Suicide Paranoia – 16: Suicide and Blame (Part 3) DAY 402

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Suicide Paranoia – 16: Suicide and Blame (Part 3) DAY 402

 Featured Artwork by Kelly Posey

In this Post, we’re going to open up the Relationship between Suicide Paranoia and Blame more, with looking at Blame in the context/nature of Anger/Spite/Revenge to/towards something/someone else – to see, realise and understand the futility and consequence of accepting and allowing such a Relationship to something/someone in one’s own Mind to ‘haunt’ one into and as giving up / giving in / ending oneself / one’s life/living experience:

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how, in my Mind, I can make myself believe that – through “Blaming” someone/something for my own reactions/experience, and Imagine within that Blame how I’d take revenge/spite them to ‘get back at them in some way or another’ – even take it so far as considering taking ‘my own life’; that within this all I can make myself believe that this will in ANY way make anything ‘right’ / ‘fix what had happened’ / ‘would change me/the other person’; existing within the belief that “If I hurt them as much as they hurt me – we’re even”. In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how in such instances – no-one learns anything, no Awareness/Understanding exists of how matters unfolded to lead one’s own Mind to considering Suicide to spite/compromise/take revenge onto/towards something/someone else. Therefore, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to consider within this all, that those that ‘did / say what they have done/spoken’ do not/cannot fully comprehend the consequences of their words/actions and so in that, is their responsibility yes – however, what is my Responsibility is how I REACT to it in MY MIND and how I, for myself, create who I am in relationship to them.

Where, I commit myself to show that – we Humans have no consideration/regard for anything/anyone else but ourselves. No-one takes into consideration/regard the extent to which simple words/actions can affect/influence another’s Mind/Self/Life/Living Experience. Therefore, with for example instances where someone said/did something that deeply affected another’s Mind/Self – the responsibility exist in both, in that: the one that spoke/acted, should have taken responsibility in considering their words/deeds in relationship to others, and the one who reacted, is responsible for how their Mind process the words/behaviour. And because in Humanity – human beings aren’t educated in relation to Life/Living/Relationship/Communication Skills AS WELL AS how their Minds/Consciousness process information/words/behaviour through emotional/feeling reactions and how that can lead to Paranoia if not understood/directed: we now have a world/reality where simple moments of words/actions and reactions to it all  -can cost Lives.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand that: I am accepting and allowing myself to HOLD ONTO the MEMORY of what happened in relationship to what something/someone did/say – that I am Reliving in my OWN MIND, and in so-doing, in fact making the moment MORE AND MORE POWERFUL in my own Mind to the extent where the Memory will become “more real/important/valuable” than anything/anyone else in my present world – even myself. In this, I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand how this Proves in terms of accepting and allowing but a MEMORY to have more power over/of us, how instantaneously / immediately ONE MEMORY can possess us and so determine who we are, how we feel/behave and according experience our life/living. How this illustrate that in our Minds, we have no “stand” / “Firm Standing” in/as “Who I Am” – that stand to such an extent, where – no matter what anyone says/does – self remain stable/standing in/as this ‘Who I Am’. But, because there is not such a stand, and humans just automatically believe whatever comes up in the Mind, whatever emotions/feeling is experienced in the Mind and accordingly accept/allow it to affect/influence/determine the ‘who I am’ in every moment of breath without realising/seeing/understanding how such thoughts/imaginations/feelings/emotions are created in the first place between the Mind-Physical Relationship: ALL of this lead individuals then to become possessed by a memory/remembrance, a person in the Mind and their reaction to it that can lead to/as them wanting to / even actually taking their own life – all created in the Mind through thought and energy that can actually be stopped by/through a simple decision and process of Understanding the development of Self-Awareness and stopping/changing the Mind/Consciousness.

I commit myself to show that, the problem we’re facing with Suicide / even the consideration thereof in the Mind when it does come up – even to the extent of wanting to/intending to do it out of Blame within the starting point of Revenge/Anger/Spite: all trace back to the fact that Humans don’t understand how the Mind/Consciousness works and how one can change one’s relationship to thought/imagination/reaction and not accept/allow oneself to just believe it/accept it/allow it to control / determine who one is/how one live.

Within this, we suggest investigating Desteni, Desteni I Process LITE, the 7 Year Journey to Life Blogs as well as EQAFE – the material and self support/assistance processes will assist and support one with UNDERSTANDING the Mind, the thoughts/memories/imaginations and reactions, learn how to in and as Self AWARENESS – DIRECT what comes up in the Mind into Solutions, to no more accept/allow self to be haunted/possessed by one’s own Mind and Energies within it, and actually see/realise/understand how much more there is to self/life/living beyond the Paranoia / Energy Veil of/as Consciousness.

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