I let my Emotions get the Best of me: Part 1 - DAY 411

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I let my Emotions get the Best of me: Part 1 - DAY 411

One often hear the statement “I let my emotions get the best of me” and even though it’s said often/thought often: the implications of such a statement is not in fact understood. Let’s have a look at the implications UNDERlying this statement – the lies hidden within/beneath such a statement so ‘casually spoken’, but actually reveal quite a conundrum in our relationship to emotion and our Responsibility to/towards it:

Let’s break it down, or rather – SPELL it out slowly but surely, and in SPELLING something out, one see the SPELL one’s been under, even in one’s own words spoken – never seeing, realising and understanding the full extent of who we are in and as the words we speak and what we accept and allow within and as them as WHO WE ARE, that in and as our Words, we in fact SEE ourselves, as follows:
I LET - which would mean, I accepted/allowed and with the I in the beginning of the sentence would show Responsibility. So, more directly translated would mean “I am responsible for accepting/allowing”
MY EMOTIONS - which means, emotions are ‘mine’, which mean a belonging/possession and interestingly enough also Responsibility – because, because it’s MY EMOTION, my belonging/possession as part of me, I am thus responsible for such Emotion as me
GET THE BEST OF ME - which mean that, there do exist an awareness of ‘there being a “best” or shall we say “better”, that we in the moment of reacting emotionally and speaking in/as emotion, knew that there was a ‘better way / best way’ to deal with a situation/conversation, but instead accepted and allowed the emotion to take-over/possess one – lol; interestingly enough, our own belonging/possession as part of ourselves as the emotion, possess us

Therefore, the main point within this all and what we assist/support with showing you through Desteni, and especially the Desteni I Process LITE and PRO, is that: EMOTIONS, reactions / emotional-reactions such as anger, frustration, hatred, fear – is ENERGY reaction produced by a Mind/Consciousness and humans are constantly-continuously in fact existing in/as this LIVING STATEMENT of accepting and allowing ENERGY as emotions and feelings, in fact, to get the best of you, your AWARENESS. To Understand this difference between Consciousness and Awareness – suggest visiting the Desteni Forums, and also invest in the EQAFE series the Atlanteans and Reptilians walking the History of the evolution of Human Consciousness. Primarily though – what’s important to simply look at for yourself is, as what is existent in this statement – the UNDER-lying point that limit human beings from seeing the obvious, is: the EMOTIONS are blamed within the statement above “I let my emotions get the best of me”. It’s like saying, listen – I’m sorry, it’s my emotions, you know, THEY got the best of me, THEY’RE to blame, which is bizarre if you really have a look at how we broke-down the entire statement and it all in fact pointed to ONE SINGLE POINT OF RESPONSIBILITY: SELF. Not the EMOTIONS – but WHO I AM in relation to emotions AS ME, that it is SELF that accepted/allowed the creation, the possession, the participation in the moment, it’s NOT the emotions’ fault…or not the emotions ‘alone’, emotional-reactions cannot exist but by self’s acceptance/allowance and participation.  With Desteni, the Desteni I Process LITE and PRO  -we show the process of how to be able to direct/change your relationship to emotion, for example with seeing, realising and understanding how you, yourself, in fact accept and allow the emotions to take control/take over/possess you in a moment.

Then, obviously another interesting question: How are emotions created? Where do they in fact come from? Meaning, it’s obvious that one can see for oneself, is that: there are MANY MOMENTS in your life, even in your day, where BEFORE YOU REACT or speak in reaction – you SEE A DIFFERENT WAY of doing things/saying things…but you don’t, you always give into the emotion, the energy…consciousness, that then get the “best” of one’s awareness, of a solution, of the ‘different way’. Why is that? Why do we do that? Why do we not stop and change? What is this relationship to emotional/feeling energy – that seems to always seek consequence, and never stand/stand up for solutions/a different way/a best way?

Is this then Why Human Nature/life on this Earth is at the moment Not BEST/ what is BEST for self and so for all – as we ALL, individually and collectively, even in the small in relationship to our own Minds – accept and allow consciousness/energy/emotion to get the BEST of ourselves, of our relationship to others, but instead create consequence? Is there any more “best” of ourselves left even within ourselves…seems not, to not even be able to consider a solution for all of humanity/this existence by standing up/standing together. How much “best of ourselves” do we have in a lifetime, until the mind gets ALL the best of ourselves and we become possessed by our own possessions/belongings as the MY emotions/feelings…

Time to wake up, learn what emotions and feelings in fact are, and what the difference is between REACTING in emotions and feelings, and LIVING SELF EXPRESSION as SELF AWARENESS in Physical Equality and Oneness…before Consciousness gets the best of you, then what becomes of us???

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