Paranoia: When Illusion becomes Reality FOR THE MIND DAY 405

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Paranoia: When Illusion becomes Reality FOR THE MIND DAY 405

With what we have walked thus far in relation to Paranoia, what is Clear within this all is how – within Paranoia Possession: we REALLY in our Minds believe that our own Paranoia is REAL, like this is IT MAN! It’s in my Mind, it makes SO MUCH SENSE, therefore – IT IS SO, IT MUST BE SO…because I SAID SO. Lol – when it’s interesting within the creation of Paranoia, how it is in fact you yourself reasoning with yourself, thinking, imagining and so therefore – you can really, in your own Mind, make shit sound SO RIGHT, because that is the intention with which you’re participating in the Paranoia in the first place – you want to be right, and so in that starting point – whatever you think up/imagine/self-talk/reason in your Mind will be imbued with that starting point and so therefore the actual reality of it all is that: IN YOUR PARANOIA – it all sounds RIGHT, it all MAKES SENSE, it’s REAL/MUST BE SO – when in Reality…it’s not really in fact so.

Thoughts, imaginations, self-talk, reactions – all of it is on “your side”, meaning: you’re always only participating in it one-dimensionally, no other person has got a voice in your Mind, you’re making them up, you’re making up your relationship to them, you’re making up what really happened in a moment to something/something – no one else can speak for themselves/defend themselves/explain themselves in your Mind and so – this is how Illusion in Consciousness, becomes REALITY FOR YOU and ONLY YOU. Reality is when, IN REALITY, one COMMUNICATE IN REALITY with an individual – establishing, when you for example really reacted to what someone said, first taking responsibility in understanding why you reacted, where does the reaction come from, what did you react to EXACTLY – be SELF HONEST about it, and then discuss with the individual what they meant by what they said, for example. This often happens in relationships where individuals misinterpret/misunderstand words/their definitions and contexts and lead to unnecessary internal conflict in the Mind of the one that didn’t first understand their own reactions, and created like their partner into the WHOLE OTHER PERSON in their Mind – when the partner did not themselves CONSIDER what they said/how they said it and/or didn’t really in fact say what they did in the context that the other person misinterpreted/misunderstood it in their MINDS.

So, we suggest investigating Desteni, Desteni I Process LITE and PRO and also EQAFE – where we explore the Reality of Consciousness/Mind – how it works, how reactions to words/behaviour of others manifest in the Mind, how you create it yourself and if you accept/allow an energy reaction to go out of control/unclenched in the Mind without Understanding it and you keep yourself locked in your own Mind, in the Secrets of your Mind – making Illusion a REALITY FOR YOU and then you project that Illusionary Reality/Paranoia onto/towards actual Physical Reality and you go so far as trusting your own Illusion more than Reality itself, the extent of consequences this can create and especially regret – from here into and as the hereafter/afterlife.
So, learn what it means to be SELF HONEST, taking self-responsibility for what one does in one’s own Mind – understanding reactions, learn how we create Consciousness Paranoia, and learn how to assist and support oneself to not interpret reality/people/words/behaviour in REACTIONS, but to actually SEE/HEAR and COMMUNICATE in reality to not make mistakes that one cannot change.

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