Suicide Paranoia – 8: Giving-up on Self and Giving-in to Paranoia DAY 394

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Suicide Paranoia – 8: Giving-up on Self and Giving-in to Paranoia DAY 394

Continuing with the process of Thought-development in relation to Suicide Paranoia, to understand that: as we have illustrated in the previous post, the process unfolds from energy, to memories, to imagination and self-talk, which is thinking; therefore, the human being Internalize reality into themselves, into energy, and then re-produce memories of actual reality WITHIN THE ENERGY THAT THEY REACTED. This means, that – if/as the individual reacted, emotionally, to/as other human beings’ words and behaviour, such as being belittled, over an extended period of time, those memories are internalized into and as the Mind and is ‘tainted’ with and as the Energy, the emotional energy’ that the human being experienced in and as reality, and is now being replayed, recreated in and as the memory / memories in the Mind.
So, it’s like fascinating that: the energy, such as belittlement, for example, permeate and infiltrate the memory and then in the memory and as the energy – the being then starts evolving the memory and the energy IN THEIR OWN MINDS even more, it’s like the energy itself, the memory/memories themselves “comes alive in the Mind” and so the being will replay the memory/memories over and over and over again and as we said/explained: creates a complete paranormal reality in their Minds, of themselves, of others, of conversations, of reactions/experiences which then in turn becomes a possession, into a paranoia where the Individual will then start seeing Reality/Others through the eyes of their Reactions/Memories/Paranoia that they created in the Mind and soon enough, EVERYTHING and EVERYONE starts looking like/feeling/saying/behaving according to how they created others to be in their own Minds.

Let’s say a being is exposed to bullying over an extended period of time. What their Consciousness/Mind memorizes are the moments/instances where they were verbally being bullied. Such things makes an extensive impact on an individual’s self/mind and experience/living, mostly because they don’t know how to deal with such bullies and also don’t know how to deal with the reactions they experience within themselves. Then, all those moments of bullying becomes accumulated memories in the person’s Mind, where they replay the events over and over and over again, where it’s like – with it being replayed in the mind, it’s experienced EXACTLY the same as though it is happening in reality / ‘real life’. What is also interesting regarding us Humans, is how we tend to believe MORE what OTHERS say about ourselves, than us standing by a decision/living statement of/as who we are – and so, because of this, the individual that is being bullied, with replaying the memories over and over and over again, with the memories/moments having such energetic/emotional impact on themselves, starts considering that What OTHERS are saying about them “must be true”. This in itself is quite a shock to the ‘Self’, because in a way – there exist the awareness of the fact that, Self is accepting/allowing others to define self, that Self is ‘giving into THEM and giving up on SELF’. So, it’s fascinating that the point of ‘giving up / giving in’ already in fact happen in the Mind-Self relationship, where Self accept and allow what others, in the memories of one’s Mind say about self, such as being useless/a loser/not worth it/not going to make it/ugly/fat/ etc.  to give up/give in and so let others Define Self in one’s own MIND. Other’s voices in the head, in/as memories Haunting one’s self / one’s Mind. And, when that happens, it is also, in a way, already giving up one’s life – we all in some way have committed a form of suicide in the sense of our “Self”, our “Who We Are”, our “What we Stand for and as” and have compromised that “for the sake of others”, to fit in, to be popular, to be a consumer, to have a social network, to be Noticed – but all in the sense of EGO, for Money, for Survival – preserving Self-Interest, and so-doing, ending THE Life, THE Self within the principle of/as equality and oneness, what’s best for all, so we all gave up/gave in on Life-itself for the sake of Self Interest, Ego.

Therefore, when the Human Being, in their Minds start defining themselves MORE to the voices of others, than hearing their own commonsense awareness: the relationship to/as Paranoia becomes more extreme, because in the memories of the voices of others, they lose their own Voice, their own Awareness, their own Stand and Paranoia takes over, the Memories takes over, the Voices of others takes over, their Own Thoughts turn against them as they, themselves, then start believing that what others are saying about them are real/true/in fact so. There is the saying “there can Only be One” – we’re either going to develop our SELF Awareness to stand and Live, or we create our own Paranoia, the Paranormal Reality in Consciousness that then possess our Self, our Awareness; I mean why not Consider what one can Create within and as SELF Awareness and one’s LIVING in and as this REAL WORLD than accepting and allowing Self to Create your own Paranoid Possessions in/as Consciousness that will only lead to unnecessary consequence and regret.

We’ll continue more in the Next Post

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