Suicide Paranoia – 5: How Consciousness disconnects from Reality in State of Paranoia DAY 391

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Suicide Paranoia – 5: How Consciousness disconnects from Reality in State of Paranoia 
DAY 391

So, with having a look at a dimension regarding Suicidal Thoughts/Imaginations: if you really have a look at them, that you will speak the thoughts and see the Imaginations in a very specific ENERGY, or energy experience. What has to be realised with Paranoia within the context of Consciousness is that: with Suicidal thoughts/imaginations/tendencies – the Mind, with Energy, “veils” YOU, your awareness and so everything else you see about you and this world/reality. It’s like this ONE ENERGY is completely taking over your Mind, Self and Body. Thus, I would REALLY suggest investigating and rather UNDERSTANDING the thoughts/imaginations and the energy that substantiates it, because – ending one’s life / one’s self because of listening to THOUGHTS and accepting and allowing an energy experience in the Mind to possess you and so drive you to/as the Point of wanting to end one’s life, I mean, when you get into the afterlife, as so many beings have that come through the Portal and for example share their life review and they realise that, they could have changed themselves, their life in a moment. That there were options/ways/means available to them if they’d just gotten out of the thoughts and the energies in their MIND that was veiling any and all Solutions, they have to exist with an eternal regret of the fact that they ended it all just because of thoughts and energies in the Mind, something they could have changed/stopped with mere Understanding, with a Decision and so changed themselves and so their lives.
Thus, we would not want this experience for any Human Being even considering suicide. So, I would REALLY suggest listening up, assisting and supporting oneself to stop listening to/believing your thoughts and emotional energy experiences – how to release yourself from such paranoia in/as Consciousness and find that there is in fact a lot more to yourself, to life HERE if/as one would just stop participating in/as the Thoughts and Energies and Learn to Live in and as every moment of Breath. So, we will continue with the HOW-TO release oneself from such Paranoia in posts to come, for the moment – to Understand HOW we create such paranoia and how the thoughts and imaginations evolves from ENERGY.

So, as we have discussed – Suicide Paranoia starts with Energy and for the Mind to become possessed with ONE Energy experience, that leads to a particular-specific thought process, imagination, self-talk: it needs A LOT of Energy.  Why? Because, if you have a look at how the Mind ‘normally’ functions – it is very specific with regards to its ‘energy distribution’, which allows it to create the illusion of a ‘natural flow’ in what you think about, what you imagine, what you feel/experience as your emotions/feelings etc. So, when ONE THING starts occupying the Conscious Mind, such as thinking about suicide/imagining it and then going into that emotional energy-experience – it really influence/affect the Mind’s ‘normal functioning’ as follows:
How the Mind works is, it takes external environment stimuli and then activates your Mind into different memories, thoughts, self-talk and reactions/experiences. This happens within and as multi-dimensional levels of your Mind-Physical relationship, such as for example – seeing a person, and your mind/consciousness takes an “imprint”, through your eyes, of what you’re seeing – changes it into a ‘live memory’ (This Process explained from blog DAY 83 with regards to how the Mind change reality into ‘live memories’) and then ‘scans’ through all your already-existent memories in your Unconscious/Quantum Mind to see if anything of that person you had just seen, could activate any memories/reactions/thought processes. So, the person for example wears a specific COLOUR and all of a sudden, you experience a ‘attraction’ towards the person, not knowing why, when all the while, it was just a COLOUR they were wearing that brought up memories of experiences with colours you’ve had in the past, and now you believe you’re attracted to the person, when all the while it was just the COLOUR that attracted your attention. See, such things in our world/reality we’re not even aware of, because we’re not AWARE or SELF-AWARE of all that we are in/as the Mind/Consciousness – within and as all the levels of the Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious, Quantum Mind, Quantum Physical and Physical Body itself.

So, such ‘little things’ in reality, the Mind/Consciousness use to stimulate thoughts/imaginations and experiences – so much so, that human beings aren’t even aware of the extent to which your Mind is busy in all the levels of its existence, much of this is explained in detail in the Quantum Mind Self Awareness Series available on EQAFE. Therefore, the Mind/Consciousness needs a constant-continuous “movement” through such external reality stimulations to keep your Mind “normal”, if you will.
NOW, what happens with for example when ONE ENERGY takes of the Mind, is that – it SUPPRESS all the other natural flow of patterns/stimulations that would lead a human being to think/feel ALL SORTS of different things within and throughout a day. And, as that ONE ENERGY takes over and now only lead one into and as ONE thought process/imagination process / self talk process – everything that the Mind/Consciousness then imprints into the Unconscious/Quantum Mind from physical reality, then gets channelled into and as this One Mind Possession. And so, this is what causes one, when the suicidal thoughts/imagination/self-talk/experience gets to the EXTREME - where it feels like EVERYTHING in your world/reality that you see/do/participate within and as, feels like you feel in your Mind. There is no more a natural flow in thought/imagination/experience/self-talk and/or the varying stimulations from external reality that keeps your mind busy/preoccupied in various dimensions. And so in/as this ONE POSSESSION, one’s mind/consciousness completely “disconnect” with its relationship to everything else in your external world/reality – because as I have explained: the Mind uses ANY and ALL external stimuli to keep your mind preoccupied and so in that relationship it has a ‘active connection’ to this world/reality which in so doing creates the illusion that “you’re participating/living in this world/reality”.

Now, with the Mind Possession, in such an extreme case – there is not a constant-continuous ‘live streaming’ from the external reality into and as consciousness/the mind and so the mind/consciousness inverts into and as itself and created a “closed system”, where the Mind/Consciousness will constantly and continuously cycle only within and as the ONE POINT POSSESSION of/as suicide for example, where ONLY THAT exists for the individual and so, through their own creation of paranoia, lost/stuck in and as the Mind ONLY, completely disconnected from themselves and reality – then lead to actually ‘acting out’ the thoughts/imaginations as they think/imagine/experience the same thing over and over and over again, and so condition their ‘self’ and ‘body’ into and as a state of living/behaviour – programming themselves, from within and as their own minds, and so creating their life/living choices/decisions/actions leading to ending their own lives, simply because of listening to, believing ENERGY and THOUGHTS in the Mind, without realising it can be stopped and changes, just as it was created/programmed in the first place.

We’ll continue more in the Next Post

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