Suicide Paranoia – 10: Understanding, Stopping and Changing Paranoia (Part Two) DAY 396

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Suicide Paranoia – 10: Understanding, Stopping and Changing Paranoia (Part Two) DAY 396

Now that we have looked at the practical application of Breathing, in moments when/as the Suicide Paranoia takes over – a few Points to consider:

One have to understand that ‘losing touch’ with Reality, does not come without its consequences – both with one’s Self/Mind, Physical Body and also life/living experiences. I mean, as a Humanity as a whole – we can visibly See consequence in Nature, the Earth, Animals, Environment and Human-Human relationships with ‘losing touch with Reality, what’s Real’ that there’s no consideration, regard, respect – not even in our own Minds, let alone in Physical Reality. So, within and as this process of aligning one’s Self/Awareness to/as the Physical Body - will expand one’s Awareness more to/as the Life that’s always been here that’s been missed due to our Separation from/of Reality.
Therefore, consequence in relation to Paranoia: if/as one do find oneself, at this stage, thinking about and imagining Suicide where it’s become quite possessive in the Mind/Self and one’s relationship to the external world/reality keep-on finding things to justify/excuse/validate the Suicide Paranoia in the Mind: we suggest seeing a Psychologist/Psychiatrist as they will assist/support with stabilizing the Mind more into and as Reality, which will within this assist/support with additionally utilizing writing, forgiveness, commitments and corrective application to stabilize one’s Awareness in relationship to the Mind. See, if/as the Paranoia ‘takes over’ – it ‘takes over’ the entire Mind, your Awareness and so everything you experience and see. If/as the Paranoia is still in its ‘infancy’ – one’s “Awareness/Self” within it all is still “there”, observing/watching and participating as the Thoughts/Imaginations every now and then or even once in a blue moon ‘cross the Mind’ and is so not yet “Possessed” and therefore have the Opportunity to stand up and Change. But, when the Awareness, Mind and Body is completely possessed, you have reached a stage where it’s too late to ‘help yourself’ and so require the additional support/assistance from a Psychologist/Psychiatrist to stabilize your Awareness/Self within and as the Mind back into and as Reality.

Also, what has to be seen, realised and understood regarding Suicide Paranoia is that: it’s not the situations/people in the external world/environment that’s the main ‘problem’, and many attempt/try/act out their suicide paranoia in a bid to “escape” / run / get away from what they feel, in their Minds, to be the cause/reason for what lead them / what is leading them to attempt Suicide and/or have Suicidal Tendencies. When, what must be seen, realised and understood with regards to the Mind is that: it can create a Possession to such an Extent that it REALLY makes you believe that ONLY everything/everyone else externally is the “problem”, the Mind like brings the external INTO ITSELF and so you’re only, absolutely, focussed on the “without” – inside and out, and do not consider your RELATIONSHIP to all within and as your own Mind. So, one of the most important things to see, realise and understand within this is, that what also contribute to Suicide Paranoia is- how the mind brings the external to the internal and so you get lost within and as the blame to/towards something and someone else, and in that Possession, cannot see “yourself” and your relationship to all, which then leads to the experience of “only that something/someone and your initial experience/reaction/relationship existing” and not seeing anything, such as a Solution beyond it. And how the MEMORY IN THE PAST can hold you captive, the demon haunting you in your Paranormal Reality in the Mind/Consciousness, and so you time-loop in Memory, even forgetting the present, the here, the moment, the breath and YOURSELF with the extent to which we can accept and allow a past MEMORY in our own MINDS to keep us so enslaved, that we do not consider solutions, to the moment, the present, the here and the fact that: “physically, I am not in this moment in that past memory, it’s not here, it’s done – so therefore, I in and as my here have the ability to simply investigate the memory, look at the relationship to it and CHANGE ME within and as it all.” Thus, see here how we can, in our Minds, have a memory / memories have more Power over/of who we are, physically here, in and as every moment of Breath. That’s the Moment where the “possessed of Paranoia” starts, when a Memory in the Mind has more power than one’s self awareness/commonsense in seeing, realising and understanding that self in fact have the power/ability to change one’s relationship to and as a Memory in the Mind.
Therefore, what we’re going to show in the posts to come – is how to assist and support oneself within one’s mind to assess/investigate memories/events/relationships and change one’s relationship to them within oneself, which, fascinatingly enough, one will through this actually then see things differently in one’s world/reality with seeing, realising and understanding how the mind can possess us to see things in ONE WAY, when, as we stand back for a moment and assess it all, there are actually a lot more ways to approach a situation/relationship/point.

Then to consider as well, and this one can reference in the Life Review Series walked in EQAFE is that: you, your awareness, never cease to exist. I mean, it’s definitely not the BODY that wants to end / cease its existence, it’s a Living, Breathing organism, unconditionally giving you the opportunity for Life/Living and even in the hereafter/afterlife, all the problems/experiences in this life still transfers with you – even more. There is no escape from what we face in this life, not here and neither in the hereafter. Therefore, we suggest – to start focusing on Breath, the Physical Body, the Life in the process of Breathing in and Breathing out – the MANY beings/organism in and as the Body gifting you life/living and to start considering the existence of MORE than just oneself in the Mind.

So therefore, we’ll in the next post have a look at practical application processes, both for those that haven’t yet been introduced to writing, forgiveness and corrective application and for those who have already walked the Desteni tools for quite some time. So that we no more accept and allow the victimization to/towards our world/reality and what we face/experience, but that we align ourselves into and as SOLUTIONS, instead of giving up / giving in on ourselves and so all as ourselves within and as this world/reality.

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