Suicide Paranoia – 9: Understanding, Stopping and Changing Paranoia DAY 395

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Suicide Paranoia – 9: Understanding, Stopping and Changing Paranoia DAY 395

 Who We Are is the Simplicity of the Moment as Breath.
2012 - New 21-Day Breathing-Challenge

What has to be realised within and as this Process of the Creation of Paranoia, such as for example Suicide Paranoia: is how we actually, in fact, Create our OWN Paranoia in our OWN Minds from our OWN Reactions towards our OWN Memories, that then evolve into Imagination and Self-Talk/Thinking. That, this entire process unfolds in and as our Consciousness, simply because the creation of energy, the creation of memories and the relationship between energy and memories and Self’s Awareness within it all – is not Understood.

The primary problem within the creation of Paranoia, is that “the Creator becomes the Created”. This means that: the Paranoia that is created, possess the Mind and self’s awareness to such an extent, that it programs into the Mind, Self and the Body and so lead to ‘acting out / behaving / living’ the Paranoia created in and as the Mind; and so we live-out, the Creator as the Creation – who/what we program ourselves to be and become. Therefore, within the Process of Understanding, Stopping and Changing Suicide Paranoia is: the development of Self’s AWARENESS within the realisation that self can stop and change one’s relationship to emotion, memories, imagination and thought. Not accepting and allowing self to program self through ENERGY, this only leads to creations in CONSCIOUSNESS, the paranormal reality in the MIND that programs self into PARANOIA. But to align self’s awareness into and as the Physical Body, becoming the LIVING WORD to in fact create self into and as a Real Living Being in and as this Real Physical STABLE Reality.

So, this is an important point to realise as we have illustrated in what we have walked this far: the Paranoia creation process starts with ENERGY. The moment self’s awareness shifts into energy, energy experiences/reactions (emotions/feelings): you’re shifting and so separating yourself out of/from REALITY into the process of creating Paranoia in and as the Mind/Consciousness, because the Mind/Consciousness exists and is dependent on ENERGY, the very emotional/feeling reactions one experience. The moment that energy is suppressed, and it accumulates in one’s Mind/Body – this gives Consciousness the resource to start CREATING with it, which is where the memories and the self-talk/imagination starts evolving and one’s Self/Awareness is in the ‘background’, participating in it all, yet observing/watching it all Unfold; never realising that you in/as you’re Awareness: have the ability to Stop and Change Self’s Relationship within and as it all, releasing self from the Paranoid Paranormal Reality of Consciousness, and Stabilizing self in and as this Real, Physical Reality.

To be noted here, is that: when/as you’re in an overwhelming state of Energy/Emotional and/or Feeling Experiences – have you ever Tried in and as such energy-possession, to be stable, to be BREATHING, to be HERE? You’ll find it to be impossible as a proven Evidence of the extent to which emotional/feeling energy can separate you from REALITY, from something as simple as BREATH that is Physical, that is Real. So therefore, a Pillar of Support within this Process out of the Paranoia of Consciousness into and as Physical Reality: is and will be BREATH. Primarily, in the beginning of one’s process – the Paranoia in the Mind, the thoughts, imaginations, self-talk can become so Overwhelming that one even “forget” to be here with Breath, Breathing, that you even “forget” your own Physical Body RIGHT HERE with and as you giving/gifting you LIFE with and as each Living Breath. One do not see, realise and understand that we’ve never really in fact been here, equal and one with our own Breaths, our own Physical Bodies – as we’re constantly and continuously preoccupied in and as Consciousness paranoia and/or in the process of creating more Paranoia in our seemingly ‘infinite’ Paranormal Realms of/as the Mind/Consciousness.

So, a practical application Process to start off with and Practise is: Breathing when and as you find the thoughts, imaginations, reactions, self-talk in the mind becomes Overwhelming, you “slow yourself down in and as Breath”, you Breathe in and you Breathe out, so that it’s just you, your Awareness with and as your Breathing in and as your Body. Within this, you will find a MOST FASCINATING thing: the thoughts, imaginations, energies, self-talk will start slowing down and eventually disappear! Because, your Awareness/Self’s ATTENTION is no more being aligned with and as Consciousness Paranoia in the Mind (where we have discussed previously that: whatever you give ATTENTION to in the Mind, you substantiate even MORE), but your Awareness now move into and as what’s REAL, what’s STABLE, which is the Body – through and as Breath. And with you as your Self/Awareness stabilizing in and as Breath and the Physical attention, one move out of/from the Paranoia of Consciousness into and as Reality.
Obviously to understand that: Breathing is not THE Solution, it is an assistance and support in moments when and as you find you travelled up into the hereafter/paranormal reality of Consciousness into and as Paranoia, and to stabilize/ground oneself back into and as Reality. THE Solution is SELF and one’s relationship/self-change to/as self, the mind and the body.

In the next post we’ll have a look at the Practical Process through Writing, Forgiveness and Commitments to walk to assist and support oneself out of/from the Consciousness Paranoia of Suicide into and as Practical Living of Self, Here.

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