The Mind: Saving Humanity from themselves (Part 2) DAY 409

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The Mind: Saving Humanity from themselves (Part 2) DAY 409

Continuing where we left-off in the previous interview – Envisioning, the following: what would happen if EVERY SINGLE THING you thought/imagined in the MOMENT/INSTANCE that you imagined/thought it – were to IMMEDIATELY manifest/materialize into and as Physical Reality??? We would IMMEDIATELY, in an instant SELF-DESTRUCT within and as this Physical Existence if this were to happen –WHY this is, we’re walking now in this interview:

So, many for example may now have imagined only “Good Things”, like “what would you imagine/think up if it would/were to manifest instantaneously into reality” – and most of it, serving only one’s ‘personal self-interest, wants, needs and desires’. But, this is NOT the context we’re looking at here – we’re looking here at, especially, your REAL, TRUE NATURE –THAT which comes up in your Mind so automatically, which you, yourself, do not in fact have control over/of. Meaning, that this point of ‘what you think/imagine manifesting into reality’ – that that moment would happen without human beings being prepared for it, that suddenly, unexpectedly – human’s REAL, especially those ‘secret thoughts/backchats/imaginations’ – ‘come to life’. Like, you have humans walking down streets – one seeing a woman, wondering what her body looks like without her clothes, and suddenly, she stands there completely naked and you standing right in front of her. You have a backchat in your mind about someone while smiling at them, when suddenly – what you said in your mind comes through into actual speech/word which the other hears. You imagine hitting and punching another human being cause they in a moment made you angry and the next moment, before you can blink – you’re busy hitting/punching them. You imagine having sex with a guy as you walk past him, and before you know it –there the two of you are having sex. You have human beings imagining having ALL the money in the world…not gonna work out, cause there is only SO MUCH money circulating the World System/Money System and if/as such humans would have all the Money in the World – there are only SO MANY reality/physical resources to utilize it with, and the REST of humanity is left with NOTHING, NO MONEY cause a few wanted it ALL. So, obviously – one can imagine…there’d be CHAOS within this Physical Existence if this were to happen, and so here and why – the Mind saves humanity from themselves. What you imagine/think up, then stays in the Mind and in fact only personally affect your own Nature, until it / if it / as it eventually manifest into the Physical / you Embody it.

So, what does determine when an imagination/thought/reaction become an embodiment that you live-out/act-out as what is happening to human being’s personal lives/relationships in their world/reality? This is when you ENERGIZE a thought-process/imagination/fantasy long-enough and with a specific intensity/frequency of participation, that eventually – the imagination/fantasy/thought, from the mind realm, resonate, layer and manifest into and as the physical realm, and in that process – you through the mind AS imagination/energy: manifest yourself into the physical/reality and so live it out. So, why do human beings not have an equal and one relationship/access to the REAL Physical, to/as the LIFE that is in fact here as physicality, as equality and oneness manifest: we’d fuck up this existence into oblivion if we’d be equal and one in the physical and live-out our minds and the true nature of our minds into/as reality. And so, here – the PURPOSE of the Mind, for us to SEE our TRUE NATURE, sort it out/change/direct it and LIVE in this physical real world that which will in fact contribute to/as life/living on earth. To Understand what this means, how to do so – what the Real Purpose of the Mind is, how to approach it and change one’s Living in/as Reality so that Illusion does not possess the potential of/as life/living – we suggest Investing in the Reptilian Interview Series available on EQAFE where this process/relationship of the Mind as a Mirror of Self is walked in Detail.

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