Suicide Paranoia – 15: Suicide and Blame (Part 2) DAY 401

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Suicide Paranoia – 15: Suicide and Blame (Part 2) DAY 401

Featured Artwork by Andrew Gable

We’re continuing having a look at the Relationship between Suicide and Blame, how Blame in itself can become Paranoia to the extent where one would even accept/allow oneself to consider ending one’s own life with the extent to which Blame within the context of Revenge/Anger/Spite towards others can possess one. So, first and foremost to understand here is How one is Creating ALL of this…in one’s OWN MIND. So, if you’re creating all of it and all your reactions/experiences within and as it – you sure as hell can un-create it, let go of Blame/Spite/Revenge/Anger towards others, let others go IN YOUR MIND and start focusing on you, your life/living in this Real World/Reality.

One have to here also understand the Nature of Blame, within the context of Anger/Spite/Revenge: we all have/do in some way/another – IMAGINE what we’d do unto others/can do unto others and some actually DO it in REALITY when/as we feel OTHERS are Responsible for how they make us feel in our own Minds. That, in some bizarre way – doing something to someone else, either in our Minds or in Reality is “getting payback”, that “they deserved it”, “they had it coming”, that it was/is “righteous” when you spite/take revenge onto/towards something/someone either only in your Mind’s Imagination and/or in Reality. But, it’s interesting how such a way of approaching things…always only lead to CONSEQUENCE. Some to the extent where it ends lives, others prison – life-changing moments that will fuck-up the rest of your life here AND in the hereafter, a moment/an action that defines / will define you eternally when you accept/allow yourself to “act out”, in reality, vengeance/spite/anger within and as Blame onto/towards another when in Paranoia Possession in the Mind/Consciousness. Some now might go “Argh, it would be worth it / it is worth it” / “I would give up my life just to get back at them/they” / “I don’t care what the consequences are, I’ll do whatever it takes to get back at them/they” – but, it’s fascinating with this all that: EVERYTHING that one IMAGINE one is doing to another, whether you just imagine it and/or justify/excuse/validate/reason why you actually did it /acted upon it in reality…only exists in YOUR OWN MIND. You have NO IDEA the process of another human beings’ mind/life and how ANY action – whether imagined/lived, will in fact influence/affect another human being’s life/mind. Therefore…are you really then, in fact, doing ANYTHING to ANYONE…or just yourself? It is really in fact just yourself, because the Mind can REALLY make you believe that what you’re doing, the intention with which you’re doing it in your Imagination / in Reality is really going to manifest in accordance to how you intended it…when it does not in fact, not at all.
Like for example with attempting Suicide/Thinking about Suicide within the starting point/context of Blame as Spite/Revenge/Anger, you BELIEVE you’re doing it TO someone, you BELIEVE that you’re ‘getting back at them’…but that’s most certainly NOT how other human beings would interpret it/internalize it, so – the entire process/attempt would really be futile. This really goes for ANY and ALL contexts of revenge/spite/anger within and as Blame, everyone’s MINDS make them believe they’re doing something to someone else according to how they intend it to manifest/come out/play out…but in Reality: it never really in fact happens that way AT ALL. You’re only doing EVERYTHING in your own Mind – from the belief that you’re doing something TO someone, to the point where you believe it was ‘worth it/just/righteous’ – none of it in fact making any impact/difference in the long-term to you/your life or that of another.

So, revenge/spite/anger towards another within Blame – in Imagination/Reality, and attempting to manipulate others/reality through Suicide is futile with ALL of it really only existing in the Mind. We suggest considering changing one’s relationship to the Mind in such a way, where you no more accept/allow memories/people to occupy it/haunt it in your imagination with reactions/experiences, but learn how to work on a SELF-relationship and changing/living your life into and as meaningful/purposeful way/expression, where you GIFT yourself LIFE – instead of taking it and/or even aligning your Mind/your Life in blame of others – it’s only wasting breaths/energy and benefitting the Illusion of Consciousness that will in anyway cease to exist upon Death and so look back at your life/self and really wonder what you were thinking with accepting and allowing Illusion/Paranoia/Possession of ENERGY to control/determine your Life/Living.

We suggest learning to let go of anger/revenge/spite that always only compromise Self/lead to consequence – start focusing one’s Life/Living on SELF in every moment of Breath, rather than haunting one’s Mind with memories/imaginations of OTHERS – and become the Directive Principle of oneself/one’s life that will lead to actually contributing to life/living in this existence, rather than possessing your mind/your entire life with one/few people within the Possession of Blame.
We suggest visiting Desteni, Desteni I Process LITE – the Forums and Free Course, that will assist and support one with UNDERSTANDING the Mind and how to direct it, rather than it controlling you to giving up on yourself / giving yourself up for others – and learn what it means to GIVE to you/GIFT you life/living.

We’ll continue more in the Next Post

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