The Mind: Saving Humanity from themselves (Part 1) DAY 408

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The Mind: Saving Humanity from themselves (Part 1) DAY 408

 Featured Artwork by Kelly Posey

What’s becoming evident within humanity is how Imagination, in some instances, is becoming a reality – for most part, consequentially. Meaning, where human’s mind imagine/fantasize sex scenes, become obsessed with it to the extent where it manifest as-themselves into Reality – to the consequence of another human being, which end-up as rape/physical abuse. Where a human’s mind imagine/fantasize revenge onto/towards someone/something else and then embody that imagination/fantasy and live it out – to the consequence of another human being, which end-up as violence/death/murder. Where a human’s mind become reactive/emotional to/towards someone and then embodies that reaction/emotion and yell/scream/shout – becoming the physical-embodiment of their mind’s reaction. Where a human’s mind become possessed with desire for relationship, and the feeling of love overwhelm/take-over – meeting another human that match the person’s love/desire/fantasy and then become the embodiment of their own projections in relation to love/sex/relationship and “live it out”.
Here, above having a look at how humans embody their own Mind’s imagination/fantasy and emotional/feeling reactions/experiences – becoming/embodying their own Illusions and just because it’s experienced and lived/acted out…”believed to be REAL”, but we first made it ‘real’ in our own Minds, and Illusion possessed Reality.

Then, we have a look at how far such Imaginations/Fantasies and/or emotional/feeling reactions/experiences have gone into and as actual physical creation/materialization, for example: from embodying violence through physical behaviour, “punching / hitting and/or through sexual / verbal abuse” – it evolved into the manifestation/materialization of “objects” – an “externalization of the human’s living nature/embodiment of imagination/emotions/feelings” through and as weapons, tools, hearts representing love, products representing love/sex/relationship – all such physical manifestations used to “act out” the Mind/Human’s imagination/emotions/feelings; all such things, also Illusion/Imagination that came to manifest/materialize into and as reality/the physical and all such things/creations – representing the “Creator”, our Nature. So, from what we looked at in the beginning – from the embodiment to the objectification: human’s cannot anymore distinguish reality from illusion, because reality had become illusion-manifest: how we materialized our Imagination and Reactions into physical-reality and so why/how there exist no “life”, no “equality and oneness” in and as ourselves/this physical existence as all that human beings are doing is attempting/trying to manifest/materialize their own individual imagination/illusion into and as a Reality, a PHYSICAL REALITY within and as which we’re in fact PHYSICALLY equal and one. In this, one can see the Problem we face: each individual MIND, wanting THEIR MIND to manifest/materialize into Physical Reality – obviously, we’re going to have conflict/separation/inequality/hierarchy – cause we were supposed to PHYSICALLY exist/live equal and one, but now everyone is competing to have only THEIR MIND take-over physical reality.

So, with understanding these two points – why/how is it that the Mind is what is in fact saving humanity from themselves? Imagine if EVERY SINGLE THING you though/imagined in the MOMENT/INSTANCE that you imagined/thought it – were to IMMEDIATELY manifest/materialize into and as Physical Reality??? We would IMMEDIATELY, in an instant SELF-DESTRUCT within and as this Physical Existence if this were to happen – and WHY this is, we’ll explain in the next interview.

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