Suicide Paranoia – 11: Understanding, Stopping and Changing Paranoia (Part Three) DAY 397

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 Suicide Paranoia – 11: Understanding, Stopping and Changing Paranoia (Part Three) 
DAY 397 

So, for those whose Awareness is not yet Possessed by the Suicide Paranoia, but where the thought/imagination of Suicide every so ‘now and then’ or ‘once in a blue moon’ does ‘travel into the Conscious-Mind Realms’ – here is the Process to walk to Assist and Support oneself to no more accept and allow such a ‘backdoor’ within the Mind. Backdoor, from the perspective that: with it still existing as a ‘probability’ / ‘potential’ within the Mind – this can affect one’s Process/Living to not really “fully commit” to living, but in fact actually utilize the Suicide Paranoia as a Manipulation in moments when/as one face difficulty/challenges that one do not know, in the moment, how to direct/change/transform into and as a Solution, and so, essentially, the Suicide Paranoia then becomes a point to easily manipulate oneself with to not push to change/transform/grow within/through Facing Challenges. But instead, with accepting and allowing such a ‘backdoor to exist in the Mind’ and then using it when/as one face challenges – one every time diminish, and every time one face a new challenge, one ‘fall back on the Suicide Paranoia manipulation’ and soon enough, without even realising it: one’s life/living comes to nothing, no change, no expansion, no growth, no development, no ‘evolution’, not getting anywhere – because every time an Opportunity for Change was here, one manipulated oneself out of it through/as Suicide Paranoia.

Therefore, to no more accept and allow such a backdoor to influence/affect opportunities for Change, and through change, self expansion/growth, because it’s commonsense that: when/as one face Challenges, and one push oneself to find solutions, and walk through consequence that within and during this Process, one LEARN, one develop/find new ways of taking things on and DISCOVER a lot about the potential within and as yourself through finding/living Solutions to things. Giving up/Giving in to Challenges – only diminish self, the mind and so one’s potential for/as this Life. So, do not accept and allow Suicide Paranoia to take such opportunities from self within/during this Life.

Now, for those that have not, as of yet, been Introduced to the principles and Process of Writing, Self Forgiveness and Self Corrective Living: we suggest investigating Desteni,  to read the 7 Year Journey to Life Blogs walked through the Tools of Writing, Self Forgiveness, Self Corrective Living AND to join the Desteni I Process Lite FREE Course. Gathering all the knowledge and information from these Sites and putting them into Practical Application, will assist and support oneself to get to the Know the Basics of the Mind, of Thoughts, Imagination, Emotions and Feelings and how to, through Writing, Self Forgiveness, Self Commitments and Self-Living – assist and support self’s Awareness to stabilize in REALITY, and so stop participation, eventually completely stop, the Paranoia of/as Consciousness as one also advance to DIP Pro.
Then, if/as one have any questions in relation to the material walked within these Past Blogs in relation to Suicide Paranoia – can visit the Desteni Forums and place/post your questions there.

For those that’s already been walking with Desteni for quite some time, we suggest Investigating and walking through the past, which events within your Memories/past experiences/relationships, still brings up REACTIONS from time to time when they’re activated, wherein you would still REACT to the Memories and not self honestly investigate/introspect the reactions to such memories, but still hold onto BLAME and replay the events/scenes/experiences over and over and over again, instead of committing to writing, self forgiveness and establishing a LIVING SOLUTION to the past/memories to in fact change in the here/present to so change/transform your Future. Therefore, the contexts to have a look at in relation to the past is such Memories, then also through into the “now”, in terms of investigating when/as the Suicide Paranoia backdoor opens – to remember that this indicate that you’re facing a Challenge, but using the Suicide Paranoia as an excuse/reason/justification to “give up and give in” – to then, instead of opening the Suicide Paranoia backdoor in the Mind, walk through the DOOR OF OPPORTUNITY in the Moment and FIND A SOLUTION to what one is facing.
Here, the Desteni Forums is also of assistance/support – if/as one is facing challenges, to ask for perspectives to consider, how to approach it, how to first clear the REACTIONS of Consciousness to what you’re facing so that you can walk the relevant writing, self forgiveness, commitments and change, so that you approach the challenge within and as commonsense and not through/as reactions in/as Consciousness that only veil Solutions, and perpetuates consequence.

So, with regards to Suicide Paranoia – it’s the decision to assist and support Self to stop utilizing the Suicide Paranoia backdoor in consciousness that only limit/diminish self, but for Self/Self’s Awareness to stand in and as the Living Decision to OPEN DOORS of Opportunity in and as this Lifetime – and self can change it all, with a decision and a living of that decision.

We’ll continue with some Final points of consideration in relation to Suicide Paranoia in the Next Post

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