Suicide Paranoia – 14: Suicide and Blame DAY 400

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Suicide Paranoia – 14: Suicide and Blame DAY 400

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In and from this post, we’re going to explore the ‘Blame Dimension’ existent within Suicide Paranoia in the Mind. In one of the recent Reptilian Interviews, Paranoia was explained quite well with using an illustration of the extent to which Paranoia cause one to ‘lose touch’ with Reality. How, the Creators of the Human, initially intended the Mind/Consciousness to exist ‘congruent’ with Reality – with Consciousness and Reality ‘existing closely side-by-side’ so that there would not be TOO much of a separation between Consciousness and Reality; for example where one would listen to another’s words – one would still be able to contextually understand what the other person is saying while AT THE SAME TIME, in your own Mind REACTING to their words. Whereas, in Paranoia Possession – one would be listening to what another person is saying, but the ‘reality’ of their Words are not heard, because all one hear/interpret is one’s own Paranoia Possession. Changing the words of another person COMPLETELY in one’s Mind to the extent that it in fact has no reality to what the person in fact said - and so one had, in one’s Mind-Reality relationship – completely moved farther away from the Mind-Reality congruency / ‘close relationship’ and more and more into the Mind. I would suggest investing in these recent Interviews to assist/support more with Understanding Paranoia in the Mind/Consciousness and how to stabilize oneself back into Reality.

Back to having a look at the Relationship between Suicide Paranoia and Blame:
So, when we Blame – we direct our own reactions to something / towards someone else. For most part – Blame is done in anger/revenge, like in our own Minds, when we Blame something/someone – we believe, in a way, that we’re in our own Minds “getting back at them”. Within this, fascinatingly enough – Blame ‘feels good’ to the individual possessed within and as it in the Mind. Especially when the Imaginations can go quite ‘wild’ in terms of what one would Imagine ‘doing TO’ that something/someone because of what ‘they did TO you’. So, the Nature of Blame we’re going to look at here with regards to Suicide – is Blame within the context of ‘anger/revenge/spite’. It’s interesting how many Human Beings who consider/think about Suicide – if one self honestly look at moments when/as this was done, was also done in a way/means to ‘Manipulate’ another, where one would in one’s Mind say: “Yes, wonder what they’d going to do/say if I’d kill myself –that’ll mess with them” / “I’m just going to kill myself and get it over with, let THEM live with what they’ve done to me” / “I’m going to make them suffer, they have to suffer for what they have done, if I kill myself – THEY’RE responsible and I will make everyone know it” and so it can continue. Within this, the individual in their Suicide Paranoia really believe that, by committing suicide – it will in some way have an impact on other’s lives/minds / ‘the One’s that apparently are responsible for their state of Mind/Self’. When, what such Individuals aren’t seeing/realising/understanding is that: No one can Hear what is going on in your Mind…but yourself. No-one else is in your Mind…but yourself. Additionally within this, it’s fascinating how the Mind deals with suicide / those who commit suicide – when it’s done/attempted to be done out of anger/revenge/spite: it doesn’t really in fact impact other’s Minds as they cannot fathom/comprehend/understand how they’d be ‘Responsible’ – they were not in the Individual’s Mind while the Individual was ‘talking themselves into Suicide / the attempt thereof’ to understand what reasoning went on in there for Blaming others for their internal experiences.
And so, Individuals that attempt/try Suicide as a manipulation of other’s Minds/Lives within the context of Anger/Revenge/Spite: really in fact only Spite themselves, Compromise themselves and their own Lives. The Mind/Consciousness of Human Beings are SO BUSY all of the time that, the one that crossed-over will eventually simply become but a Memory in the Minds of the humans left behind, and they will continue living their Lives. It’s like, people try and “get back at others” through committing suicide / attempting to commit suicide – but no else ‘pays the price’, in fact – but Self.

It’s fascinating in this context how the Mind can make one believe that what One “Believe” one is doing to others, through committing suicide / attempting Suicide will in fact affect them/influence them as one attempt/intend to do. I mean, one cannot in any way project how other human beings would react with not knowing how their Minds in fact operate/function and so – the Mind can make Illusion ‘seem REAL’, even to the extent where the Human Being really BELIEVE that what they imagine/self-talk in the Mind is in any way relevant/related to Reality.
Therefore, I would suggest – rather than taking your own life to ONLY IN YOUR OWN MIND take revenge/compromise/spite others, when it really in fact only spite/compromise yourself: to rather Understand how the Mind works with self-talk/imagination and especially emotional-reactions to others, that you do not internalize and suppress all of that and keep it in your Mind, which will only lead to Paranoia and Losing Touch with Reality. But to assist and support yourself to UNDERSTAND your own Mind/Reactions, how to direct your internal Reality/reactions/experiences into Solutions, so that you do not accept/allow others IN YOUR OWN MIND to haunt to, but that you can learn to remain stable/here/directive and not accept/allow other’s words/actions to become Possessions in your Mind that only possess you/compromise you, but to Learn to LIVE YOU so that you don’t in your own MIND lead yourself to an Regret that you’ll really have to live with into the hereafter for how silly you’d been for accepting and allowing reactions, thoughts and imaginations in your OWN MIND to control you, when you could have simply stopped and changed your relationship to it with a Decision, every moment of Breath.

To Understand your own Mind/Reactions and assist/support oneself to be/become the directive principle of/as it and learn what it means to LIVE through releasing oneself from/of Paranoia Possessions of Consciousness – visit Desteni, Desteni I Process LITE.

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