Love, Light and the Human Mind – the Blind leading the Blind DAY 406

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Love, Light and the Human Mind – the Blind leading the Blind DAY 406

Within Paranoia, what is Clear is that: one believe one’s own Mind more than the reality of one’s relationship to something/someone and/or the reality of how that something/someone actually, in fact, expressed themselves/worded themselves. Meaning: the Key to stabilizing oneself within Paranoia in/as Consciousness is – Self Honesty. Self Honesty being the Awareness of directly seeing how one’s own Mind create/activate thoughts/backchats/emotions and feelings and imaginations/projections to/as something and/or someone and in that Process – can REALLY change Reality in our own Minds. This should have been REALLY concerning from the get-go for Humanity: how we’re changing PHYSICAL REALITY in our own MINDS and then believe the ‘changed/altered reality’ in our Mind MORE than actual, real physical reality.

A classic example of this is: “Love and Light” – which is Paranoia in itself, as it’s a Realm/Reality that is entirely only existent in the Mind of the Individual participating it/activating it/energizing it in and as their own Mind-Being-Physical relationship. Kryon, in one of his Recent interviews – explains his direct participation/history within and as the Creation of “Love Energy” and how it evolved into the “Love and Light” Spirituality. One of the primary points he mentions is how the “beingness” was merged into a “love and light” energy containment in the Mind, already in the mind-being-physical relationship – channelling the being more into the Mind and ENERGY, which is why “love and light” energy in the MIND will take precedence over REALITY, and why such human beings would be able to look at Physical Consequence in this existence and justify/reason/paint it away in their own Minds within and as the Energy Possession/Paranoia of/as ‘Love and Light’. In this, I would really suggesting investing in his Interviews being walked – Explaining how the Human Mind was deliberately designed/manipulated and programmed in relation to Positive Energy and “Love and Light”. Where he explains why, for example – so many beings attempt/try to ‘align’ themselves within the ‘Love and Light’ paradigm but don’t “feel it” / “relate to it” – as the ‘Love and Light’ alignment was by/through Preprogramming, and if your Mind was not programmed within that particular Love and Light alignment – one’s Mind-Being-Physical relationship would not be prepared to “Handle” the particular resonance/frequency/vibration of the Energy.
Within this also explaining why/how it is – despite the Physical Reality consequence accumulating on a existential/global scale, human beings still hold onto the minute “positive things” / “feelings” in the Mind – how, from a young age, our Minds are already geared to accumulating enough “positive energy” only in context of our “personal relationships” – to last us most of our  lives in being able to walk through it all, and do NOTHING about our responsibility/relationships to the Rest of Humanity/this Physical Existence as a whole – and simply justify/explain away/reason the consequence we face in/as this existence while we tend to our “own” positive energies / love and light. So, the ‘little mind worlds’ with the positive energy we accumulate from childhood into adulthood – then takes precedence over/of the global/existential physical negativity/real negativity as physical consequence we face because of our abdication of responsibility to/as it all, but still trusting Illusion/Paranoia in Consciousness – created by/through emotional/feeling Energy, more than who we are and what/how we live in this REAL WORLD/REALITY.

So, it will be quite a challenge for one to listen to the Interviews – really see, realise and understand how emotional/feeling energy, the positive and the negative was in fact created and is still created in the Mind-Physical Relationship and the consequences this has brought forth for the Real Physical Reality/Existence.
Therefore, within this context – Love and Light in and as the Mind of the Human is the Blind leading the Blind – as the Mind itself “blinds ourselves from/of REALITY” with the extent to which we can change what we see to suit how we WANT to see it, and then within that – human beings following “Love and Light” as an energy in itself which Blind one from/of seeing/facing REALITY in fact.

So, Investigate Desteni, Desteni I Process LITE – understand the Mind and Energy, learn to see beyond the VEIL of energy and into and as Reality so that we can take responsibility for the consequence we accepted/allowed in and as this Physical Existence.

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