicide in the Mind/Consciousness, to and as Self Aware Living in and as the Physical.

So, the question within this all is – WHY does suicide, or even the OPTION or CONSIDERATION of suicide exist within and as humanity / human consciousness? I mean, obviously, we can ask this question about A LOT of things, or almost EVERYTHING, from murder, abuse, violence, harm etc. – why does such things even exist in our consciousness/minds in any way whatsoever? I mean, obviously many would say it’s just “human nature” – but, within the processes we walk in Desteni, EQAFE Series – we explain in detail why and how such ‘natures’ evolved within human consciousness and that it’s only continuing to exist as-is by our acceptance and allowance not taking responsibility for and changing our Natures.

We’re in this Post / Posts focusing on Suicide – primarily manifesting as a complete internal “giving up and giving in” to/towards a particular problem/situation/relationship/circumstance/experience. But, still – the question remains: Why are we not from childhood educated how to face problems, ALWAYS analyse/assess moments constructively, with commonsense, and accordingly lay out all possible/probable avenues/ways/means/methods possible to assist and support self out of a problem/dilemma? Why do we not have available resources, help, guidance, assistance and support for human beings that face life/living conditions in relation to for example money, a job, health etc. in which they find themselves in circumstances that are, from a survival perspective – “impossible”. I mean, how many suicides have been due to life/living/survival conditions/circumstances due to how the majority of humanity is accepting and allowing this current World System/Money System to continue – you know, human beings that are left with NOTHING, no job, no money, no friends/family, everywhere they walk with pleading eyes for help, just for food, for something to continue in/as the next breath and yet – there’s no-one, there’s nothing...Aren’t we all then responsible for such an Individual’s state of Mind, created from/of this very world system/money system that we’re accepting and allowing to create immeasurable consequence in human’s lives, the earth, nature, the animal kingdom, the environment.
Thus, I would REALLY suggest investigating the Equal Money System as a solution all the consequence that this current World System/Money System is creating, even Suicides as a consequence-outflow. We’re supposed to be existing in a world/reality where humans WANT TO LIVE, instead – it’s astounding how many human beings have suicidal thoughts / have had suicidal thoughts/imaginations ‘cross their mind’ – whether once / intermittently – it’s been there.
The relationship to Suicide is multi-dimensional, here we’re firstly going to focus on suicide within the context of one’s personal life/living experience – where, instead of seeing Solutions, we condition ourselves into and as giving up / giving in. In terms of suicide coming up in the Mind based on life/living conditions due to Money / Job, specifically the dimension of Survival, this we will look at more in-depth in posts to come.                                                                                                                                                  

Now, as we had walked in the previous posts – this whole process of Paranoia-Creation in Consciousness starts with an ENERGY. The particular-specific Nature of the Energy being that of suppressing that which self do not understand, cannot comprehend, not having the education, tools or means to deal with/direct/come to terms with what one is exposed to in everyday life. So, the very specific “Nature” of the reactions in moments that accumulates into and as eventual thoughts/imaginations of Suicide – is like, almost where in moments one go into a “shock”, it feels like an ‘electrical current’ moving through your mind and your body, you take a sharp in-breath, eyes pulled open, and the body goes tense/rigid and the words that would describe such an energy reaction/experience is that of “I don’t know what to do” / “I cannot do anything” – it takes one into a state of powerlessness in a moment, where you’re literally shocked into that state, because in your Mind, your Mind/Consciousness cannot “compute” whatever just happened at all. Such moments/experiences accumulates within our lives, and it can be “small, seemingly insignificant moments”, you know – where kids are exposed to what they can SAY and DO to each other, and they don’t have ways to deal with it, so they go into a mental and physical ‘shock’ of “I don’t know what to do” / “I cannot do anything” – a powerlessness, a giving up, a giving in. This then they “invert” into themselves, meaning: yes – in reality, they don’t know what to do and cannot do anything, but they take what happens in reality, and invert it into their minds where it becomes an energetic condition/experience/reaction that translates into powerlessness/victimization/giving up/giving in. This then escalates where they feel more and more inferior/less than in relationship to others and their world/reality, that can take one into and as a state/experience/energy of depression, as they de-press themselves, press themselves in their mind, deeper and deeper into a state/condition of energy, losing more and more touch with reality, as they travel deeper and deeper into and as the Mind, away from everything/everyone else and so, through/within such Energy – leave themselves, consequentially, to the mercy of their own Mind.

Here then, what escalates, within such depths in and as the Mind/Consciousness – is self-talk processes, is thoughts. Where it initially for example will start with “I don’t want to go to school/work and/or see those people” / “I don’t feel like being with and/or doing this/that”, so what will then start emerging in the Mind is the point of blame – where the individual will then, based on their reactions/experiences to/towards something/someone – will Blame, in their Minds, others for the experiences/reactions/energies that had accumulated/suppressed in their own Minds. It’s what the Mind does with Energy – it needs to “use it” / “exert it”, so because the Individual is now more de-pressed, pressed into the depths of the Mind, the Mind will use associations and connections within and as the energy/reactions, and so busy the Individual’s Mind, creating all sorts of dimensions and relationships and scenarios within and as the energy-reactions. The individual will be talking about it all, imagining it all in their own Minds – everything and all involved in how they reacted in their own Minds, will be entertained. All the while, fuelling the reactions/experiences even MORE, replaying the same reactions/experiences through the Imaginations EVEN MORE, which lead the human being EVEN MORE into and as the depths of the Mind. So, now, what happened externally is inverted internally into the Mind – stuck/lost into and as a time-loop, stuck in time, that will eventually lead to the belief/idea/perception of the ‘only way out’ being suicide.

We’ll continue more in the Next Posts to come with an example of how this process plays out to illustrate how one create and become Paranoia in the Mind.

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