Suicide Paranoia – 17: Suicide and Blame (Part 4) DAY 403

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Suicide Paranoia – 17: Suicide and Blame (Part 4) DAY 403

 Featured Artwork by Kelly Posey

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to ever consider the Responsibility that I have with regards to the participation I accept and allow in my own Mind and within that – what I accept and allow to exist in my own Mind. Where, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand that – what’s coming up in my own Mind is “not just coming up”, it’s not “just happening automatically” where I “have no say” within and as it all, because: I am the one Observing it, I am the one in that observation – accepting and allowing it; and in that acceptance, allowance and participation within it all: it is me not changing it, me not standing up to what’s going on / existing in my own Mind, me not investigating/introspecting/questioning why the things come up/exist the way that they do and how/why I experience them the way that I do in my own Mind. That it is ME, only ME that knows the FULL EXTENT of what I accept/allow in the Secrets of my Mind that I KEEP THERE – no one else is responsible, or aware of what goes on in my Mind and so therefore: how can I accept and allow myself to Blame anyone for what goes on in there? Especially as an Individual that does have an AWARENESS of it all – but have not considered CHANGE, no one else is Responsible for that, but ME.

I commit myself to show that: Realising this Point, Realising that “I am Responsible for my own Mind – what exist within it, how I participate within it, how I experience myself within it” – where, many ‘mistake’ Responsibility for “but, but, but – THEY/THEM said this/that and so therefore THEY/THEM caused me to think/feel this/that and so therefore – THEY/THEM are responsible…NOT ME!!!” So, responsibility is/has more been defined within the context of “who’s to BLAME” / “who’s the Cause”; when this is not how we’re looking at Responsibility here. I mean, Christ – you can continue blaming everything/everyone else in your Mind for what goes on in there/what exists in there…Will NOT change anything. On the contrary – you’re just adding more demons in your own Mind to haunt you, more thoughts, more reactions – shifting/projecting blame is not the Solution to how we react in relationship to other’s words/behaviour, but rather to UNDERSTAND the reactions and stop/change in one’s OWN MIND, will really change how one start seeing/experiencing self and so one’s relationship to other’s words/behaviours. Therefore, taking Self Responsibility is not a matter of ‘letting others “win”’ and you “losing” in this ‘Blame-game’ in your OWN MIND – taking Self-Responsibility is about understanding what goes on in the Mind, how it works, how to direct it and change it. You do it for YOU, to assist and support yourself in relationship to your own Mind, to direct it – and not accept/allow it to direct/control you that only creates CONSEQUENCE for self and others and not Solutions.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how I would not want to let go of Blame, let go of the revenge/spite/anger/compromise I am Projecting towards others; because I BELIEVE that this would mean that “they win and I lose” if I were to stop Blaming / Projecting revenge/spite/anger/compromise in my Mind. When, within this – I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand that: I am in fact the “loser” within this all with HOLDING ONTO BLAME – because I LOSE ME IN MY OWN MIND through accepting and allowing myself to preoccupy it with memories/remembrances/imaginations I don’t want to let go / release myself from. So, they’re in fact “winning” with me accepting and allowing myself to “hold onto them/the past” IN MY OWN MIND and accept/allow the “them / they” to possess my Mind. And furthermore “win” if I were to act on the Blame/Revenge/Spite/Compromise –because I ruin my life, my opportunities, my future by/through the Blame I hold onto in my own Mind, and with ME being the one acting out Blame: I am in fact Responsible for what becomes of me and not them, because they did not possess me in my own Mind – I created the Possession, and all the consequences could have turned out SO MUCH DIFFERENTLY if I would have just learnt to let go/release/forgive and not accept/allow others words/behaviours/actions to possess my Mind but focused my life/living on me, who I am, in every moment of Breath.

I commit myself to show the Possession, the Paranoia that the “Blame Game” can Create in the Mind – to the extent that the Individual do not see the extent to which Blame in fact actually compromise SELF more than it does anyone/anything else. How we’re the ones Possessing ourselves in our own Minds, creating Paranoia in relationship to others – focusing more on the past/memories in relation to BLAME, rather than understanding how we in the first place create our own Possessions/Paranoia and the consequences we create for ourselves in relation to that and in so doing – assisting and supporting ourselves into Responsibility/Clarity, releasing ourselves from the past and focusing our attention more on OURSELVES and our LIVING. That, NO-ONE and nothing else can create/manifest what we do IN OUR OWN MINDS and as long as we hold onto Blame, even to the extent of wanting to end our own lives because of it: we’re not going to see, realise and understanding how simple/easy it really in fact is to just let go/release/self-forgive and LIVE. I mean, why give up oneself / give into the MIND and what WE OURSELVES create/concoct in there – if it is really simple to just understand how one can stop and change one’s relationship to Memories/the Past IN THE MIND, to learn to live in the REAL WORLD for/as SELF, learn to respect oneself and the life/living opportunity one have that even such considerations of ending oneself because of Blaming others and/or trying to get back at them in some way or another DO NOT EXIST AT ALL.

So, this Concludes then the Process of Suicide Paranoia that we have walked – also introducing the Construct of Paranoia in the Mind/Consciousness and the extent to which one lost touch with self and Reality in such a Possession. We suggest investigating Desteni, the Desteni I Process LITE and PRO – also EQAFE and the 7 Year Journey to Life Blogs for more understanding on how the Mind works, to really not unnecessarily POSSESS YOURSELF in and as your own self-created Paranoia, but how to get back in touch with REALITY and what it means to focus on life/living by releasing/freeing oneself from one’s own Past, Haunting, Demons of/as the Paranormal Realms of Consciousness and SEE/REALISE what one has always missed AS ONSELF and the potential of life/living discovering that’s always been here, but has been Veiled by what we accept/allow in the Mind to control/determine who we are and how/what we Live.


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