Reactions: Missing Reality, Detouring into Illusion - ending-up in the Realm of Paranoia DAY 404

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Reactions: Missing Reality, Detouring into Illusion - ending-up in the Realm of Paranoia 
DAY 404

We have in previous Blog Posts opened up the Construct of Paranoia in and as Consciousness – primarily explaining the context of Paranoia and how it’s created, by ourselves, in our own Minds. In and from this Interview we’re going to be expanding/specifying this Paranoia in and as Consciousness and therefore suggest to Read the Blog Posts for the definition/context of Paranoia in Consciousness and to not make assumptions in your own Mind of the Interviews to come that will only lead to misinterpretation in your own Mind because you didn’t take the Responsibility of first getting CONTEXT before reading/catching up/walking with.

In two Recent Life Review Interviews – that will be uploaded to EQAFE this Sunday and coming Wednesday, two Beings from the hereafter/afterlife shared interesting Perspectives of their lives on Earth regarding how ONE MOMENT, of an energy experience and a thought: defined their ENTIRE LIVES. One event/moment/experience happened that from that moment, possessed their Minds and share how it consequentially affected them in the moment it happened, and how they held-onto their relationship IN THEIR MINDS to what happened, only to in the hereafter/afterlife when they walked their Life Review and gained “perspective” of what REALLY HAPPENED – did they see, realise and understand how they completely misinterpreted the Moment, because of not understanding their OWN REACTIONS, where the reactions came from – but primarily projected and blamed what emotional/feelings reactions and imagination/thought projections they had in the Mind, onto/towards the other person(s) and how what REALLY happened was nowhere near how they interpreted/perceived the Moment in their Mind.

The one being, for example shares where they for the first time was introduced to the “love energy experience” with someone, and how it was so overwhelming that they really, in their Minds, believed that that someone was “the one for this lifetime” – and from that energy, how they in their Minds created a complete illusion of the relationship and the consequences this created for the rest of their lives. When in the Life Review – they gained understanding of what that overwhelming positive energy was, where it came from and that it had NOTHING to do with the person that “activated” the “love energy” in fact. The other individual, shares how two people, consecutively gave them certain “looks” with their Eyes – and the person completely took the looks out of context, didn’t contextually understand the “looks given to him” and so created a total Paranoia in his Mind in relation to it and it completely ruined his Life – only to in the Life Review See/Realise/Understand how he interpreted/perceived the looks was not in fact how the two people in his World was really looking at him. SO, I would really suggest investing in these two Life Review Interviews to understand more about how Paranoia in Consciousness can be created from one ENERGY reaction, from ONE moment of misinterpretation.

One can for oneself relate this practically – how many times one believe a person gave you a look, spoke a few words, expressed a behaviour – which you later find out you TOTALLY misunderstood/misinterpreted; showing how a Reaction in a moment separates oneself into the Blinding Energy of Consciousness/Mind and do not take REALITY into context/account AT ALL. And how such instances can really lead to exceptional consequences in one’s Mind and Life if one make Decisions based on one’s REACTIONS to something/someone – instead of first establishing what in fact really happened. We’ll expand more on this in Interviews to come.

Therefore, we suggest investigating Desteni, the Desteni I Process LITE and PRO – to UNDERSTAND reactions, how they cause you to lose touch with reality and if given more credence than actually first establishing what really happened in REALITY – lead to Mind Possessions/Paranoia and ultimately CONSEQUENCE for oneself and one’s relationship to others. When ALL of this could have been Prevented with UNDERSTANDING how your OWN MIND works with Reactions, and NOT to accept/allow one to just blindly believe what the Mind can come up with when it comes to Energy Reactions.

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